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  1. Lyrkiller

    A change to Co-op I never saw announced

    I have seen this since I started playing. Some ships I could tell some I could not.
  2. UPDATE: one free crate I got the Jaguar about 2 days ago. Then yesterday 2 more crates yielded nothing. Tally so far: Jaguar and the Guepard.
  3. Lyrkiller

    Ship Carousel wont whow more than 2 rows

    Right click anywhere on your desktop and NOT on an icon and go to display settings. Look for resolution and tell me what it is.
  4. Lyrkiller

    Ship Drops from Supercontainers

    Of the three years that I have been playing, I have gotten SC but not a single premium ship. In my opinion, they need to up the odds of getting premium ships. But I won't hold my breath if they don't.
  5. The drought has ended. After playing the New Mexico twice, I finished the easy missions and low and behold..... I got the Guepard mission. It will save me a lot of pain and misery.
  6. Nothing in the 1 directive. Nothing in the 2 so far. And nothing with the crates that I have gotten via mission or daily drops which ended for me today.
  7. Lyrkiller

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    OK, after reviewing my epic battle with a Musashi, that ship is one tough nut to crack. Here is a link to that epic brawl. Download and view. Will post pics when I can. Here Results of said battle: Total dmg 123,508
  8. Lyrkiller

    So I picked up the Murmansk out of the Armoury

    Well, I took her out today and did horrible in her.
  9. Lyrkiller

    So I picked up the Murmansk out of the Armoury

    One of these days I will bring mine out of mothballs. She was my first ship I bought, also.
  10. Lyrkiller

    Why cap Exeter mission at T8.....

    I did one random in my New Orleans, wait for it....... NO CVs. So far, I have gotten 7 planes on Friday alone. Will try for more tomorrow.
  11. Lyrkiller

    unsupported systems

    You are not screwed, all you need to do is update to the 64bit OS and you will be fine.
  12. Lyrkiller

    Wiki error Icarus

    OK, disregard this post. Gmrbull is correct. I don't know what I was thinking.
  13. Lyrkiller

    Wiki error Icarus

    There is an error in the wiki concerning the Icarus. The torpedo reload time in the wiki says 95 seconds. In the client the reload time is over 2 minutes. With TAE it is 108 seconds. Please confirm the reload without TAE.
  14. Lyrkiller


    Actually, rebooting the computer also helps. I now do have access to Arsenal.
  15. Lyrkiller


    I don't know if anyone else is having this issue or not, but when I click on Arsenal it takes a long time to load and if and when it does load I cannot click or scroll in the screen. Is anyone else having this issue in the client? Note: I am using for the time being Windows firewall. No changes have been made. I am also running Windows defender.