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  1. Stratego89

    What's a good safe mp3 download site?

    Yooo hoooooo yoooo hoooo go visit youtube-mp3.... a pirates life for me.............. But in all seriousness, I'd never approve of pirating music protected by copyright. Stuff that IS NOT however- fair game.
  2. Stratego89

    LittleWhiteMouse - Mega Ship Review Guide Page

    Gratz on getting your reviews up as an official playerguide Mouse.
  3. Preface: didn't see a players helping players sort of section or any other appropriate place to ask this, so if there is a spot I'd love to be directed to it. Moving on... In regards to forum reputation points, there is a daily limitation to how many you can give to people. I have a few questions about that limit. What is this limit based on? Is there a way to increase your daily limit? Why does said limit exist? Can I see anywhere how many I have remaining during the day?