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  1. Chimera2

    How's Baltimore?

    Cleveland. She has better AA, can duel wield hydro and def AA (which suddenly became a much bigger deal after the rework) and has better DPM than balti. I comes down to if you prefer light or heavy cruisers. If you like heavy and think healing is gimmicky, then I would at least strive for a Baltimore. But the other cruise that contends for strongest is Charles Martel. She can leave unfavorable situations at an unmatched rate and french reload booster allows her to be relevant even when bottom tier.
  2. Chimera2

    How's Baltimore?

    Strongest is a bit of stretch but it is powerful. It has good concealment, good AA and is durable as any T8 cruiser without a heal is. What makes it good is its radar and Ap. Its super heavy shells are extremely punishing against other cruisers and can do well against BBs who give a broadside. Versus the Chappy? Chapayev's strongest feature by far is its radar as its one of the few ships in the game that can stealth radar. Baltimore will join her after the buff... and unlike Donskoi and Moskva, the tier 8 Russian cruiser isn't getting a duration buff
  3. Some of you might have heard of TVtropes, its a site that catalouges, well, tropes of all types of Media. They have a page called "Broken Base" when fandoms are divided over something. Their are 18 video games and video game series who have entries so long they have their own page out of thousands catalogued on the site. World of Warships has its own page, WoT other War Gaming titles and War Thunder aren't even close yet. You could attribute that someone or a few someones on here liking TVTropes, but its also evidence we've been at each others throats for a while.
  4. Chimera2

    Possible cheat being used

    CVs are vulnerable to any mechanical issues that may happen during game play in general, its one of the downsides to having faster paced gameplay.
  5. As did the old A hull Nagato, Mutsu removes the spares in question.
  6. Chimera2

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    Hope this will clear up some superstitions about CVs out there. It probably won't but you never know.
  7. Chimera2

    Salem or Jean Bart?

    While Salem can tank a lot of damage, her sister's legendary upgrade gives her the ability to accelerate quick enough to dodge most BB rounds at distance. In most circumstances this and the better radar makes DM more useful. JB on the other hand is very useful with her crazy accuracy, DPM, and AA.
  8. Chimera2

    A great way to end a losing streak

    I thought this was going to be Nikolai game based on the tittle. Pleasantly surprised though well done.
  9. Chimera2

    T10 AA, what ships surprised you as CV?

    While i knew AA on Mino would be strong, what surprises me is just how long it is at just shy of 7km. Same as Wooster but i instinctively give em a wider berth because they aren't made of glass like mino and spotting em isn't as important. I got surprised by a Duke of York at t8. While thy don't surprise me, remember Kidd has very strong AA and you should avoid them. Same with kutuzov.
  10. Takes a little practice but they are effective when you start to get it down. Some times you need to do a little "Russian Shooting" and just say its aimed enough and pull the trigger.
  11. Chimera2

    Hakuryu torp bombers over nerfed

    I would honestly appreciate a 4 drop option that has similar torp per torp damage and flooding chance to use but even better aiming time. The Midway's six quick drop six shooter is just so much more likely to do damage. While in theory Hak's aiming time is merely bad it basically won't aim if you are going for defensive AA or need to maneuver. That last point makes it hard for her to go for ships in smoke or get ships camping on islands, some of the most useful applications of aerial torps. Combined with the "uniqueness" of IJN rockets her AP bombs are the most compelling draw but some people don't even like those. I don't want the flying shimikaze to rear its head again, but either they went to far or need to take the torpedoes in a different direction.
  12. I got a cap in my Kaga but the game was mostly over at that point. I did see an enemy Shokakau move into a cap late game after his entire lemminged at it but nobody entered. The results were sadly predictable though.
  13. It transferred my actual XP on the midway to Erie as far as i can tell. Wait a few times? As far As i can tell you can do this once as I can only sell my Midway for Erie XP. You can't chain it to generate Free XP/ doubloons out the either. That would only be a handy way to convert Free XP to regular XP on the Erie which is hardly advantageous. But if doing it once is an exploit, consider me caught red handed lol. Edit: Again the free XP you get from this is "liberated" from from "unresearching" modules and not researching them again.
  14. Chimera2

    $56 US for Vanguard

    I like her. Shes a great cruiser hunter with that unrivaled accuracy and that good reload. She isn't for pushing and is in many ways a giant heavy cruiser. I'd actually argue she's the best buy out all the premium t8 BBs simply because her the best suited to un-aggressive bottom tier play except maybe (of all things) Gascogne. And in t8 you're gonna be bottom tier a lot.
  15. Chimera2

    Moving GC to t6 east solution.

    It even has a sister that had a catapult glued onto it. Alternatively you could slap on her Russian AA kit and call her Novorossiysk, her name under Russian service kinda like Makarov. I wonder if they want GC out of tier five less because of dollar signs and more to reduce seal clubbing.