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  1. But, but getting to the end game content is how you "win" the game.....
  2. Clan Battles Recording Info

    There is no in game rule. However if you are streaming without a delay and your opponents use your stream to beat your team, your clan might have a few sharp words to say about it.
  3. Worst tier ten game ever?

    I have been in games that ended so fast that the highest XP even on the winning team was under 700 (Enemy team left their base and a stealthy DD who sailed straight at the cap, capped out before a single ship had died on either team). While I understand the mercy aspect of game ending on zero out or cap out or 1000 score, etc. I think there should be a clock minimum, to at least allow an actual game to take place. Say 10 or 12 minutes pass before a cap out or zero out is allowed to end the game.
  4. Don't forget that there is A and B squads as well and the clan rating that you see is the rating of the highest rated squad. One squad could be hurricane and the other squall. The hurricane squad will see hurricane and typhoon, the squall squad will see squall and gale. That said it seems that the way MM works is when you are in a league you mostly see teams from that league, however can see teams up or down 1 league, but mostly in the highest or lowest brackets respectfully. When in promotion series it seems that you will see mostly teams from the league above or even 2 above. So when in squall promo for gale you will see gale and storm. Not sure how demotion series works yet.
  5. clan battles extension for tonight?

    Indeed it was over 16k then dropped a little over 9,000 players all of a sudden and was down to under 7k
  6. How do you mute the Fn key spammers?

    You can TK them. Sunk ships can't ping map or F key chat. Really WG needs to make the mute/blacklist function apply to the person's pings and F key chat not just what they type.
  7. Really they just need to either expand the sessions, to say 6 hour windows, so playing the entire time is near impossible for a single team, but playing several hours is quite possible somewhere in the bracket OR make it so the Sat and Sun are multiple hour sessions and the Wed/Thur are shorter 2 hour.
  8. Lert's T8 experiment; conclusions

    or possibly true
  9. Haida price?

    FYI just checked mine, and no change between the two screens, but I am US, so I would assume USD to CDN, however it is odd that it displayed on the main page in CDN then purchased at a different amount. Curious what support says when you submit a ticket. Maybe some issue on the server, like a typo when they put it up?
  10. Lert's T8 experiment; conclusions

    Lert, how long have you been doing this sample? It seems that the MM has been altered recently to give more t6-t8 matches. In the battles I tracked, my t5 has been in a t7 match less often, my T6 and T8 see each other more often, than say 2 months ago.
  11. Indeed, would be a good QoL update. However still want to see the demount all flags/camo button and the sort friends list by online at the top before this :-)
  12. So clan battles suck

    No recruiters can and can hit battle with a full ready group
  13. So clan battles suck

    All of these. Can you check and confirm if all of these are not the case?
  14. Premium Ship Doubloon Compensation

    It depends. If they still have sale promotions such as this: Then regardless of the fine print they are advertising $74.70 worth of goods for a cost of $55.96, available to me with a limit of a single purchase per customer. If I own the Indy already but they allow me to buy it again and take my $55.96 but because I own the ship, replace it with goods their own announcement states will value only $55.96 then that would meet the legal definition of fraud. It would not be a legal transaction. They would be liable for civil and criminal penalties and customers would be within their rights to dispute the charges, and if as usual WG shuts down the persons account in response, they would then be liable for compensation for any other money the person had spent which WG was denying the player the use of in response to the player taking legally backed action to an illegal sale on WG's part. As keeps being warned, if they want to do this they need to either restrict players 100% from buying any ship/bundles that the person already owns (the safest option for them legally) or stop marketing bundles as they do with sales percentages, individual offer amounts and full price value displayed. Now that option is possible, but honestly given how such marketing drives most purchases especially for first time buyers, which this very announcement made clear is the targeted market, then that is just unrealistic to presume future sales aren't going to look exactly the same with just the addition of some fine print about compensation not equally the actual non-sale value listed (which once again as awesomeartichokes cited is a type of marketing that is clearly defined in most US law as illegal and fraudulent)
  15. Premium Ship Doubloon Compensation

    Indeed, I pointed this out a few pages ago as a preemptive warning that they may wish to speak with the legal department and if they are not going to very carefully word their future premium shop offers and or offer a more liberal refund policy, change their bundles to only be purchasable by people who own none of the included ships (honestly probably their best choice) They were aware, hence the "limit 1" options on the really great offers. It just seems they have decided it is either being used by too many folks or that they have had enough of making such good offers. Agreed mate. I am a similar whale, who has been quite willing to play many other free-to-play games without spending a dime. However spent a lot here only because I felt I got good value. If the value decreases, so does my money flow. I think the policy change is short sighted in that regard, but it is their business so their mistake to make. If it hurts them too much likely it will change. I don't begrudge them changing it thinking they were bleeding free stuff to us. However I am concerned that they may not realize just how illegal what they are intending to do can be. Fraud is no joke and with the amounts of money people spend on this game a class action suit would be very easy to come about. This in turn would seriously injure this game that we all have so much time and money invested in. So I hope their marketing is going to change to remain legal with this new policy.