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  1. Edinburgh, good or bad?

    I suggested not 2 per side = 12 torps. But only unlock those 6 total torps to any side, so its playable. Same tier Mogami have 16 torps total. 8 per side. For example. I only think 3 per side is not suficient to self defense.
  2. Edinburgh, good or bad?

    I would add the unlock of 2 salvos of torps at the same side to self defense too. There are too much BBs with hydro or radar rushing our smoke these days.
  3. Edinburgh: when pushed from ships coming angled, she is weak because the lack of HE. OK. So why not balance this by unlocking the side the torps can be launched. Now its locked in 3 per side. Unlock that. She have only 6 torps total anyways. Not like the Neptune, Mogami, Hipper and others cruisers that have 16 or 12.
  4. Edinburgh, good or bad?

    I am playing Edi these days and it feels like a downer from Fiji as it loses agility and have too few upgrade versus very hard tiers 9 and 10 opponents. I suggest one simple modification without make the ship OP: allow it to use the low number of torpedos she have at any side. Mogami have 16 torps, Neptune have 16 too. Hipper the same I think. So why Edinburgh have only 6 and blocked 3 per side? Developers, please, let's just unlock this 2 spreads and we will have a fun ship. Even if its still behind in torps numbers in relation to other t8 cruisers.
  5. Please NERF pan asian dd line

    Seems OP to me. But I´m not a statistician. Data from https://na.wows-numbers.com/ships/
  6. Whats with the sudden CV hatestorm?

    That is happening a lot. That's what gives the imediate sky cancer feeling.
  7. I am a dd main and this couple weeks I am trying RN BBs. I am like forced to playipassive BB, because torps kill you very fast. So what I suggest is torps been recoverable like fires. So DDs farm damage and BBs recover if it's not a devastating RNJESUS strike. Other idea is reduce torps detectability a lot, but reduce damage too. Mantaining flood chance.
  8. IJN torp

    ... Catapult planes for almost every ship, hydro, radar, CV planes, bombers, Captain Torpedo awareness skill, Module to enhance the acquisition range in 50%....
  9. I just want those 1.1km detection torps in my Fubuki. Or not have to train a new captain again. That is the good part of Japan and Pan Asia in the same tree. Or they need to compensate us with Captains of the same rank as we have in jn dd line. Because you need almost 2000.000 XP to get a 19pt cap. How much games? 24h Premiuns dont even scratch the amount of time needed.
  10. Let's talk IJN DDs.

    Yes apples and oranges. Fujin and Kamikaze are like tier VII playing around V ones. Minekaze: 10.000 damage, 57knots Fujin and Kami: 14000 damage, 68knots
  11. Let´s all make easy to W.G.: just detectability of 7.xs like the others nations. If we suggest too much, they get confused and the natural reaction will be a denial. And we will get trolls in the forum and nothing will change. Table
  12. Balancing the detection of torps from 9.5s to 7.Xs like the other nations would be a great start. Table I play Mutsuki, Fubuki and Minekaze. Didn´t like the upper tiers ships.
  13. At the begining of the battle, when I pass the mouse cursor in front of torpedo icon, it shows the same reload time as when my HP is very low at the end of the battle. The Adrenaline Rush skill shouldn´t change this time of reload?
  14. This game became so frustrating...