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  1. Wows_Nightly_News

    The CV mega thread

    Hello, I made a post a little while ago about making a sub forum for complaints. People pointed out that nobody would use it and we should just have a CV mega thread. Well now her your opportunity! Have feelings about CVs? Suggestions? complaints? Thoughts on how planes affect the meta and or fun? Oh you know people do! Post away! In the meantime I and several others would really appreciate it if CV related salt didn't hijack every single thread. Have fun! I'm out for the night!
  2. statistically the same but with cosmetic differences. Note that the perma camo on all the B ships is different from the "Shadow lurker" equipable camo. B camo has silver highlights, some minor decorations usually, and tachtical use of very very dark grey in some parts. But that's literally all.
  3. Wows_Nightly_News

    The iChase Case

    Sorry my AC failed last night during a heat wave. I'm nor firing on all cylinders I really should not have posted anything today,
  4. Wows_Nightly_News

    The iChase Case

    Well it looks like I couldn't stay away from this after all. Anyway the Unicums tend to argue against any meta changes the most, unless they are extremely biased toward a certain ship type and the change favors them. And you would have to be a spectacularly blind CV apologist to say that the meta wasn't changed dramatically. There are some gamers who just think, and react faster than everyone, much really how most people get those high win ratings is practice practice practice and finding which options offer the most advantages.
  5. Wows_Nightly_News

    And also Ark Royal

    She's also got quick replenishment in the current form. Its basically a tier Six Enterprise. WIP though.
  6. Wows_Nightly_News

    And also Ark Royal

    Time to sink the Bismark!
  7. Wows_Nightly_News

    Tier 9 Friesland Class Destroyer (preliminary stats)

    but what about missiles?
  8. Wows_Nightly_News

    Tier IX German Large Cruiser "Siegfried" (Pics inside)

    Furious was the one with an eighteen incher and a flight deck. Corageous and Glorious had the fifteen ichers. By I wouldn't call them cruisers or battle cruisers. They were more like fast monitors.
  9. Wows_Nightly_News

    The iChase Case

    was going to weigh in on this but I'm trying to break a habit.
  10. Wows_Nightly_News

    Eeeeeeeeeeeee ....

  11. Wows_Nightly_News

    Tier IX German Large Cruiser "Siegfried" (Pics inside)

    A cruiser with 15inch guns yeah ok.
  12. Wows_Nightly_News

    Eeeeeeeeeeeee ....

    imagine you will be able to swap the flags like the common wealth, Pan American, and Pan Asian ships.
  13. Wows_Nightly_News

    reduce the planes per squadron..

    While I don’t agree with the OP, they made their proposal in a reasonable manner and obviously weren’t trying to start a CV flame war thread. It may become one but anyway.
  14. Wows_Nightly_News

    reduce the planes per squadron..

    Honestly if you made midways’s secondaries primaries, hugged her extremity armor to at least light cruiser standards, and slapped her with the relevant cruiser consumables; you would have a pretty damn viable ship.
  15. Wows_Nightly_News

    I've found a Positive with the CV rework for DD players

    I’ve found even with Uss Blacks water mines of doom that you can just point in the general direction of the blob and wait for the ribbons to come in.