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  1. Wondering if I will make it to my 4 yr anniversary in this game. Preparing to sell all my tier ships once subs come active, mothballing all my premium ships, only going to keep my level ones so I have something to do with my morning coffee. I have enjoyed playing the game meeting people, but the Subs are the final straw, when I started WOW said there would be no subs in the game, but over the years I have watched the 180 degree turns they make (animal Farm). and do not trust them, their word means nothing, so no respect



      You do realize that this is a game, right? You certainly are taking  it far to seriously. The subs will be no different than any other new ship line being added.

    2. Chief_SeaDog


      Well the game has gotten so much worse, unlimited torp load outs on DD, CV that make concealment useless,  now more unseen torps to dodge, I will stay with my level ones for my morning coffee unless they put dd or subs in level one. Bright side I will save a LOT of money and time.  Capt don't get me wrong but the game is broken and they keep putting more stuff in and not addressing the problems already in the game. Throwing out ships that never were. I cannot even do the French thing, due to the fact you need to torp, or run French ships, or CVs  Now I only run American cruisers and BB (personal preference )so I am not able to compete. They say either diversify or don't play so I guess I don't play simple as that. Just going to be hard to find a game I have enjoyed as much as this one