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    I hate how so many of the historical maps are for low tiers. We should get some accurate maps of historical battles to play on. I feel like playing in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of icebergs around doesn't really satisfy my longing for the historical feel of the game.
  2. enterprise come and please empty my wallet plsss
  3. DerpMidIsGod


    u saw the title
  4. DerpMidIsGod

    We need CVs!

    All I'd like is for the game to be as historically accurate as it can. Honestly w/ the recent CV rework I'm pleased as a player playing against CVs. I'd just like to feel more variety between the CVs and the historical part of the game
  5. DerpMidIsGod

    We need CVs!

    Im actually happy theyre adding Yorktown. I didn't know about one of Lexington's hulls being Saratoga, so thanks for telling me ;). Also, will the whole tech tree 4-10 be being added back including odd tiers?
  6. DerpMidIsGod

    We need CVs!

    It'd be pretty lit if we got like Saratoga, Hornet, or Yorktown. What a treat that'd be
  7. DerpMidIsGod

    Alaska in premium shop now.

    how long is she in the shop for?