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  1. IceWolf____

    How Low Can You Go? (HP that is)

    my clan mate had 5HP when he was trying to get away from the enemy and I was in my Yammy trying to get were I could shoot enemy and tank next thing I see is him turn to his right putting himself in a derect path to the middle of my ship all I could really say to him is I'm pink now lol he then starts to say what happend as he collides with me
  2. IceWolf____

    Implacable level bomber post drop view

    Yeah but I thought it was my net do to not seeing a post about it in the forums
  3. IceWolf____

    Hot CV on CV Action

    I always love to see if I am a better CV Captian over the other it's always fun
  4. IceWolf____

    Des Moines vs Moskva?

  5. IceWolf____

    Basic CV Tutorial

    Toptier just uploaded this today you might find it Helpful
  6. IceWolf____

    Teir VIII CVs a waste of time

    I find for the most part T8 CV's are enjoyable mind you I am still Grinding my way to T10 Aud RN CV . The getting uptierd should make you get better at playing CV's
  7. IceWolf____

    CV tier Balance

    Misconseption of easy to dodge flak is do you have good ethernet same with being good at CV is your ethernet fast enough I find that I have to take a surface ship out for a game to see what my net is doing on that day if its running good then I do awesome if running bad my planes die off quick or just spin in circles
  8. IceWolf____

    When that CL turns in front of your BB

    If your within 8km then it actually serves you better to go broadside with most CL's do to BB's being more likely to overpen you
  9. IceWolf____

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    I think the only troubling thing with the RU CL's is that's a very long reload time it should be more around 3.5 sec reload time
  10. IceWolf____

    Tier X ship Unique Upgrade Conundrum

    Montana and I think Moskva
  11. whats annoying is when they want you to spot DDs that you had spotted for a few mins and nobody in range or position to shoot them shot at them
  12. IceWolf____

    Clan treasury

    I forgot to say this to pretty much it seems like you have to have great amount of wins in clan battles or clan brawls
  13. IceWolf____


    I think the only buff it needs is -10 secs on torp reload for all it's torps and that's more of a maybe that big of a buff
  14. IceWolf____

    Clan treasury

    You can't yet from what I have researched and maybe never not sur yet if wargaming will allow that to be a thing
  15. IceWolf____


    Awesome job and Awesome story on how you got into the game