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  1. Just under half a year and my premium account will go Bye Bye never to return, will only run level ones;

    Tired of the "Animal Farm" attitude of this game. And the Bias they show IMO

    No I am not quitting the game still have fun at Tier 1 with my morning coffee.


  2. I used the gift card I could have bought a ship but in this game its a gamble. The Salem cost coal which took forever for me to earn, and oops now its a "special ship" . funny how all the ships bought with coal or steel were not included in the downgrading of the Salem. So I put no trust in anything WOW says or does. if they said "rain is wet" I would have to get another opinion
  3. Chief_SeaDog

    What happened to the player base?

    Well if you had me on your team it would be normal. I play just to play and do not make winning a priority any more. maybe the player base just does not care about winning, its just a Broken game that get worse every day. play and enjoy. My Battle Mind Set: Run, Gun, and get Sunk Onto Davey Jones Locker to get drunk I get my crates and go play a game that is fun like this one used to be.
  4. Chief_SeaDog

    Oh No!

    You got that right, everyone worried about the SAP shells, I was so disappointed but then I never trust anything in this game anymore. The changing of ships at a drop of a hat. (Salem) the T5 Europe BB with less armor than most T3 Bb and a lot less HP than most of the T3 T4 BB, I posted comparison chart. P.T. Barnum "there is a sucker born every minute" If some staff from WOW said 'Rain is wet I would get a second opinion
  5. My grandsons got me a WOW gift card, got 10 containers (the money was not refundable) to DBs tokens, flags and mission for T5 T6 T7 cruisers. I usually get lucky one crates, Christmas bought 10 crates got 7 premium ships. I thank my Grandkids for the gift, but told them to save their money and never buy anything for me from WOW since I don't see wasting any money on the game. I sent them cards with the money they spent as a gift. Do not want any of my family or friends giving money into the broken game
  6. Chief_SeaDog

    Salem a "Special Ship"?

    Then every ship bought with coal/steel will be in the same group. or is it just the American ship. if this is so then give back the coal and take the ship since it was sold under false pretenses. WOW "Animal Farm" it alive and well in WOW. Guess I should have learned not to believe anything WOW says, I have seen more turn arounds and falsehoods from the MPVs
  7. having fun this morning running all my Tier ones 

    Got a WOW gift card from my grandsons, they remembered me playing when I went back west for a few months and they loved watching me play

    Too bad they don't sell premium level ones lol

    Anyway hop everyone has a good day and a even better tomorrow


  8. Chief_SeaDog

    No Rewards from the 0.8.9 PT?

    Wow is not selling crates?? The MPVs must be livid.
  9. Chief_SeaDog

    Cant download italian update

    Got the Update but as usual cannot connect guess the switch board in on a Wotka break playing another game while trying to connect to this one, but if money was involved it would be up and running quickly
  10. Chief_SeaDog

    Enterprise again...

    I got the enterprise in a crate , along with a japan CV, and the german CV never sailed them, never will, they are all USS Neversails, along with all the premium DD I got in crates, the MO is my favorite, last xmas I bought 10 crates and each had a ship in it, I just wanted the Mo an by luck of the draw I got her but the rest I don't play.If I could I would give them away to someone who, would use them BUT WOW said no.
  11. Chief_SeaDog

    Can you be better? I bet you can.

    Why take the game serious?? the MPVs only want your money, its not a game to them its just a way to make money. Now that many are leaving or shutting their wallet they are throwing fire sails (sorry bad pun) make believe ships trolling for your money. No pride just greed IMO. I have played a little short of 4 years, I loved this game. Played 3-6 hours, 50 battles were the norm now I do 10 or less (get 2 crates and go) research you have to have 5 T 10 ships to reset, they say play our way or its the highway. Well Route 66 here I come with a lot of money to put into other games that is fun like this one used to be. Sorry but I am more than just Dollar and Cents but the MPVs do not see us only our Wallets. P.T. Barnum "there is a sucker born every minute"
  12. Chief_SeaDog

    Credits....Whats the trick?

    the higher level you run the harder to make coin. keep running a BB and the credits go bye bye. it cost you just to get in a game now you have to make it up plus to get any money, I run my level ones to make some coin then run a higher tier ship, that is how it worked for me, Dont always tier up just cause you got the XP, the cost and upgrade of any new ship esp higher tier can break you. the lower tiers 1-4 you can make coin. if you are new then get good at lowe tiers make money then use it to help play for running higher tiers, Some higher tiers can cost 40000 plus to run, even if you don't use any consumables ( I never run any premium consumables cost to put on, you don't win it you win the right to pay to use it ). It is a ploy by MPVs to get you to buy (with real money) credits . Don't be in a rush to move up the higher tiers lose a lot of fun IMO.
  13. Chief_SeaDog

    Does WG not like small clans now?

    The Bottom line is all the MPVs care about. you are just a source of income, a Dollar sign, 50 cents, not worth a plug nickel if you do not pay them money. P.T. Barnum: "there is a sucker born every minute"
  14. Chief_SeaDog

    Thank you Wargaming!

    Being a vet is great but putting my info onto a site I never heard about is just wrong IMO Now why would a site be made to put your ID On?? Keep the ship and camo, My thanks was serving My Country
  15. Chief_SeaDog

    Does WG not like small clans now?

    Well after posting about the direction the game is taking (Fire Sails) both of my post of what I saw going on got pulled. I guess my observations must have struck a nerve. I did a repost under the same name but clouded my observations so the MPV's would not be offended. But I do not see a long future for the game, I give it a year or two at most. Fix what is broken before you put more broken pieces into the works