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  1. I don't give a rat's a*se about "playing the game better". It's a form of mindless leisure entertainment as far as I'm concerned, an interactive time-waster. As is this forum.
  2. The pot calling the kettle "black"?
  3. It certainly plays little to no part at all on a server which is the equivalent of the biblical Tower of Babel. And "get a thicker skin" is simply an easy way for the antisocial element - the "up yours" mindset - to try and excuse their inconsiderate and discourteous behaviour. On-line chat has been shown to definitely have an affect on people, particularly adolescents. It has several terms, one of which I believe is "cyber bullying". Google it and become educated.
  4. No, actually it's not. I also have an account on the SEA server, where I do actually play Random as well as Co-op. Because of the assortment of languages....all and any from Asia, and a smattering of English....there is little "chat" other than the default 'F' messages, which are pretty useless. If someone is using a keyboard for their particular language (Thai, for example) then the chat message simply appears as a series of ASCI symbols. So chat is unnecessary.
  5. No idea....I turn chat off. :)
  6. Turn your chat OFF, sweetheart. Problem solved.

    So long ago and only two from Perth left. Lest we forget.
  8. Yes, but in case you haven't noticed, this is not real life......it is a digital game and therefore it is impossible to compare what happens with pixels on one's monitor and what happened (or happens) in the real world. Therefore, as it is a computer game, during which there can be no physical injury incurred by the player (unless he/she falls off the chair or pokes an eye out with an unprotected fork), there can be no instances of "cowardice", a term which applies to the real, physical world. However, if one was wired up to their computer and received a zap every time that their ship was hit then, yeah.....hiding or running away would certainly be an act of cowardice!
  9. The only "historical things" that this fantasy game draws on are the images of the ships; everything else is pure and utter fantasy.......so we may as well be blundering around in cardboard cartons with toilet-roll tubes for guns for all the difference it would make to "reality".
  10. Bullshite. That hackneyed cliche is trotted out every time someone questions what is considered by others to be "progress". Change does NOT imply improvement. Incidentally....you can't have "bad progress". That sort of change is a "regress", or "regression".
  11. How long?

    Which RN BBs in particular are "broken"? As a BB supporter, I think all of them are fine. :)
  12. Buy it. I rarely play WoWs now but when I do then MK is one of my favourites.
  13. So what is the way? You must have an alternative if you consider this suggestion useless.
  14. "Boat"? "BOAT"?!! These are ships, matey. Submarines are "boats".
  15. Another load of CGI rubbish.