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  1. Lyrkiller

    Extended leave of absence

    Since December, I have lost interest in playing WoWs. I have been playing other games that have interested me for a long time. I might come back later this month, or early next month and see what is going on. Right now, I am having too much fun with my other games.
  2. I got money as a Christmas present, but will I invest in a game that is going down the toilet? Nope, I have better games that I can play and invest money into. The rework does come to mind and I am hanging on to see. I just might close down WoWs. It was fun while it lasted. BTW, I have been playing very on and off for the last few weeks.
  3. Lyrkiller

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Alle hier haben frohe Weihnachten. I can't buy anyone a gift, since I don't have a credit card. And I flat out refuse to use my debit card. So, that is that.
  4. I got all three of my containers which did not amount to much. 10000 FXP and signal flags.
  5. Lyrkiller

    Advent Calendar

  6. Lyrkiller

    Nice advent calendar!

    That my dear friend is a good question. I will check it later and see.
  7. Lyrkiller

    2020 Black Friday container - short changed or WG error?

    Not interested in black ships. Are they cool looking? You bet. Imho, they are not worth the effort in getting them. I have only two of the ships that would be worth getting, Scharnhorst and Atago. I don't have any of the other ships.
  8. Lyrkiller

    It's TWURKY TIME!!

    I agree, that is nasty. We are having duck anyhow. YUM, all dark meat.
  9. Lyrkiller

    So this map is still a thing

    I have not seen this map in 2 years. I guess I am the lucky one.
  10. Lyrkiller

    US BBs 2 Well that was quick!

    Since I can't play all day, I did knock off one with three to go. I will be playing mornings and at night to complete this.
  11. Lyrkiller

    Premium Ship Review: Pommern

    I just love the Pommern. As she is my favorite ship in Coop. I have finally broken 200K in her. Danke, Fräulein Maus.
  12. Lyrkiller

    US BBs 2 Well that was quick!

    I completed stage 6 on Wednesday. All I need is 3 dupes to complete it. Or if RNG is nice to me (which I doubt) get the one I need. In the mean time working on Epoch.
  13. Lyrkiller

    The salvage of Pearl Harbor

    I watched part 2 yesterday. I will watch part 1 as I am typing this.
  14. Lyrkiller

    Saturday stream starting!

    Can't view it on Twitch. Getting server errors.
  15. Lyrkiller

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Took out my Pommern and just now she has broken a dmg record of 195K. I just love the Pommern. Torps are also a lot fun.