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  1. ZSU_23_4

    Bonus code

    Still working!! Thank you!
  2. ZSU_23_4

    Update 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    Having the same issues: lag between -35 and 1500, game freeze in match, disconnected in matches, in operations, AND from the port screen. Yes, the port screen.
  3. ZSU_23_4

    Screen flickering

    Thanks. Just updated vertical sync in settings and that fixed it. Also not sure how that happened, haven't touched settings in forever...
  4. ZSU_23_4

    Screen flickering

    It's not just you, played this morning with no issues, then just logged into game and experiencing the same thing. In port or in game, screen flickers at different parts, when i check modules, get flashes of the ship across the screen, and yes battle mode is not fun - mini map gets flickers, so does zoom mode, team points at top of screen. No issue watching movies, shows, Youtube video's etc. or any other website, just when I play WOW's.
  5. ZSU_23_4

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Thank you!! Note: If you used the code ~3 months ago, then the code will come back invalid. Easy way to check, is if you already have the Humble flag shown above.
  6. ZSU_23_4

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    All of the ships in the campaign are Tech Tree ships -- Dallas, Normandie, etc. etc. Never aware of ANY of these ships being sold for Dubloons -- I got a couple free from tech tree releases (thanks WG!!), and now even if i have them, get a port slot and some silver (thanks WG!!). Also, if you bought the PFE, and then earn her, you get Dubloons...and weeks to complete the campaign. Thanks WG!! Personally, very happy with how they have handled the event/ships/etc.
  7. ZSU_23_4

    When You Select "More Resources"

    The screen shot was of a Super Container. Has happened to me once too - 1500 steel in an SC.
  8. ZSU_23_4

    Help! Can you fix a wallet noob?

    People in general absolutely love to give their opinion/feedback -- especially on the internet. That said, you should get some great advice in this thread (ignore the sarcastic replies). 1) Play the game some more - start low tier and grind up a tree to T5 or T6 As you get higher, it gets more complicated, and how you need to play a ship type (dd, cruiser, bb) changes 2) Play a ship type you think you will enjoy, it makes the grinding less "not fun" 3) BB's tend to be most forgiving (it's where I started, then learned the joy of the DD) 4) Learn WASD hacks -- learn to adjust speed and direction, tends to make those torp strikes occur less often 5) Use the mini-map, watch what others are doing - so you can kill them, support them, learn from them (what to do and not to do) It takes practice Look up Lord Zath, believe the has some good video's and if you send him a replay or two, think he provides useful feedback. Hope you have fun, and a great holiday season!!!!
  9. Actually the first challenge of the day is 250 BASE XP in one game. The second challenge you are referencing is to get 500 BASE XP across any number of battles, AND you don't even need to win a battle for the base xp to count.
  10. ZSU_23_4

    PSA: New Code - Czec Flag & Emblem

    You may want to Czech the summary under the flag...... 100 year celebration of their unbeaten riverine fleet. Maybe we can get a Czech DD for Dynamo!!
  11. ZSU_23_4

    PSA Bonus codes

    Manually entered all codes just now, and each worked fine. Already, see the 4 containers and 5 flags on the account. Thanks OP!!