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  1. Good afternoon comrades of the seas, it's been long time since I've posted on this fórum even though there was material to debate , so I leave a list of what I'm going to comment on: 1.- Captain's Spanish voices 2.- Complete launch of the italian cruise branch 3.- More cooperative operations equal view in twilinght battle mode 1.- I start with the surprice that WG started a small test of what the captain's Spanish voices Will be, although there are some prayers that should be doubled again, here are some examples: the explaration plane, the fire warning and damage control, were those only prayer that in my opinión did not please me. 2.- The Regia Marina cruises are integrated into the technological tree with this update and with it the special commander after completing the collection of italian cruisers, whichin the future we Will see the batleships, Destroyer and the only CV Aquila taht Will accompany the Branch of italy and with them teir respective doublé flag and commemorative flag. Italian cruises are very different from their counterparts since they do not have explosive ammunition, their way of playing them is to Hunt the DD first or be destroyed in the attempt, their Good part is that ships taht have the weakest armor can cause damage from 3 thousand to 10 thousand, if you have any opinión that expresses better haw you figtht with them, mention it, thanks you. 3.- Halloween has always been the testing ground and strongs of wows from the birth of saving the transylvania to terror in the depths, what has happened these 3 weeks is that we need new operations or cooperative campaigns, battle for filth showed again that need to. We all cooperate!! Well thank you very much for your contributions and scolding is the previous post, remember she is not a hotel! Goob bye digital Seamans
  2. MrGamerMexican

    Return of Magic CV Players

    I try to make the community in English pay more attention to some of us who speak in spanish, who also suffer the changes due to the updates, They already kwon that the community in spanish is not quite united before situations of change in the game, but i want to contribute in that part, an apology for the title in English and the information in Spanish. Greetings and have a nice night captains.
  3. Esta prueba de la versión no me deja conforme al jugar con los Portaviones, la cantidad de daño parte de las defensas Anti-Aéreas es excesivo, Pregunta Por que Estandarizar el daño anti-Aéreo en todos los barcos? La quejas antes del Rework a los Portaviones era la misma daño excesivo de las AA. Bueno si van a estandarizar el daño AA por que mejor reintegrar el ataque conjunto de los escuadrones aéreos. El daño AA va de 2k o hasta el derribo completo del escuadrón aéreo