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  1. Warships gets its own anime?!

    Cant wait! Good luck!
  2. WG's NA headquarters have moved from California to Texas and Niko got a job from another company.
  3. New episode is out guys and it features our favorite corgi overlord!!!! Get hyped for Corgi Weekend!!!
  4. A short but sweet episode in which we talk about the resources available to players to get better and learn more about the game accompanied with what we used and our experiences. Episode 6: Students of the game Find out things like - Who we recommend watching - what resources are out there - Youtubers and Twitch streamers to pay attention to - Who has helped us before get better how to reach out to good players and get mentors Links of things/people we covered in the episode World of Warhsips Wiki World of Warships Game Website World of Warships NA Forums LWM's articles and reviews World of Warships Reddit Zaths Replay Theater WoWs Development Blog Warships.Today (stats website) WoWS Numbers and Stats Taskent leaderboard The Warships Podcast crew @ruslanbear14 for his help with the Tashkent and other stuff Twitch Channels we recommend Flamu @bfk_ferlyfeBFK_fer1yfe aerroon iChaseGaming Flambass and much, much more Youtubers we recommend Flamu Aeroon TX141 Youtube channel <---- A Must Watch Channel iChase Gaming (Watch Captain's Academy videos) Yuro The Mighty Jingles NoZoupForYou (watch 'Help an Ensign' series) and much much more
  5. [In Game] Gaede Hunting Monsieur

    Splash Bro.... CBs are starting why you do dis Okay I will try ._.
  6. Kings of the Sea V

    Our boys did great out there.The faced tough opposition and did their best, people shouldn't belittle the the skill and dedication it took to get Top 3 on NA. Hats off to O7, PSV and ZR. It was definitely fun being a referee and wanna thank all the teams that registered and played. Hopefully we can get more support from WGNA for the next round and get back up like the EU guys do.
  7. Who Let Them Corgis Out?

    I couldn't stop laughing! +1 from me Great job
  8. Thanks for the feedback Jazzy! if you ever wanna be on the podcast let me know :)
  9. Episode 5: Better late than never! We start the new year a little late and talk about ranked, clan battles and the drama around and some upcoming ships! Find out things like: - What WG did about the clan drama and WG's new policy - Some cool upcoming DDs that we are looking forward to - Our thoughts on the surprise ranked - And much, much more! Giveaway winners! - - @SeaRaptor00 on NA - VIllageIdiot on EU - @jammyjam on NA Links to the stuff we talked about in the episode The Wargaming Fest New port camera Japanese DD Asashio American DD Monaghan British DD Cossack Clan disbanded for selling Stalingrad WG's new mod and other unfair play
  10. Episode 4: GIVEAWAY TIME! and Streamer Highlight ft. VulgarrViking and SIR_VENOM_IK In this episode find out things like: - How the enter the giveaway!!! - What everyone thinks about the HMAS Vampire. - Our favorite ports and who likes the new Hamburg port. - The significance Vulgarr and Venom's in-game name. - Some of our fav Pan Asian DDs. - What the facts for 'Tell me something I don't know' segment was. - How much was raised for the USS Texas by the WoWS community? - What it's like being a Community Contributor. Links to the stuff we talked about in the episode The, possibly, new upcoming Shimikaze New German port Hamburg Dunkirk Port Money raised by the Warships Community for USS Texas @Trevzor visits USS Texas and shows us around Earn the HMAS Vampire through missions....or just buy it xD Our humble guests SIR_VENOM_IK's Twitter SIR_VENOM_IK's Twitch VulgarrViking's Twitter VulgarrViking's Twitch VulgarrViking's Youtube
  11. New Contest: Museum Hunt

    Thanks for the contest Pigeon! For me its one of those that I cant participate in. Good luck to those who submit a picture
  12. Well there is your problem

    Hit the nail on the head. But as others have said these numbers could include PvE and the battle spam in PvE is more common than you think. You will see a lot of pink players do this. Get in ship, press battle, start engine up, pew pew a couple of time in random direction then exit and repeat for another ship. Whats even possible is that they load a match and immediately exit and go to another without even waiting for the timer to finish the countdown.