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  1. If I posted my full thoughts on it WG would perma IP ban me without questions or second chances. No- the thoughts don't relate directly to the ship itself.
  2. How does this make 0 sense. Explosions kind of hit an AREA. That's the whole point of an explosion.
  3. You created this monster. I hope you're proud of yourself...
  4. It's times like this where the fact the internet seperates me physically from a person really pisses me off...
  5. Well Done Wargaming!

    You're not supposed to make money in co-op. It's for training, not playing.
  6. >"There is no Russian bias" >*Makes random russian has-been actor a captain in a WAR game randomly- at the same time he gains proper russian citizenship* >*gives said russian captain unfair advantages over other captains. **** Content Moderated By Njourour.
  7. What an appropriate gif for you. A troll walks into the room to watch people have a conversation about something that's a real problem and laughs at them because they love causing hell.
  8. WG have said numerous times that "players are not expected to make profits above T8 without premium consumables/camo, and are expected to lose credits at T10 the same". They EXPECT people to LOSE MONEY at higher tiers. They WANT players to be UNABLE TO PROGRESS at high tier. This is their way of drawing out gameplay and forcing people down to the lower tiers- because they're too stupid to realize this drives people away and too lazy to put in the effort to find a proper solution to the problems of replayability and progression gating, and of low tier population.
  9. 7- that's a complete copout. They could VERY easily alter the training room to be entirely client-side (albeit obviously not giving you to ability to have people in said training room with you, but considering what people WANT a TRAINING ROOM for- that's not necessary anyways. 8- exactly. WG is all about minimal effort for maximum profit, but unlike many other companies that operate using that pattern, they leave out one thing the others focus on. ", so long as it does not displease the playerbase".
  10. Carriers... Especially Japanese...

    The only solution here is to not try playing CVs. They are garbage at every tier for IJN and every tier past 6 for USN and will continue to be until WG finally completely remakes their 'gameplay' (if you have the balls to call what we have right now that) into something that wasn't clearly thrown together in 15 minutes off work-hours by some guy in his PJ on the couch because he was bored. I am not getting into the whole rant here, if you want to understand why I'm saying what I'm saying, look up my content, find my CVs thread, and read.
  11. Go to your settings. Turn of the bloody stupid "avoid collision with landmass" option (or whatever it is called). If that doesn't help- it's either your keyboard or your internet PROBABLY but numerous times in game I have completely lost control of moving, shooting, changing acceleration, or whatever random thing I happen to need to do at that exact moment to not die. I'd call hacks but I honestly could not begin to theorize how that would even be possible, so I just chalk it up to WG not caring about fixing their gamebreaking bugs........ ever.
  12. Captain's adage to live by!

    This is what they say right before they do something incredibly stupid and die right? I can't wait.
  13. Talk about mustache boy? Uh oh. Better run before the KGB WG mods bust down your thread's door cause of talk about history politics and ban ya.
  14. Hatsuharu Help

    Everything past T6 (and that's likely to change to even LOWER soon) in the IJN DD line is nothing but disappointment. They've been nerfed to hell and back because of stupid battleship players who have some elitist complex and don't think they should be able to die- period- constantly complaining about torps (and it's usually not even the IJN's that get them, but stupid as they are they whine about IJN anyways). Meanwhile USN DDs at high tier now not only have stronger guns than IJN- that compete with the GUNBOAT VMF's GUNS- they also have stronger TORPEDOES than them, when IJN are supposed to be the torpedoboats. TL;DR- something something rant, something something a million times, something something wg are a bunch of biased something something pay to win pander to idiots something something, IJN DDs worthless USN DDs op cause of it something something I'll be banned if I didn't fill this with something somethings because WG censors the cold hard truth because something something peasants to newspapers as idiots are to money pits something something.