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  1. 6 kills! Nice! As long as you keep up with the good CCs and follow the meta you should not have a problem.
  2. HellaCopterRescue

    Sink or be Sunk is now defunct

    NEW EPISODE GUYS!! S2E10 The Ship Doesn't Stop: Events Coming at Breakneck Speed The guys discuss the breakneck speed of events that are coming up and also cover things like Hurricane team shortage, August events and ship bundles and discussion of how the upcoming Ranked Season could be improved from the previous season. Find out things like How Hurricane gatekeeping could possibly be hurting NA My deal with Doom (He has to get Rank 5!) WGC Hysteria reactions and our experience and much much more!
  3. HellaCopterRescue

    Sink or be Sunk is now defunct

    S2E8: WarGames: Sunda Strait and Dev Blog rundown & discussions The hosts talk about the new event that KotS organizers have put on called Summer WarGames, aimed at introducing clans and players to the competitive scene in a KotS format. Top 8 teams from KotS: Supremacy are banned and there are some nice prizes for participants and winners. The first one is titled Sunda Strait. This is followed by Doomlock's rundown of recent Dev Blog posts and our reactions to them. WarGames 1: Sunda Strait registrations are open and the games happen on July 21st starting at 12:00 Eastern Standard Time. Its 9v9, 2 BBs max, and 1 CV max For more info/registration please check out their website: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/1594795494260015104/information Dev Blog <--stay up to date
  4. HellaCopterRescue

    Sink or be Sunk is now defunct

    Had a super busy day yesterday but new episode is out guys!! As always. The episode is updated on the first page
  5. HellaCopterRescue

    Sink or be Sunk is now defunct

    S2E7: A Historical Look: USS Helena, Cleveland, Worcester, Salem, and Massachusetts plus the HMCS Haida We must not forget that a lot of the ships we play in-game are real and tangible pieces of history. The recently released USN light cruisers just so happen to have many real and historically significant ships and that is what is covered in the episode. We do a historical episode where we discuss significant moments in the service records of these ships: - USS Helena: - USS Cleveland - USS Worcester - USS Massachusetts - USS Salem - HMCS Haida - and some other mentions (Boise, IJN ships etc) Excerpts and some details are from the ships Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Helena_(CL-50) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Worcester_(CL-144) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Empress_Augusta_Bay https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Salem_(CA-139) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Massachusetts_(BB-59) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMCS_Haida
  6. HellaCopterRescue

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    @AdmiralThunder Have you, more recently, really considered about trying out PvP?
  7. HellaCopterRescue

    Sink or be Sunk is now defunct

    Holiday week! No Episode! Stay tuned for next friday!!
  8. HellaCopterRescue

    Sink or be Sunk is now defunct

    The new episode is out guys!!
  9. HellaCopterRescue

    Sink or be Sunk is now defunct

    S2E6: Sink Or Be Sunk goes social! You can now catch Sink or Be Sunk on Twitter and Facebook. Other then the forums this is the best place to get notified of episodes, giveaway or updates. Remember, each page gets exclusive giveaways so keep a close eye on them! https://twitter.com/SinkOrBeSunk or https://facebook.com/SinkOrBeSunk Any feedback is appreciated and can be directed here on the forum and the
  10. HellaCopterRescue

    German and British BB Citadels

    What Zui said. On the other hand if you are attempting to test it yourself in the Training Room have you tried putting some distance between you and the RN BB? Something like 15km?
  11. HellaCopterRescue

    Sink or be Sunk is now defunct

    Any feedback of episode suggestions are more than welcome! Please direct them here , to our social media pages or PM me :D Thanks guys!!
  12. HellaCopterRescue

    Sink or be Sunk is now defunct

    S2E5: Community discussions with the Admiral's Locker Staff (ft Senpai_NA & StatikTheWarmonger) The hosts talk with Senpai_NA and StatikTheWarmonger from the WoWs Admiral's Locker Facebook group. They share moderation stories, how their community handles hot topics and controversies, and the differences between WoWs Facebook communities versus the Forum, Reddit, and Discord. Senpai_NA, being a Canadian, shares his excitement about the news on HMCS Haida (and the upcoming IJN DDs) Find out things like: - Moderation horror stories - how awesome, Senpai thinks, the community is - Vacuuming.....fires (!?) - if all WoWsCSTesting players are Notser or not - and much much more! Sources/Links mentioned in the episode Visit the Admiral's Locker here!