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  1. ForgMaxtor

    Premium Ship Review - VMF Murmansk

    Only USN 203mm AP (found on USN cruisers T7+) has superior characteristics. USN AP of other calibers is generally similar to that of other nations. As to the Omaha and Murmansk specifically, for some reason the Murmansk's AP has slight better penetration, even though she's actually an Omaha class ship that was loaned to the USSR during the war. AFAIK, while in service with the Soviet Navy, she used ammunition that was provided by the US, so there is no historical reason for the discrepancy.
  2. I can access the Clan tab, and things appear to display and work OK inside the Clan tab (hard to tell for sure because I'm not a member of a Clan yet), but the game crashes when I try to leave the Clan tab by clicking on another tab. I'm going to do a little more investigating to determine the consistency of the bug, and then report to WG and Codeweavers.
  3. @velvet_velour Thanks! Always encouraging to see active support of the Mac Wrapper from WoWs. If I may add my $.02, doing a full delete and then reinstalling the wrapper and game from scratch has been an essential step me with the past few game updates. But as long as I do this, the recent versions of the game + Mac Wrapper have been very stable for me. The graphic performance is good considering my system stats, and only very rarely have I experienced any issues such as lag, let alone a full-out crash. I suspect the few times I have gotten booted out of a game it's been due to an interruption in my internet connection, rather than an issue with the Wrapper or game, as such. I do the full delete manually, navigating into the Library folder and deleting the game files myself, but AIUI AppCleaner does basically the same thing. I just don't completely trust automated "cleanup" programs so I prefer to take the time to do it myself. One tip I learned the hard way: If you do the full delete manually, make sure to empty your trash once you're done as unlike the automated update process, deleting the game manually and then re-installing does not automatically completely delete the old files; they just go into your trash. The game files take up quite a lot of drive space and if you leave old copies sitting around in your trash, you'll likely find yourself running out of free disk space.
  4. Yep; 0.6.8 and Mac Wrapper appear to be a zero-day hard crash for many, if not all, Mac players (including myself). More info on this thread: I have already sent a report and a system log capture of my crash to ports@codeweavers.com. If anyone at WG support would also like files, please contact me and I'm happy to provide.
  5. ForgMaxtor

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    A few corrections/constructive criticisms here regarding AA armament: - I wouldn't say that 20mm cannons "slowly" replaced .50-cal guns in 1942 on the Enterprise. In fact, they replaced them quite quickly and early in 1942. In general, the USN Fleet CVs received first priority for the new 20mm Oerlikon and Enterprise received her first batch of thirty 20mm mounts in March 1942, prior to sortieing for the Doolittle Raid. AFAICT, these 20mm officially completely replaced her prior .50 cal mounts, but I think it's possible some .50 mounts were retained for a bit longer as it wasn't uncommon for USN ships to mount some additional light AA "off the books." - Enterprise received her first batch of 40mm Bofors (4x4) in September, 1942, not 1943. These mostly, but not completely replaced her 1.1in. "Chicago Piano" mounts. She did retain at least one 1.1in. mount into 1943, finally losing it (and gaining even more 40mm Bofors) in the September 1943 refit.
  6. ForgMaxtor

