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  1. Leave it alone. You can shoot something with your front turrets while shooting something else with your rear turrets. That is if you know what your doing.
  2. Premium Ship

    Sooner or later WG will have to develop a Russian BB line. Thats something to think about. Im not saying that USS should be the next premium ship,but it should be in due time.
  3. Garbage bag trash talkers

    you can ignore them,or report them for misbehavour in chat. I know it hard to play at your best when people like that are bashing everyone. The people doing the bashing are usually one of the first to die and didn't do a thing to help the team. Ignore and report if ya must.
  4. Why free xp all these ships? If WarGaming wants to make this a fun game for everyone then they should just add the ships to the tech tree. Maybe keep a few off the tech tree to make them premium ships. I'm not just talking about US ships either. All the famous ships from WWI-WWII. Sooner or later they will have a Russian BB line.
  5. Epicenter,and Bastion mode should stay,but WarGaming needs to do something like make it to where you can disable those modes like you can disable the ARP ships. Not everyone likes playing those modes,but for those who do they can still enjoy the battle modes.
  6. Premium Ship

    I would love to see WarGaming introduce a new US battleship. The USS West Virginia. The USS West Virginia is a Colorado class BB. I would like to see it at Tier 7. The West Virginia will make a great addition to the tier 7 BB line.
  7. BB accuracy

    I am a BB captain,and I agree that the BB's are fine just the way they are. Either work on your aim,or If you expect a citadel with every shot than you are going to be let down. Use captain skills and flags to help with your range,turret traverse,and dispersion.
  8. Capt John Wayne?

    I will have to agree there.
  9. Team Killing

    Be careful what you ask for.
  10. First of all there are times when there's just too many dd's per side. 3 dd's per side should be the most allowed in a match. I myself am a BB captain so I feel your pain. The North Carolina ,and Iowa are great ships but useless against 3 Shima's,and 2 Fletchers. I'm not saying to delete dd play,just tone it down a bit. Next is the Epicenter map. I would suggest that World Of Warships create a port just for Epicenter,and Bastion game play. Some people just don't care to play those matches. I don't mind them so much,but alot of people don't know how to play them. Either way I will suffer right along with ya Bro ;)
  11. I load into my game and there are 5 destroyers on each team. As a battleship captain it sucked. Destroyers are great but 5 per side? Might I suggest 3 destroyers each side at the most. It is no fun when all your doing is getting spammed with torps. World Of Warships needs to set Match Making to where this will not continue to happen. I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way. World Of Warships please lay off of all the Destroyers.
  12. Arizona Still got it in Her

    Will WarGaming ever sell this ship again?
  13. Ships that Should be added

    If say that the USS South Dakota was added,what tier would it be? Maybe a tier 7,and would it be a Premium ship?
  14. I played a round of world of warships this morning before I had to go to work. At the end of my game I got booted. I left for work,and when I got home I tried to play world of warships and there was an error saying that a file was missing. I re downloaded the game and now it is saying that something caused world of warships to stop working. Does anyone have the same issue,or know how to correct the problem? I am having world of warship withdraws lol.