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  1. Lyrkiller

    Directive No. 2 — Age Old Traditions

    I forgot about the 100mm guns on the Harekaze. That will change tonight when I play again.
  2. Lyrkiller

    New Upgrade Modules (PVE use)

    Oh, do I like MBM2 now. I put it on the Atago with good results. You can now track the bot ship while turning your ship and it will stay on target. If I am correct in saying this will help the IJN CAs a lot. I have not tried this with my other two CAs, (Mogami, Southern Dragon), Just yet. I have the credits, Just not willing to spend right now.
  3. Lyrkiller

    New Upgrade Modules (PVE use)

    I would also think that the Russkis and the British BBs would also benefit from MBM2. What say you all.
  4. Lyrkiller

    Lunar New Year event.

    That rat looks like a cat when sitting down.
  5. Lyrkiller

    Nine Bundles, No Ships.

    I do have the Hawkins. After completing the 2nd directive, I went 0-4 yet again. Next Monday can't get here quick enough here.
  6. I got the Hawkins in maybe 7 or 8 in. And hell yes, I will be going for the other 3. BTW, I got the Hawkins today.
  7. Lyrkiller

    Stage 1 Done + New BRN CA Impressions

    The next time I get 20 tokens the Hawkins will be had. The drought will have ended for me. And speaking of I have had T5 in all of the events except for the Russians. I am just a casual player.
  8. Lyrkiller

    Stage 1 Done + New BRN CA Impressions

    As for me, I struck out 0-4. The next bundle will make it 0-5. No Doobs to spend.
  9. Lyrkiller

    Game crashing after 9.0

    Defrag the HDD, if you have one.
  10. Lyrkiller

    I cant connect!?

    I can access the forums, Duh!! I just logged into the client and was able to get to my port. My game still works. BTW, I live in Dallas, TX.
  11. I have been debating with myself whether to sell the Fiji or not. She is a monster in Operations and can hold her own. OR sell and get the Tier 8. Selling her would take away another Tier 7 ship for Operations. But would get me the credits to get the Edinburgh. AHHHHHHHH, this is frustrating.
  12. Lyrkiller

    Port discount possible?

    Check the directives complete one, get a port slot.
  13. Lyrkiller

    WG...am I on your 'naughty' list?

    I missed it too. I went for said containers and crashed to the load screen. There was no way I could get them containers.
  14. But, she will not see the light of day until I get her upgrades on and a few other things. I will only use her in Operations. So, when Narai comes back around, she will be a port queen for now. Just to add, I thought that I would not get her until after New Years. SURPRISE!!!!!!
  15. Lyrkiller

    Should I save my FXP or buy the Nelson...

    Yes, I do play operations. As it is a great way to farm XP, FXP, and the big one credits. Like I said before, I am trying to send out scouts to get the feel of things. And I do thank you all for your responses.