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  1. Wows_Nightly_News

    Enterprise Slingshot Speed Values

    Thank you Mouse you are a Saint for taking the time to do things like this.
  2. Wows_Nightly_News

    Where are you in your UU/LM grinds?

    They can't be fitted anyway so there is no point.
  3. Wows_Nightly_News

    XP earned with Soviet BBs

    I've made that mistake before. I learned you can choose to not pull xp from certain ships in the conversion screen. You just uncheck the box next to it if remember right. I had either horrible luck this round or they have decreased the drop rate significantly.
  4. Wows_Nightly_News

    Why No Arms Race for Ranked Season 12?

    Z-52 has a lot of flak, and it hits hard. As a bonus ts pumps out so much flak that some CVs will actually glitch out right as they try to attack. If you're going to avoid DDs with Def AA then this is your next best bet. As for the question, while I liked Arms Race, I know a lot of people despised it because it changed the meta quite a bit.
  5. Wows_Nightly_News

    XP earned with Soviet BBs

    It stays with the ship unless you covert xp to free xp with doubloons
  6. Wows_Nightly_News

    Who's that Poké-boat?

    and less secondaries and torps. probably more Hp though.
  7. Wows_Nightly_News

    Who's that Poké-boat?

    That would make more sense than O as a cruiser. Good catch.
  8. Wows_Nightly_News

    For All those "AA Spec works guys!!"

    One change to AA I'm not super thrilled about is that Atlanta was hit pretty hard in its plane killing capabilities despite being (eventually) designated as an AA cruiser. See she doesn't have a mid range AA sector so the long range AA is called into do its job. The net effect is that Atlanta produces more damaging flak but has less continuous AA. It's not a trade I find advantageous.
  9. I don't think Exeter is in the premium shop right now. That must have been a very interesting battle. Anyway. I you're looking for a low tier premium BB, Dreadnought is pretty good. Shes pretty much better than the tech tree offerings but I will warn that she does not have any AA and she tends to run into CVs if bottom tier.
  10. Wows_Nightly_News

    Who's that Poké-boat?

    Yep you don't need to to do any fancy image stuff on it. I hope she can cripple Bismark rudders.
  11. Wows_Nightly_News

    Can we just get an independent rage sub forum at this point?

    This is a better idea thank you. @Kami Please?
  12. The entire main page is all about rage at CVs and DDs 24/7. Every single thread seems to be getting derailed at this point into these arguments that aren't going anywhere. Most of them devolve into personal attacks. It was fun for a bit but now its just gotten out of hand.
  13. Wows_Nightly_News

    Coming soon Pan-EU - Friesland class destroyer.

    but how is her aft?
  14. Wows_Nightly_News

    When is 8.4 coming ...

    This thread took a very odd swerve.
  15. Wows_Nightly_News

    I love low tier destroyer games

    I remember when Umikaze was the most lethal thing in the universe. You could fail division it to tier ten and it could just be invisible and spam torps and floods like it was nobodies business. Really fun when you were the umikaze, less so the Yamato.