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  1. Quaffer's detonated by Yamato

    Love it Quaffer!
  2. -deleted-

    woah.....the Sneeze twitch clip confirmed it. Wow and now I know
  3. Who have you seen in game

    Was playing my Roon and I had just seen @Taichunger in his Yugumo. He managed to sink the enemy Yugumo with contesting the cap with some blind torps in smoke and proceeded to hold off about half of the enemy from taking C cap in Sea of Fortune. Spectacular DD play and a great job! A compliment from me, well earned!
  4. I know @Jazzyblaster and @Captain_Dorjawanted to know the release schedule and here it is Our release schedule will be every two weeks on Mondays. Episode 4 will be released 12/18/17 (GIVEAWAY UPCOMING) Episode 5 will be released 1/1/18 ? Episode 6 will be released 1/15/18 Episode 7 will be released 1/29/18 BONUS Episode 8 will be released 2/12/18 *we will keep you guys updated if anything comes up
  5. Episode 3: In Premiums We Trust In today's episode, we introduce one of our future segments where we talk about upcoming ships and events. Get to hear the stats and history behind ships like the Roma, Duke of Yorck, and a Tier 8 Cleveland. Find out things like: - What ships we are anticipating the most - The history behind some of the upcoming premium ships - What Wargaming has done to help players in Latin America save money - Some more interesting things about the hosts! - Why Thunder doesn't want horns. World of Warships Development Blog USN Cruiser Split Duke of York The Ashitaka USN Carrier Changes Tier 8 French BB Gascogne Tier 10 French BB T6 French DD Aigle IJN torpedo launchers reload time Tier 10 USS Salem Modernization slot distribution changes New upcoming German port 'Hamburg' New Year Ship horn Tier 8 Italian BB Roma Tier 7 Italian Cruiser Duca degli Abruzzi
  6. U havent even seen a friend on the enemy team who complimented you?
  7. totally understandable. but how much have you gotten max for one match?
  8. not bad at all....and like you said.....could be worse
  9. oh god Zoup. I was on edge the whole video... All was thinking was how worse can it get....every...single....day. Have an upboat my friend @NoZoupForYou
  10. How many total do you have? maybe you have been racking up some good karma?
  11. Hot damn Feminist Well its def not always that your teammates get Solo Warriors huh Seems like the shoulders were getting a bit heavy there.
  12. Had a good Sims good where I really played the objective and went for the win and I ended up breaking my record for max number of compliments from a match. before this, my max was a measly two. btw this was the game; @Soshi_Sone was in that match and saw how close it could have been a defeat. So it got me thinking; what is the max number of compliments you guys have gotten in a match and was there a particular reason?
  13. Who have you seen in game

    Just seen @Soshi_Sone in a match takin her Duca d'Aosta out and I was in my Sims trying to stop a ginormous push by the enemy on the west side of Two Brothers. Went from almost losing to winning with the work of @SomBeach in JianWei in the south and me in the north. and I got 4 compliments out of that.