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  1. Why do you respond as if I was criticizing you spending money on the game? What did I say that gave the impression that I feel you should not spend money? (For reference it is your money spend what you like, and in regards to the game I highly encourage folks to throw some money at game developers if they enjoy the product, it helps encourage more games that people will like) I don't have a forum post link handy (though perhaps someone else does), however Developers such as sub_octavian have stated so verbally in interviews and at the Let's Battle tours multiple times. I have heard it on live stream and in person straight from WG representatives mouths, approximately 5 times now. Their research hows them 30 seconds is the magic maximum amount they will tolerate average times reaching. They stated they were looking into the MM way back when they first made the protected MM change for tier 2-4 that left 5 in a very bad place. One of the longest threads in forum history was created on the topic and in it WG told us they would look into it, and later that their investigation is that everything is fine. On this we agree, it is however what it is. Comments and threads such as yours are unlikely to change anything except to upset yourself and waste your time.For to utilize your work example, from WGings perspective, if there is a bug that you tell 1 client is fine, but they say isn't fine, but 10 other clients say they prefer over the fix, you don't implement the fix. They folks that are upset over MM are the minority and the majority care more about short queue times then quality matches. If you want to effect change you need to find a way to convince them otherwise. This suggestion has been explained as unacceptable because even though the player choosing to wait may be fine with it, that then removes them from the same MM pool as the players not willing to wait, thus over-all it will still impact queue times. Many of us feel and personally have experienced friends leave the game because of up-tiering, but again it is not new information, and WG is adamant that the greater problem would be increasing queue times. So again the entire argument is moot, unless you can convince them that the data they have now is wrong.
  2. Some points/questions: Hundreds of dollars and only 201 battles? All the rest of your points are mute for although you state that you wouldn't mind waiting longer, WG has told us that their studies show that the vast majority of players of this game feel MM is already too long. So..... every other argument is instantly pointless, as if it increases queue times, even a small amount, it simply WILL NOT HAPPEN. Done, conversation over. 5k player population for a Thursday morning is normal. It is a workday, why would that number be different? They did say they were looking into this, and they also said they finished looking into it, and working as intended (aka WG told us the community to quit our whining and git gud)
  3. I am not sure that any cruiser in the game can actually fire secondaries undetected over terrain as you describe the Mass did. Firing over terrain requires very long range for secondaries and I don't think any cruisers have enough range on theirs to do so. In fact I think only like 7 or 8 BBs can actually do it even. Also note that adding 2.5km detection to a high volume of fire secondary ship such as the mass would theoretically push her detection bloom 300 meters beyond her main battery range.
  4. So a +2km detection penalty? (That is the "you are on fire" detection bloom increase)
  5. That was the idea. Keep winning as important, but also acknowledge the reality that a mode can not be called legitimately competitive if it is a teamwork game wherein winning is the only thing, but the teams are going to be forcibly random. Thus a suggestion that makes playing well for the win as the measure of the rewards.
  6. Well I did not say the majority of the player base. I stated that a large portion are against it. If you would like evidence by all means make a new forum thread asking WG to make 5 irrevocable and watch the response. It certainly won't be able to prove the majority especially as it will only be forum dwellers responding. However you will quickly see the large portion I spoke of who come out each season when someone proposes 5 to be irrevocable. Also if you ping one of the WG devs they can explain the exact numbers to you when they tried it in a season long ago. I was not in it, but I was told stories of how poorly it went. Also the million games rank out is simply not true. If you go thru the records for each season. The lowest rank out win rate ever was a 46%er. The rest of the seasons are 47% or 48%. For most players even thousands of games wont rank them out if they are below 50%. Even 49% wont rank out if they are not routinely saving stars. Again the up and down frustration that you speak of is exactly what my suggestion is aimed at reducing. I do not recommend additional safe ranks as we have been told by WG that this will not happen. Thus rather than wasting time on a suggestion that isn't going to be implemented, or a radical redesign of the entire system, I suggest a minor tweak to how stars are allocated that keeps the core of their system in place and merely reduces the yo-yo effect somewhat. I don't think this is the end-all be-all of fixing ranked, however I also don't believe that WG has the drive or interest at this time in making the radical changes likely necessary to actually "fix" the ranked problems. Thus again I suggest an alleviation of the symptoms, not a cure.
  7. Hitting the wall

