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  1. SyndicatedINC

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    OP, good on you for working to improve yourself. One point I would make is that your prior stats while not unicum, do put you in the realm of well above the ordinary player. So your perspective while maybe not that of a unicum, is already vastly different than the average player base.
  2. SyndicatedINC

    Clan Battle Participation

    It is the problem with the large team sizes. Clan Brawl with 3 players was easy, and so many more clans participated. No idea why WG continues to push narrow time windows rather than let us play anytime a server internationally is playing clan battles, not just forgo our own servers scheduled times if we want to also do another. No idea why they are pushing even larger teams. If anything teams should be smaller. 5 maybe 6, but 7 players was stretching it and we saw how many clans failed to field a team most nights with 7. How going to 8 was going to do anything but kill the mode should have been obvious.
  3. SyndicatedINC

    Venezia seriously

    Don't really take much damage? New OP ships?
  4. SyndicatedINC

    I seriously can't wait for T10 Italian cruiser

    So this is a case of incorrect math. 1) NY with 36285 HP is not a saturated super structure, as the 3 shells for 3813 is the damage of 3 shells doing full damage passing into the first saturation threshhold. 2) The ship is 20 degrees to you which places most of its superstructure surfaces and bow under the richochet threshhold, so this is not angled in to the point of causing the bounces people are complaining about. 3) A New York is a very thinly armored BB, that is penetrated by same tier DDs. Higher tier BBs that are immune to equivalent DDs start producing less and less areas that their same tier italian Cruisers can penetrate, and those that they can (such as the bow) are easily angled away (at about 12-14 degrees angle). 4) Your range is under 10km, less than your detection range, meaning at this range you are already being engaged by the BB, and are easily hit with shell flight times being so short your dodging ability is minimal, and your armor wont defend against. Even then you only land 5 shells of a salvo, with 3 doing damage, and no chance of DoT, whereas within the same 20 seconds any tier 5 cruiser would be able to do comparable or more damage at the same range, and all but the UK would be able to start fires to deal with the saturation effects or angling. 5) Target is a stationary bot, yet your own screenshot shows that 5 minutes in and 48 shell hits and you only scored just under 27k damage That is just about over 3 minutes of continuous shooting. Repeat the experiment with the same setup except every other Tier 5 cruiser and continuous fire for max RoF HE for over 3 minutes on the same 2 targets at the same angles and between the alpha and fires they score more damage, usually MUCH more. 6) The argument is also about useful damage. The SAP damage is repairable at the same rate as HE but without the additional DoT of fire. It is not AP level damage in terms of repair. On top of that it drops off as saturation occurs, and angle gets severe. Sail directly in front of the NY (zero degree angle), and try to kill it with guns only. chances are against a human player with repair party you can fire for 20 minutes straight and not kill it. No other cruiser can fire for 20 minutes at a same tier BB and not kill it after 20 minutes. 7) Your alpha math ignores the percentage of bounces. Unless facing a target broadside (where it would be better to use AP anyway) you are facing an angled target. Practical experience of sap over hundreds of battles has shown us that the shatter rate is the same as for the Aoba and Furutaka, but the bounce rate is between 25%-35% given the random dispersion of shells and the angled surfaces and armor plates of turrets etc. These are shots which land zero damage hits for SAP but full damage hits fro HE. When you then factor in the RoF and Fire chance their is no comparison of the damage over the course of a minute, let alone 2 minutes. If the alpha was massive, say SAP did citadel type damage (ie 100% shell damage and repairable for only 10%) then yes you would have a valid point. However as it stands SAP is worse HE, much worse HE. It is HE that trades its bonus damage (fire) for slightly higher alpha, but much higher chance of scoring zero damage ricochets, all to also be given a worse reload.
  5. SyndicatedINC

