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  1. JervisBay

    Ark Royal ... just why, WG? T_T!

    I thank God every time I read posts such as LWM's that I ditched WoWS many weeks ago. What a dog's breakfast it's become over the past three years.
  2. JervisBay

    Game Losing It's Appeal

    Ditto.....except that I have not logged on in more than a week because the desire has dimmed. I'll wait until I get one of their auto-prompt emails and maybe then I'll try again. But in the meantime there are other games which provide more entertainment than what WoWS has become.
  3. They do?!! Like, what, for instance? List the "better things" which they have to do.......apart from those which entail making many needless and unwanted changes to the game.
  4. I play PvE/Co-op almost 99.9% of the time I'm in WoWS. Some of the most challenging - and fun - games I've had have been just me and the rest of the team made up of bots. (The thirty-second countdown rarely ends at thirty and more often than not runs to more than forty seconds.)
  5. It's not just you. I hate the bloody thing too and, because I only play Co-op, I usually autopilot to the centre and sit there until sunk.
  6. JervisBay

    Does Mikasa still farm flags?

    "Which" gets farmed; Mikasa is a thing, not a person.
  7. Definitely, but only if her torpedo load-out was limited to a "once only" format. In other words....when they've been launched, that's it!
  8. JervisBay

    Does Mikasa still farm flags?

    Rubbish! Mikasa is a fun little ship at her tier.
  9. JervisBay

    World of Warships Classic

    I could live with that, very easily and most comfortably. It would certainly make torp carriers think twice before unleashing fleets of the bloody things.
  10. What were you drinking when you put this together? Did it ever occur to you that the bots in this game (and in 99.999% of games involving so-called artificial intelligence) "know" what you are doing because it is the computer (the server end, not yours) which knows in a poofteenth of a second exactly what key you pressed or what direction you looked in? Every input you make, be it keystroke or mouse movement, is recorded instantly by the server and almost instantly it reacts.....and it is doing this with upwards of 15 other ships if you are the sole human with 7 bots on your side. So of course they have "access to telemetry about us" which we have no way of having on them!!
  11. JervisBay

    World of Warships Classic

    Wrong. I haven't, I won't and I couldn't give a rat's.
  12. JervisBay

    One Milllion changes to the reward system

    No doubt your beneficiaries will be thrilled to see that when your will is read.
  13. JervisBay

    I got the Exeter

    Yeah. I had a similar grind....all the way to the Premium shop. Tough alright.
  14. JervisBay

    learning how to play the new CV'S

    The best advice of all. Speaking as one who only plays Co-op, the training room start is by far the best way to learn. Jumping straight into a Co-op game can, in many instances, lead to frustration because the battle ends before you even have a chance to decently practise.
  15. JervisBay

    Destructible Objects in WoWS!

    "This is what the game needs". NEEDS? It takes all kinds, I s'pose, but this has to be one of the most stupid proposals ever made for this game.