    Indeed, and that is the crux of the protected match maker problem. It artificially creates these bubbles of inexperience, that suddenly dump into the big pool with no potential in between. It is made worse as it reduces the newbie population in the big pool pushing the experience distribution curve further to the extreme. Even worse still for most players hitting that point are also right about tier 5, which aside from being the first real "grind" tier wherein it takes a good while to earn the xp and credits to push to the next tier in the line, is also the worst tier in tier in the game for being up-tiered in terms of frequency, power disparity, and skill/experience disparity. So these new players are hitting the big pool about the time they are hitting the worst tier experience in the game. Double whammy. Honestly the best recommendation that I can give you is to join a clan that does PvP and division up with folks with more experience who can teach you the ropes. I spent my first 2k battles or so sailing around like a chicken with its head chopped off. It wasn't until I had some very good players teach me that I could even begin to remotely say that I had an inkling of understanding about how to play the game. This game ahas many good players in it, and if there is one over-arching trait that this community has it is a willingness to teach others how to play well.
  8. I suspect that the confusion here is that you misunderstand what open water stealth firing is. Please, allow me to explain to clear this up. OWSF as it was abbreviated is the ability of a ship to shoot without terrain or smoke blocking a straight LoS to its target yet still remain undetected due to the detection bloom not reaching its target. This used to be prevalent in some DDs and cruisers due to special stealth builds with long range gunnery. However it was almost entirely removed many patches ago by the alteration to game mechanics such that now whenever firing outside of smoke a ship's detection bloom always goes out to its gun range, even accounting for increased range due to skills or consumables. For some ships this pushes the bloom even out past their gun range, but for most ships it is the same as the gun range. Thus the only OWSF that exists now is the type wherein the firing ship is kiting away from the target who because they are pursuing keep sailing into the range of the firing vessel by the time the shell travel time is over, but not within the detection bloom. However that was not the case in what you describe, the Mass was not kiting away and hitting the target from outside detection range (that doesn't work with secondaries anyway, it only can be done with main battery). Also as stated above main guns bloom your detection to main gun range (going beyond is a rare special circumstance, not the norm). Secondaries have no such bloom as no ship in the game (by design) has secondaries that can shoot beyond the ship's detection range. In the case of the Mass that is over a km difference between the longest possible secondary range and its shortest possible detection. Meaning any ship within range of its secondaries without blocking terrain or smoke between them will detect the Mass even before the secondaries start firing. Thus there is no need to bloom detection to range, as it is already beyond max range. It sounds like what you are asking is for secondaries firing to bloom detection to main battery range, which is kind of silly, as these are destroyer size guns, and no DD sized gun generates 18km of detection bloom.
  9. Hitting the wall

    Your forum profile shows you at 777 battles. WG's system does not consider you a newbie, and lumps you in as an experienced veteran (whether you feel that you are or not). This is the root of the seal clubbing phrase. It is Very experienced vets picking on far less experienced vets, who themselves are pushed out of the newbie bracket by the protected match-maker. Though to delve deeper really one can club at tier 10, as plenty of folks up there have no clue what they are doing, raced up there without taking time to learn basic mechanics, and at those upper tiers it is much easier and faster to punish people who make mistakes. Also it is easy to test and prove. Go ahead and make a new account (it is allowed), and play some games especially at off hours. You will see games filled with bots, as the MM can't get enough low battle count players to fill the match. So effectively you have pseudo co-op/pvp matches going on with humans and bots on both teams.
  10. After 100 More Resource Containers

    So given this data if judging coal value by the flags which it can purchase, the "more flags" containers are far better payouts, as they are close to an average of 100-150 coal, plus average of 10 flags including the more expensive ones.
  11. Just FYI, open water stealth secondaries isn't a thing. WG has by design made certain that no ship can build even its max secondaries beyond even its max best detection range.
  12. Hitting the wall

    FYI there is a newbie protection feature built into the game, so whenever you as an experienced player play, no matter the tier, you will not see brand new people, only other experienced people.