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  1. At least your person "threw the match" by suicide rushing at the beginning. You want rage inducing, try this: We each had 1 ship left. The reds had a Russian DD at ~500 HP we had a US DD at ~12000 HP, both DDs entered the opposing team's cap. Ours was in their cap first. We all sighed in relief, great, we win, enemy DD if it rushes back short of detonation on ours dies before it can kill it, and if not we cap out first. Our DD types in chat "Nah I don't want to waste my first win of the day bonus on this low damage game, you take it" as they sail out of the cap and allow the enemy team to cap out....... WG seriously sometimes there just aren't enough in game reports.
  2. PoW all I can imagine now is this...
  3. I haven't been able to get on today, can anyone confirm, are the achievements still being earned after the update?
  4. Would be true, except we also have WG telling us time and again about as often and earnestly that 2016, 2017, 2018 was the year of the great CV rework. Apparently you posted a response to me and never noticed my signature. In fact it comes from an entire thread of folks who want an option to turn of causing detonation to opponents (even if WG forces us to still get detonated).
  5. o7, Indeed everytime there is a sale, my credits take a big hit. The 15k per duplicate has had me running a lot of duplicates each day to make it up.
  6. ..and neither is the OP being a whiny baby having a tantrum while you calmly sit aside. False animated meme met by false animated meme = epic burn meme.
  7. Well the PTS mimics the actual game so they can see and test the effects of various things. Some aspects like SC as I understand it have their percentage chances increased, so the relatively smaller sample size of the PTS can better be analyzed. They want to see if their system is dropping the right percentage of SCs and if those SCs are properly distributed amongst the various potential rewards. It makes sense from a code testing point of view. Understandable also that it can be disappointing to players who on the main server go months without a SC. They officially stated it ends with the next patch, which if you read between the lines is slated for Sept 28th. However they did not outright say "ends the 28th". Why didn't they just state the date? I have no idea. You can get duplicates of every one of these, once per day (so each of the ones you can earn you can earn today, tomorrow, the day after, etc until the 27th/28th. I don't know if they disappear on the 28th or not, so I would aim to be done by the 27th. Note that you can get duplicates of the medals multiple times per day (just once per match) but only the collection items once per day per achievement.
  8. Won't know until we see them end. Could be tomorrow :-)
  9. It says until 0.6.11 which is probably around a week to a week and a half.
  10. I don't recall them announcing the others until at least after the events, do I remember that correctly?
  11. LOL so after this list is complete and everyone knows them, WG THEN posts them on the public page? hehe
  12. My guess would be "No" as we have never been able to bring any PTS rewards back, only the listed rewards for certain games played or ships played etc.