    I seriously can't wait for T10 Italian cruiser

    Except the gun bloom through smoke is so large that the Smolensk will still see you, even though you popped smoke, and the italian armor is so thin the smolensk will get about 20 AP citadels on you before you can make your turn to dump torps and run away. HE spam may be light, but full damage AP isn't. This is the problem people keep bringing up. The full speed smoke is useless when the smoke firing penalty is hideously large. Basically unless you are sailing around at the back and just want to drop detection from a max range BB shooting at you, the smoke doesn't help. However given that so many ships which can take the Italian cruiser on in a 1v1 with ease have better detection, the italian can never safely push in, without risk that its smoke will do nothing but blind it to an enemy that still has full view of it. I love both Ducas, however their playstyle is not the same as the tech tree italian line. For one, they have regular HE with decently fast RoF. The excel at peppering ships and landing DoT right after damage con has been used. The tech tree italians have slow RoF and no regular HE so no DoT. Additionally the regular HE means angling is irrelevant, however SAP drops off in effectiveness when the target angles to you. Secondly the Ducas have a a higher top speed and swifter accel and decel than the tech tree italians, meaning that the Ducas are both better at open water kiting and throttle jockeying jukes. Additionally the Ducas have faster rudder shift than their tech tree counterparts meaning that the tight turning circles of the tech tree ships take longer to make use of and thus are not as effective at dodging incoming shells and torps as the Ducas, despite having larger turning circles. Third the Ducas have a faster turret traverse than their tech tree counterparts, meaning they can keep shells on target when engaged in maximum evasive maneuvers, whereas the tech tree ships cannot even with expert marksman. Fourth the Ducas have a lower detection range both by all accounts including air, sea, and out of smoke than their tech tree counterparts. Allowing them to get in closer to targets to make use of their torps (even stealth torp effectively) and making it more difficult for enemies to keep them detected when they are trying to disengage. Allowing more opportunities to ambush and fewer chances for enemies to ambush them. Fifth the utility of the Ducas is much higher with their consumables including hydro and defensive AA. Lack of hydro alone prevents the tech tree ships from being effective hunters of the very ship class they excel at killing. Coupled with their large size and poor torpedo protection and it makes them more vulnerable than any other cruiser of their tier to torpedoes, which isn't fair given they are already the most vulnerable to shells as well. Bottom line is the Ducas can control map areas and score meaningful damage that impacts the game. The tech tree italian cruisers can not. They can score big games sometimes, but it will be very rare that they are allowed to impact the actual game outcome. So expect to see some huge damage losses and extremely low damage victories. Quite contrary to the Ducas. Strange I wasn't aware that zero damage was considered Ok damage, or that 60% of norm was considered double the alpha of other cruiser HE, or that lack of fires and a slow reload are needed to compensate for 16% max damage. Must be new math.
  6. SyndicatedINC

    1 ship has ruined 3 tiers of play

  7. SyndicatedINC

    I seriously can't wait for T10 Italian cruiser

    You mean the Smolensk that can sail up to your broadside 10km from you undetected, open fire, smoke up and you can't hydro or see, but it can see you if you fire, and who gets off 7 salvos to your 1? That "soon to be dead" smolensk?
  8. SyndicatedINC

    2019 Armada Bundles

    This no longer is worthwhile, as they reduced the doubloons to the assumed value of the discount, thus meaning you get more doubloons for the same currency when purchasing doubloons directly.
  9. SyndicatedINC

    AIMBOTS Iin the game

    If you were never detected and it was that early in the game then likely it was just random blind firing as the information on your position that a cheat would need to determine aiming is unavailable to their client until you are detected as per the server. It happens. Way back before changes to the game that prevent such things now, I once detonated a full health Iowa while in my DD in the first 2 minutes on 2 Brothers. Poor player was not yet detected and I was just spamming some shots over the mountain out of opening game move boredom. Random shell caught his turret and under the old mechanics the AoE could penetrate it and cause a detonation. Extremely perturbed chat after that, let me tell you! I honestly felt terrible. Completely ruined someone's game entirely by accident due to poor game design.
  10. Agreed, I have had as many as 80 personal combat missions at the same time. Finding one specific one takes way too long.
  11. SyndicatedINC

    How to fix Smolensk

    This thread +1 OP +1
  12. SyndicatedINC

    I really miss campaigns

    Understood, so you are looking about getting new overall rewards. I didn't get that from your OP because you for rewards you mentioned flags, camos, free XP, captain XP etc. which are tied to the individual missions (which again as I have heard no one has finished all yet). Overall rewards if I recall was like premium time, ships, unique captains, and doubloons, etc.
  13. SyndicatedINC

    I really miss campaigns

    No offense intended by this statement at all, a serious question only. Last I heard no one has finished every campaign currently in the game, so why ask for more when all the rewards currently available are still available?
  14. SyndicatedINC

    Why no free respecs for Halloween captains?

    Indeed, but still why not simply allow the special event captains to respec for free? Why add an artificial extra barrier?