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims

    As originally built, yes. As orginally built, the Sims class also carried an additional quad torpedo mount (for a total of 12 TT), with her tubes arranged a centerline-wing-wing layout similar to what you see on the Mahan in the game. The original configuration carried only 4 x 1 12.7mm AA and 2 x depth charge stern racks, but no depth charge K-guns as USN DDs later carried. But the class proved to be topheavy as built, and studies of the naval battles already fought in 1939 - 1040 led the USN to conclude that destroyers in general, including the Sims class, needed improvements to AA protection and ASW armament, as well as room for other improvements like more signals gear and radar. So by the US entrance into WWII in December 1941, all of the Sims class had been modified to lose one quad torpedo mount and the midships 5" mount. This improved stability and made room for more AA and ASW armament. The remaining 2 x 4 torpedo mounts were adjusted to an all-centerline configuration. Most of the other 1930s-vintage USN DD classes underwent similar refits around the same time. The game represents Sims more or less as she would have appeared circa early 1942, with the 4 x 5" Main Battery, 2 x 4 TT, and some, but not all, of her 12.7mm AA mounts replaced by 20mm mounts. The 12.7mm -- 20mm AA upgrade was a general upgrade to the USN DD fleet that was done on a rolling basis throughout 1942, with different destroyers receiving their 20mm mounts at different times. Since this was a relatively small upgrade, it was often done in-theater, which can make determining the exact light AA layout of any given USN DD at any given date in 1942 difficult. At any rate, Sims herself was sunk at the Battle of Coral sea in May, 1942, so this is as far as she was upgraded. Others of the class received additional upgrades, chiefly to AA (e.g., 40mm Bofors mounts). And like pretty much all WWII USN DDs, the Sims class eventually received radar as well, though I don't think the Sims herself had gotten her radar refit yet when she was sunk.
  7. Read up; known issue. They're working on it. Supposedly will be fixed with a new version of the Mac Wrapper that is currently in testing.
  8. Works for me. Are you right clicking on the ship? You need to do this to get the sell option. I think there's an answer to this a ways back, but it may have gotten lost: It's a known issue that both the Clans and Inventory interface are not currently working on the Mac. I think they're "working on it," though I have no idea when to expect a fix. Also, to those experiencing graphical issues with shell tracers and explosions especially in 6.x: Try completely shutting down all other programs, restarting your Mac, and then rebooting the game. In my case, this problem seems to be cause by a conflict between the game and Adobe Lightroom, but simply quitting Adobe Lightroom doesn't fix it -- I have to quite Adobe Lightroom, reboot, and then play the game. It's possible other memory-hungry programs might cause a similar issue.
  9. Re 6.0 Mac Wrapper graphical issues: I am occasionally experiencing these as well. It's an intermittent problem for me that does not occur every game session. However, when they happen, completely quitting out of the game, restarting the computer and then rebooting the game seems to fix the graphics issues. Not sure why. I'm guessing some sort of conflict with another application or background process, but I have no idea where. Overall, the performance of 6.0 on the Mac Wraper seems more sluggish and inconsistent than prior versions. E.g., game load-ins have usually been OK, but I'm getting the occasional very late (2 minute+) load-in to a match, which is something I hadn't seen for many versions prior to 6.0.
  10. You can manual drop on Mac. Since Alt and Option are the same key on Mac, the manual drop function is remapped to the Command key (the one with the funny cloverleaf-type symbol) on Mac.
  11. I see distance ToT just fine in my iMac. Do you have the alternative battle interface option selected in game options? You have to select this for the the distance/ToT info to display constantly.
  12. Easiest way is to download DStud's Studly Utility and let it do it for you.
  13. ForgMaxtor

    Player's Native Language and the NA server

    It's the NA Server, not the English Language Server. Even excluding South America, which is de facto part of the North America server's population, a fair proportion of the NA population speaks something other than English as their primary language. People should use whatever language in chat they want to express themselves in. It's probably true that if you want to communicate important tactical info to your entire team, English is the best choice as this will most likely be a lingua franca, but I certainly don't see any reason to consider English "mandatory" in chat in any way. Chat isn't really all that important for effective gameplay -- as noted, the comm shortcut commands are a very effective way (arguably more effective than chat) of conveying essential tactical info. I'm a native English speaker myself, and my foreign language ability is pretty crappy. I used to speak passable German but it's very rusty now and in any event there are not many German speakers on the NA server. But it really doesn't take me much effort to figure out the tactical essence of what players are saying when they use Spanish or Portugese or whatever. A little knowledge of Latin roots goes a long way. I dunno, maybe it's just because I live in NYC where I routinely interact with native Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Arabic and what-have-you speakers on a daily basis. Figuring out how to overcome a language barrier doesn't faze me much. Heck, on the PT server I've even divisioned with Russian players and managed to communicate basic tactical info in chat with my Division mate(s) using a mix of the comm shortcuts, the few English words they know, the couple of Russian words I know, and some German, French, and whatever other mutual words we could find. It's doable.
  14. ForgMaxtor

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    Skyraider pilots actually managed a few air-to-air kills in Korea and Vietnam. Usually when a MiG pilot forgot that the Skyraider, while substantially slower, could easily outturn them. And once the fight becomes a head-to-head game of chicken, the FF armament (4 x 20mm) on Skyraider is as good as any fighter's. They should probably rename Expert Rear Gunner "Bomber Defensive Expertise" er sumfink.