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  1. Bacardi_Gold

    Fixing Battleship AP

    when a cossack rushes an arizona that just shot at him and did 3k of damage,what do you think is going to happen the the arizona in 15 seconds or less? it will eat 4-8 torps and get dev struck no matter if he is with his team, or not.
  2. Bacardi_Gold

    Fixing Battleship AP

    I am not saying change AP back to how it was. But the closer a dd is to a bb the more of a chance he should be punished. When a full salvo only does 2k of damage to a dd but the dd does 30k damage how is that fair, or fun? Everyone is more worried about my game play more than they are about the issue that I am trying to address. Just tweak the AP a little.
  3. Bacardi_Gold

    Fixing Battleship AP

    1st. from 0 - 7 km a battleship should be able to delete that destroyer. 2nd. from 7.1 - 12 km a battleship should get maybe 1 pen,and the rest over pens. 3rd. from 12.1 or farther away maybe 1 over pen and splash the rest. I am a BB main, but I play a little of everything. If a battleship is 0 - 10 km away he will get torped. If he is 0 -16 km away he will get either get torped,or set on fire. If a battleship sits any farther the the battleship player gets reported for playing poorly and not supporting his or her team. At this rate why even play a battleship at all? Maybe just remove battleships all together. Wargaming prides themselves on trying to be accurate with their ships and specs. In the real world a destroyer 5 km away would get deleted by a battleship. Next destroyer players will be crying that cruiser HE does too much damage. Just so you know I also play destroyers,and still feel this way. Wargaming needs to make it FAIR , and FUN AND ENGAGING.
  4. Clan wars should have three different Classes. 1st. ( PRO ) class. Pro Class is the same as the current clan wars. Tier 10's..... 2nd. (SEMI PRO ) class. Semi Pro Class has the same rules as the PRO Class except you are playing tier 8 ships. 3rd. ( Amateur ) Amateur Class. Class has the same rules as the PRO Class except you are playing tier 10, and 8 except tier 6 ships. Breaking down the clan wars like this will get more people to join clans, and play clan wars. Clans do not have to have Amateur, and semi pro classes but the option is there.