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  1. IceWolf____

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    To me this update was a buff to DDs and CVs ,BBs with the heavy AP seems to be a nerf to bow tanking frontline BBs even Kremlin now seems to eat 10k to 20 while bow tanking so I was wondering if that was intended that the heavy AP brought up AP pen ? which by the way also affects the CAs that where able to Bow tank .
  2. IceWolf____

    'Commander skills screen'

    Click on your commander and it should bring you to there
  3. IceWolf____

    Update 0.10.0 - Bug Reports

    I just finished a game in a tier 8 U.S.A ship doing a Halsey campaign last section mission 5 got top of team and Kracken and it did not complete that task .Also the Report button is broken so I can't seem to file a ticket
  4. IceWolf____

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    Shima got buffed , Gearing is Buffed and nerfed at the same time , Worcester 11.2 concealment with full concealment build where was your logic in that . From what I have seen all the BBs were nerfed . Ok worcester is only 11.2 if you take heavy HE but still .
  5. IceWolf____

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    Ya um just OMG if you wanted to do this then why not make World of Warships 2 at least then we would be learning a new game for a reason and not learning a new game inside of the old game I don't really know what you guys were smoking when you came up with this manure
  6. IceWolf____

    Update 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    In Clan Battle's islands of ice cyclone game still flashes at start and sometime after . the map with the roman solder with sword to head can't remember the name of it during cyclone Tracers are extremely bright
  7. IceWolf____

    Update 0.9.9. U.S. Battleships in Early Access

    So after grinding all the missions from the US Battle ships I am left 750 of the Tokens short of getting the perm camo for Kansas while other people who haven't gotten Kansas and are still a ways away from finishing have the camo and according to them they didn't pay Doubloons' for those Tokens am I missing something all the missions are finished for it
  8. IceWolf____

    Division ships in dock

    It's something my Clan Mates and I think would help prevent the oopps I brought a T7 when my Div brought a T8 and end up in a T10 game
  9. IceWolf____

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    So with the SnowFlake change does it mean I will have to uncomfortably play Multiple games to earn enough XP to Knock them of ALL my Ships where as the current way of Comfortably switching to CO-OP and with a snap of the Finger win and the Snow Flake is earned. Also the Hybrids would be fun and easier to use in the old RTS CV gameplay because you had Control of your ship and the planes this action oriented play does not work with the Hybrids
  10. IceWolf____

    Update 0.9.9 - Bug Reports

    so now my question is what are we going to get in return of being in this Speeecial test Group
  11. IceWolf____

    Update 0.9.9 - Bug Reports

    I too get motion sickness when playing this new CV system I merely thought it was the remnants of my motion sickness Migraines that I had from the beging of April this YR so didn't think to much about it . I am glad those Migraines are over becuase I am no longer board
  12. IceWolf____

    Update 0.9.9 - Bug Reports

    Wait there's supposed to be Daily shipments zi have not been getting any
  13. IceWolf____

    Removal of animal sounds in-game

    Are you talking about the birds and other creature's that you hear when close to a island or zoomed in on a island. or did you mean Anime like the arp ships
  14. IceWolf____

    Why are you offing ships I already own?!!?

    You will get the Doubloons' or the credits that the ship is worth
  15. So let me start off with I enjoyed playing the SUBS as they were something new to learn . I enjoyed having another role for DD's intead of just capping capp denial and torpedo spamming and spotting . I sorta liked playing CL's and being able to support my BB's and CA's in going after subs . I unfortunately didn't play any of the CA's during the Testing as I was mainly focused on doing recording's and test BB's against the subs . I got 3 vids out 2 from part 1 of the test and then 1 for part 2 . From the testing I have learned that the BB's with the fastest rudder shift are of course going to be able to dodge the torps from subs the easiest ships like Queen Elizabeth are the worst impacted by subs and Torps in general . The fastest ships can just run Away from the subs so they really aren't in that much danger of getting sunk by the subs and can just keep the caps in there teams favor if the Battle becomes a sub vs BB/CA/CV. I will let you see my vids just please ignore me talking in the 1st vid as I had a bad migraine