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  1. The Fire Prevention Expert skill cost 4 points, I have two similar ships one standard one the B model. the Standard uses the skill the B side no. After 200 battles each they caught fire almost the same. so what good is it especially costing 4 pts? How many use this skill?
  2. First its American so just bare bones. If I had known how bad our ships were I would not have served 20+ years. Almost every model of American ships T6 and up show radar but no radar is on the ship. The only ships that are not held to Standards IMO is the subs.
  3. Chief_SeaDog

    If you can not say anything good

    After 6 years I really do not know, I play maybe 5 games a day during my morning coffee (Habit) down from 40+ a day. I was not always negative about the game knowing bias would be there. I loved the game. Hawked it to all my co workers even got a few to try it. The game really went down hill for me and my friends about 2 years ago. 10 just left the game due to Subs on Steroids.
  4. Chief_SeaDog

    If you can not say anything good

    Sorry but I will never be a Yes man, Don't rock the Boat, Don't cause waves, Lemming with blinders on kind of guy.
  5. Guess the forums are only for positive feedback. WG does not want to know all the Negative Stuff or how people think about certain things if its negative. Like a used car salesman that only shows the positive side of the car not all that is wrong with it. Something along the lines of the Emperor's New Coat. Bottom line to speak against the crown is not allowed. Shades of Animal Farm.
  6. Chief_SeaDog

    Why put a participate button?

    I do not need coal I have over 2.5 mil coal and nothing to spend it on. The only two coal ships left are two american ships that I do not want lol. The point is I do not want them in my port. Active or not.
  7. I was reading the news and it had a button to participate in the sub rentals. I did not click on it i did not want to participate but this morning I see I am participating in it. So why put a participate button in if you are forcing the missions on us and a reward (rented Scrubs) that we do not want Anyway? Not everyone wants anything to do with the Scrubs.
  8. Chief_SeaDog

    When will the sub rentals stop?

    It looks that way. So I just do not click the participate button on the new round of Steroid Sub Rentals. one way of looking at their reasoning ..........Hmm sinking boat....... oh I know drill holes in the bottom to drain the water faster and bail faster. The intelligent thing IMO is......... forget the Edsel Idea and work on what the player base wants and put efforts into fixing all quirks already existing in the game.
  9. Chief_SeaDog

    What is with the TV Dish

    I looked at my fleet and on my american BB I have A Satellite Dish Rotating. It cannot be radar because the ship does not have radar. Many of my ships have a similar occurrence but no corresponding Equipment. Please do not do the balance speech. The Steroid subs blows that theory out of the water. If a ship has a Radar dish then is should have radar. Looking at most of the American ships T7 and up they all had radar. If it does not have radar then remove it from the ship model in view.
  10. I have had 9 rental Subs in my port for some time. When will the rental stop so I do not have them forced into my port. I have not even looked at them. but I wish them to just leave my port and not come back uninvited. The fact that they are forced on us even if we do not use them is my problem. If I do not eat squash I do not even want it on my plate. Rental ships should be an option .
  11. Looking at the french early access lines, I did not find any way of attaining the Cruisers with regular play. I gave up on the Italian DD line, best I got was the T4 did not win enough funny money to get any higher without my own money. I went through the entire new list and cannot find a ship to get with the french funny money all the way up to where you have to pay 20000 for a ship. So, without the Crap shoot and not spending any of your own money where is the early access? What ship can be attained except the T8 which cannot be gotten until the drawn out missions are done (timed so not able to just grind an be done). So without spending any money the best you can hope for is a T8 in 5 weeks?
  12. Chief_SeaDog

    How do I change my clan

    I believe once you left a clan its 24 hours before you can join another clan. We have had request from people who are already in clans and until they are out of a clan we cannot pick them up. So leave clan wait 24 and join some one else
  13. If you have read the book Animal Farm you know how it goes WOW has made a point to keep all warships close to the original config (esp. American ships) but with subs all bets are off. now they want the super ships in the game so instead of tiering up to say 500000 for the T11. Nope if you got a T10 you can buy a T11. Like the book, the ones in charge, change the rules (standards) to fit what they want in the game.
  14. Chief_SeaDog

    Super Ships Give Away

    You are correct, poor choice of words. More like PTO Pay to Own like premium ships but without the buffs. Why can't the ships have a EXP range like 500,000 Grind the T10s and pay just like any other tiered ship?
  15. When rental ship can be obtained by doing missions, why can't there be an option not to participate and not get the ships? True I do not have to use the ship, but I would prefer just to say NO and keep the Bilge Water out of my harbor even if it would just sit till it expired or trade it for 1 credit, I could use a credit, will not use a rental including special events like Halloween and the like. Just wish to opt out from having unwanted garbage floating in my harbor.