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  1. MadCaptain_2016

    How to Control your Win Rate

    How will I ever get to tier IX or X without passing through tier VIII?
  2. MadCaptain_2016

    How to Control your Win Rate

    I think I'm at 54% winrate at the moment. I have a 1.4 KDR and I feel like I manage to contribute each game. I agree that you must strive to achieve perfection on a single platform. Trying to be a jack-of-all trades leads you to forgetting that you have to lead that retreating Cruiser by an extra X because you're on Y ship. I really only just realized this when I started focusing in on my Benson in the grind to the Fletcher. I was so frustrated with the really long reload time for torps. I would often send all 10 torps at once in the hopes that they would make their 2.5 minute journey the 8KM to their target and I might land one, or two. Then wait 1.5 minutes to try again. This is not how to play these DDs. They are gun boats, cap boats, cap defense boats, and overall PITAs for the enemy, with torps on the side. Once I figured that, I was achieving great games, my KDR on that platform improved, and overall, my ability to read the map (i.e. situational awareness) improved undeniably. I've actually enjoyed it once figuring how to be a strategic player, not just a long-range torper.