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  1. Any feedback of episode suggestions are more than welcome! Please direct them here , to our social media pages or PM me :D Thanks guys!!
  2. S2E5: Community discussions with the Admiral's Locker Staff (ft Senpai_NA & StatikTheWarmonger) The hosts talk with Senpai_NA and StatikTheWarmonger from the WoWs Admiral's Locker Facebook group. They share moderation stories, how their community handles hot topics and controversies, and the differences between WoWs Facebook communities versus the Forum, Reddit, and Discord. Senpai_NA, being a Canadian, shares his excitement about the news on HMCS Haida (and the upcoming IJN DDs) Find out things like: - Moderation horror stories - how awesome, Senpai thinks, the community is - Vacuuming.....fires (!?) - if all WoWsCSTesting players are Notser or not - and much much more! Sources/Links mentioned in the episode Visit the Admiral's Locker here!
  3. Community Contributors Updates - Round One

    Bravo! Congratulations gentlemen!
  5. These are really fun! Would definitely come and have fun. Take a break from randoms or the Halsey grind.
  6. Pigeon's Weekly Thought June 18th, 2018

    Hey Pigeon! I didn't get to go but definitely been keeping on the livestreams on Twitch. There are two big games that I am really looking forward to is: the remake of Resident Evil 2 The other one is Fallout 76 Others that I am looking forward is to: Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Beyond Good and Evil 2 2018 and 2019 is gonna be good not only for WoWs but for games in general.
  7. New episode! Check it out guys!
  8. S2E4: Cruiser Spam Reactions and History of the Cleveland Class + Upcoming Content The weekly summer series launches packed with a punch. By now we have all seen the cruiser spam and Doom and Hella discuss their reactions and share some stories (horror for Hella). Doomlock quickly delves into some of the rich histories behind the Cleveland Class and her sister ships. The episode is wrapped up with the talks about the June mission dump and some of the major changes announced & upcoming ships. Find out things like: - What "dirty money" is in WoWs. - Hella's horror story of playing Sims during USN CA release. - Condensed and brief overview of all upcoming ships, game changes, and map redesigns. - Tips on June Mission dump and weeb captains! - and much much more! Sources/Links mentioned in the episode Development Bulletin Public Test 0.7.6 Flamu's Worcester video WiP
  9. My apologies guys, I had mistakenly uploaded the wrong episode. It is now fixed. Thanks for those who PMed me.
  10. New episodes guys!! Summer series have launched New episodes every Friday at 8:00 AM EST/12:00 PM UTC/14:00 CEST!!!!
  11. SE3: A Brief Overview of The American Arc The hosts talk about the events, missions, and ships of the American Arc. It is an action-packed summer so they give you the run down on how to minimize the grind on the new line and some really neat events/containers to look forward to. Find out things like: - - How to make 17 Million Credits with your current USN ships - How Halsey is going to be like and our speculation of the best fit ship - The return of the Clash of The Elements - The largest collection to date - Night battles and how they are going to be introduced - the podcast is switching from bi-weekly to weekly! - and much much more!! Sources/Links mentioned in the episode - New Campaign "Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!" Developer Diaries: American Arc The American Collection Waterline Episode 1
  12. Login Issues after Update

    Should be working now guys. Good luck out there #anchoraweight
  13. Login Issues after Update

    Appreciate it Radar
  14. Login Issues after Update

    I am also having same issue. This is what I have done so far and no fix 1) Uninstalled and Redownloaded Wargaming.Net Center - No fix 2) Uninstalled all my clients - re downloading - will update whether it is a fix