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  1. rjpyro

    What’s that on my foot?

    My slippers that look like they have been through a grinding machine. They are comfortable as hell and I won't get rid of them.
  2. Retired from the hvac field at age 62. (3 years ago) I pick up little jobs here and there when I want to mostly helping out friends and family. I usually play in the am and keep my afternoons open for other things. I am not much of a forum poster as I am not a very chatty type of person.
  3. rjpyro

    2 Codes

    Same here, Not working old codes.
  4. I.did .read.it.and.you.didnt.answer. the.question. I could have said what we all know already that they won't do anything about players being afk.
  5. Nobody asked so I will. Have you never been afk for one reason or another? It happens to everybody at some point for whatever reason, so when it happens to you is it ok or are you just looking at other players.
  6. rjpyro

    Pink Tide

    It hasn't happened in a while but yes it has happened to me. Power goes out, internet drops out. What really is funny though is I have been accused of being pink by team killing.
  7. It's got three lounge chairs on the stern deck so you can throw them at the sub or take a nice nap.
  8. rjpyro

    Battleship players

    So, you're complaining about bb players complaining. I guess everyone in this game has something to complain about.
  9. rjpyro

    rest in peace [NAVAL]sircarr

    Condolences to his family. RIP sir.
  10. rjpyro

    "Help me, help me"

    I like the players that ask for support and when you go to them, they leave.
  11. rjpyro

    The New Meta

    A cv that never runs out of planes, A sub that never runs out of torps, Ships that never run out of shells. Maybe limit the amount of ordnance a ship can carry and when they are out steam back to a supply area for replenishment. I am sure this has been brought up before, but it's been bugging me. Would that make things a little more realistic?
  12. rjpyro

    Unicorn sighting

    The last one I got was June 12th. I have got some two bag drops since then but no three baggers.
  13. rjpyro

    blacklisted players

    People can say what they want or rant and rave like complete fools from behind the safety of the keyboard. I could never understand why some go completely off the rocker because of a game. I truly believe that some of these people need to find a good psychiatrist to get those issues sorted out.