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  1. Premium Account gone T minus 165 days and the WOW is just a bad experience. The last 30 will be in random just for Shitz and Grinz. If you are lucky and get to oppose me you will be getting big points as I do my  RUN< GUN<Get SUNK Mode, of course if you get stuck with me on your team you will be already down one.  Wonder how much credits I will get selling my 74 tier ships. Shame I cannot give my premium ships to other players. Got DDs and CV I won in the Christmas Crates , not to mention the ones I won on the early access 3 French 3 British DDs never used (I only do CL and BB and only American Ships. ) Mothball fleet will have 68 premium ships. Level ones just for something to do over morning coffee (Habit)


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    2. Chief_SeaDog


      Thanks  Capt, I have had enough and cannot see the game getting better only worse. but hey you might come against me, and give me a shout I will give you big points 



      That would be great. But seriously why do you even bother playing since your opinion of and attitude towards the game is so negative?

    4. Chief_SeaDog


      I run my level ones with my morning coffee. Run events that I can compete in (not many anymore due to the fact they want to force people to play what they don't want to play), and I have 161 days premium, I will sell off all my tiered ships and once in a while play my premium fleet just for Shitz and Grinz but the people I run random with will not be happy,  Run Gun and get Sunk onto Davey Jones Locker to get Drunk. Got enough premium ships to do the job except all the DDs and CVs I won in crates almost all of them lol.