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  1. Why do I get missions to have SUBS in my port. It should be optional. Give a person Choice to participate. I do not want them in my port. even if they just sit there stinking up my port.
  2. Chief_SeaDog

    New System

    Ok I Just made 211406250credits for 6 years of stock piling
  3. Chief_SeaDog

    New System

    With the new system you do not need to put camo on your ships to get the bonus, So I can sell 6 years of collected camo?
  4. Chief_SeaDog

    Want my doubloons back

    Figure the odds of the MPVs (Money Pit Vipers) coughing up refunds. the Sun would rise in the west first. Never seen a Game company work so hard to suck all the fun out of a game, and wonder why the player base is dwindling.
  5. Chief_SeaDog

    Where is my coal

    I already noticed that, pretty bad when even a container labeled More coal rips you off, with anything but what you asked for even the containers lie to you. can not trust anything in this game for honesty
  6. Chief_SeaDog

    Where is my coal

    yes if I wanted flags I would of went for them. I have 6 years of hoarded flags, which i do not use. I asked for coal then I expect to get coal.
  7. I picked up a container and click more coal, I get a super container with 100 flags? where is the coal i asked for?
  8. Chief_SeaDog

    Freedom of choice

    as of late it seems nothing WOW has done is thought through. To quote Mr Spock Captain there does not appear to be any intelligent life here
  9. Chief_SeaDog

    pink penalties

    The game crashed and gave an option to terminate, I get a pink penalty.
  10. Why are signals already on ships? I choose what siganals are on my ship no one should add to my fleet anything I do not authorize. I hord my signals and only use them when I want to IMO the new system is terrible. Never seen a comapany so bent on destroying something good
  11. Another ridiculous idea who will play enough games to get 125000 that is an entire day of play for me.
  12. I did the same thing a year ago and will continue to do so as long as the crazies are running WOW
  13. What happened to my dalies? It was the benchmark of my play time. Now I have nothing to gage my play each day. It was the source of my coal and steel. Now I have no target to go for. Goal orientation is h what drives me to play this game now you even took that away.
  14. Chief_SeaDog

    New Submarine Game Modes

    New game mode NO SUBS AT ALL
  15. I would just like it if they would not put you in new ports and lease you in the port of choice and not put you in the newest port. Give choice to visit not just put you there. Guess the devs wants ahhh and oooohhhs. all they get from me is "Leave My port alone"