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  1. NerfedShip

    RDF Needs To GO

    Put on a Chapayev or any radar ship. Tell our CV where the DD is. The DD will smoke. Get close, unspotted. Radar. BOOM! Rince and repeat. It's feels so dirty.
  2. NerfedShip

    Thunderer - Ranked - nice

    Thunderer was made by WG without to think. The conqueror had hard to hit citadels. Then they changed but gave super super heal to the conq. Or thunderer had to have the same heal or the old lowered citadel. Not this atrocity. And if you have to push, you only have 4 guns to fight without give broadside. This was poor design from WG.
  3. NerfedShip

    Reaction to Thunderer

    In my experience: Pro: Slightly better accuracy than other BBs 22s reload 457mm shells. Citadel lots of bow tank cruisers. Overpen if broadside. HE citadels on CLs is fun to see. Cons: Only 4 guns if you are pushing against other BB and don't want to give broadside. Don't have the superheal of the conqueror and don't have the old lowered citadel. It's squishy as F. I think its boring to play.
  4. NerfedShip

    (???????) is ruining the game

    I agree. It's the nature of the random MM. Take the teams of 12 vs 12: Now chose whatever rule to balance those 24 ships in 2 teams. Now you have your balanced 2 teams. But as wows MM is random, what is the chance of you get the same team's of the rule above? 1 in 12? I don't know but it's low. So most of the time you will get or slightly unbalanced matches and or some very ugly streaks for your teams or the reds. Perfect balance is utopia but just some tweak can change that chance of 1 in 12 to a more palatable one like 5 in 12. It's not perfection but a step in the right direction is what we want.
  5. NerfedShip

    Anyone else getting constantly disconnected?

    Same here. 3 times disconnected and the WG address ping was not responding. Other sites like google.com or aol.com were fine.
  6. NerfedShip

    1v1 Challenge!!

    1x1 doesn't mean only one match. You can do 3 or 5 or any number.
  7. NerfedShip

    My Sincere Thank - 25k Sub 30 Ship Giveaway

    Congrats on your 25K su[edited]cribers. NerfedShip NA Server
  8. NerfedShip

    Lets talk Rasputin (very hard)

    Why someone needs to die?
  9. NerfedShip

    Can we get MM to try and balance teams now?

    Unfortunately not even them anymore He had blowouts in several battles in sequence. As we all have. That's the deal breaker. "But he is still a superunicun". Nobody is saying he will get bad teams forever. Geeeshh See the endgame at min 14:04 here or full video below The teams need some balance, not in overall winrate but (classWR + shipWR)/2 Or its frustration over and over. And fun eventually. Obs. I don't mean unicuns only play against unicuns. NO! Just mix unicuns with potatoes on both teams accordingly. And another one...🎵🎶 Now Notser:
  10. NerfedShip

    Player stats fueling toxic behaviour

    I would like to see something like this: After the 12+12 folks of the queue are selected as today, for each player, calculate: (WR_class + WR_ship) / 2 Then intercalate guds and bads. Still random, but you just want to minimize the chance of teams with 8 of 12 potatoes vs 8 of 12 gud players. If you think divions count as an advantage, put other gud player on the other team for each divisioner in. Zero more time in queue. The steamrolls will still occour by mistakes and luck, not anymore by huge teams difference of skill.
  11. NerfedShip

    More MM Strangeness

    The new typical wows match. DD trying to cap: WOWS Game summary
  12. One contributor to snowball effect in this game is spawn when there are divisions. 12 players in your team. 3 caps. The players in the division should spawn together. Its OK and desirable. The unbalance I see is when ex.: A gets 2 players; no div. B gets 6 players, div included; C gets 4 players. It happens. And the team with more unbalanced spawn starts in disadvantage. Not random related. If one group have to be smaller at A, the division should be there. They have more coordination than random players, if 4A,4B,4C is not possible. So, there are more in this game than pure random unbalancing things. And I would like to see what you think about this: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/185016-mm-is-not-random/?do=findComment&comment=4361827
  13. Random is not enough anymore. We are seeing too much early games collapses.