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  1. Ms_Phoenix

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Well I have decided that I wil play the game until I run out of Prem time and then I will move on to something else, I guess I don't spend enough money on the game for WG to give 2 [edited] what I have to say, but maybe IF and WHEN enough people close thier purse strings WG will get the message. I do NOT under any circumstances want an advantage in the game, that defeats the purpose of playing, but when I am constantly radared for a whole game and can't even get close enough to fire 15k torps because if 1 ship isn't hitting me with radar another 1 is, (last game I just played), then I am not having fun anymore, and why spend my money on a game I find extremely unfair? I am a DD player period, and WG has made it impossible to play the DD of which I have spent years building up and spending money to upgrade and buying flags, ect. WG pay attention, rebalance the game so that DDs can play their role again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No DDs are not OP without radar in the game, when I first started I could sink a BB or CA in 2 salvos of torps, now IF I can hit a CA and maybe a BB they take so little damage, hull upgrades, improved torp belt, better speed and turning adius, they do NOT need the radar. Radar me in smoke, NP, radar me anytime there is a clear line of sight so I can at least see where the radar is fine, radar me while hiding behind a rock so I can't even see you, NOT cool.
  2. Ms_Phoenix

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I've been a DD player since the start of this game, and back then a DD could actually destroy a BB with 3 or 4 good torp hits, now IF I am lucky enough to land 2 full salvos the BB just laughs at me and heals back to where they already were. Sooo DDs have lost their punch, and now can't even survive getting a cap because 5 ships in the 2 other caps hit their radar and light me up for the rest of their team even thru 6 islands!!!!!! Radar/Sonar/Hydro thru an island is NOT real, can't happen has never happened in real life, only in this game where the crying BBs don't want anybody to scratch their ships and cost the for repairs. See WG right there is a VERY Solid reasion to fix this, you make more money from the BBs for repairs, :).
  3. Ms_Phoenix

    Possible Solution to Radar

    WG, I'm sorry but the way radar works in the game is so not realistic. You have added it to so many ships now, you really need to make it stop seeing everything on the other side of islands. It is just not realistic for radar/sonar/hydro to spot ships on the other side of an island unless perhaps if they would normally have a clear line of sight, (low type island). Seeing thru smoke, yes that makes sense, but for God's sake stop the island thing, it has gotten to the point of being unfair actually, a Des sits on one side of an island, pops radar and then all his teamamtes behind and to the sides of you get to have free target practice, you have all but negated the main role of the DDs with this crap, how are we supposed to do our job when every other ship has some kind of radar device that spots us no matter where we are? PLEASE I Beg you fix this ASAP !!!!!