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  1. SyndicatedINC

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    Good points. Although this is the weekend so i don't expect to hear anything, it is disconcerting that 3 weekdays passed and there only official word has been cut and paste style platitudes one would expect for an initial response. Which again is fine, but would have expected a reply from HQ by friday at least. So it is upsetting that HQ apparently doesn't even know, if mrconway was unaware that NA is even making the complaint. Likely our NA team isn't permitted to tell us any more right now. Not maybe we should stay pinging other people from the higher up level such as sub octavian. Normally i am all for keeping it as small as possible and only the right team member. But this had gonebon to long for conway to have no idea. Clearly something is wrong, and possibly or complaining isn't getting to where it needs to. Thoughts?
  2. If past performance is any indicator, we will find out about it a few days beforehand....
  3. SyndicatedINC

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    You are a coward, making such a rude and uncalled for comment, and not even having the spine to do so from your real account. The rest of us are here discussing this like civilized, rationale, and reasonable people.
  4. SyndicatedINC

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    See that right there is the major insult to us. The NA server has since before clan battles was released railed against the narrow time slot windows given. We are a server who have 90%+ of our player base covering 3-4 time zones pretty evenly. A four hour window starting at prime time for EST is effectively a 1 hour window for beginning of prime time in the PST. However we have had it thrown back on us, as officially being that way to keep it fair for all servers. That we all get only 4 hour windows. Heck Sub_Octavian even reiterated this in Anaheim last week with this question here from a Cali player who works a little late, whom if living on the East coast could play just fine but being west coast is screwed: So right there, if "FAIRNESS BETWEEN THE SEVERS" is the end all be all of importance so much, that the NA server has to get shafted with a less than ideal sized time window (whereas the other servers have 90% of their population in 2 time zones each). Then why for the love of god and everything holy is fairness no where to be found in regards to the allocation of the cross-server testing? Seriously we the clan battles players of NA deserve an answer to this question, and while we appreciate the attention that has been given thus far, we have not been given an answer to this question. Why is NA apparently being intentionally singled out here to be the only server that could not reasonably meet the requirements? We are understanding of technical issues, and are frogiving of the tests being cancelled, but not that awards were still given out when those cancellations unfairly handicapped our server versus the others. Afterall the handing out of steel to the other servers is not a technical issue, but an intentional decision. It was a conscious decision that WG HQ made, that benefitted Asia, CIS, and EU to the detriment of NA. Please tell us why?
  5. SyndicatedINC

    About WOWS on steam?

    Nope, best you can do is set it to launch via steam. You can not however make your WG account into a steam account. Yes we know, that is silly, yes we know hundreds of other games made the steam transition and made that possible. No they are not planning on fixing the error.
  6. SyndicatedINC

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    Fem, thank you for the response, and we understand that you were not the decision maker. However I'd posit that the NA team can offer us better news if you would promise us that you will continue to take this to your superiors on behalf of our server community. We can only express ourselves by brandishing the pitchforks and torches, but that is far less effective at expressing a position than the straight dialogue that yourself and the rest of the NA team can present directly up the chain. Kindly explain to the higher ups how for the NA playerbase this is not necessarily even about the steel/coal being denied our server, but that it is being given out to the other servers, as while the benchmark requirement may be the same, the reasonable nature of them attaining it was far, far, FAR, below that presented for our server. Had WG cancelled the tests and given out an apology for technical issues and stated that there would be no rewards handed out, people would be annoyed but overall most of us would have understood. As it would be the only fair way to handle the situation, and in the end this is a test and technical problems happen. However this was not done, rather instead the requirement was dropped to a level where ONLY the NA server would be ina situation to which most of the server would be denied the opportunity for the reward. This smacks of anti-NA server bias, which up til now was mostly a tongue in cheek joke. If this decision stands, it will show us that WG is not joking and really does have a bias against our server. Which we as a community should not tolerate. So please pass this on up that chain: Either no one gets rewards, or the requirement simply be something universal ie 5 or 10 battles total non-server specific, anything else is quite frankly unacceptably biased against our server versus the others! Thanks again for addressing the community!
  7. SyndicatedINC

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    Indeed, however that is only half of it. The other half is that the other 3 servers were all able to play on other servers timezone within their own normal prime time on all 3 days the test actually ran. Whereas NA only got its own time zone working on 2 of the 3 days, and none on weekends. Meaning that only NA who had to do a special schedule is getting shafted. The other 3 servers get coal/steel and 3 days worth of xtra XP/Supply time, but NA, you know the server which gives WG more money than the other 3, gets screwed out of both. So it isn't just a middle finger, its a double flip the bird.
  8. SyndicatedINC

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    Indeed, not saying it is a good system from a business standpoint, for as you say it tends to lead to very angry customers stewing about an issue far longer than a customer focused business such as gaming should allow. However that is the structure that this company operates with, and as such we as players should be sure we focus our dissatisfaction towards the correct part of the organization (which would most likely in this case not be the NA team). For as important as it is for a company to hear its upset customers, those said same customers need to be sure that the right employee hears the complaints. Complaining about the supermarket aisle layouts to the checkout person is not going to do anything but annoy the poor checkout person (who had absolutely zero say over how the layout went down).
  9. SyndicatedINC

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    To be fair WG HQ is gone for the day and has been when news of this broke on NA and this thread came up. As that is where this decision and any correction must come from, the NA team have nothing they can say (wasn't there show nor their call). So while it would be nice to hear an official NA team member comment noting the unhappiness that has come up, it is also unreasonable for us to think that the NA team will be able to do any addressing of the issue, especially until the HQ team comes back to work tomorrow.
  10. SyndicatedINC

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    WGHQ to NA server.... Some quick basic numbers to demonstrate just why this is such a slap in the face to the NA server in particular. Weekday normal prime time population (ie when the majority of people are not at work/school or asleep) by server; NA- 2300 UTC - 0600 UTC EU- 1700 UTC - 2200 UTC RU- 1600 UTC - 2100 UTC ASIA- 1200 UTC - 1800 UTC From this one can quickly note that each of the other 3 servers overlap one another. So when WG puts Clan battles to within these prime time windows it is trivial for clans on those servers to simply play a slightly different time. However NA server doesn't even come within 1 hour on each end of the other servers. In other words. NA can not reasonably populate clan battles on the other servers on weekdays in their prime time, but they can populate each other. To hold a test that only caters to one group is fine. However to reward hard earned steel and coal to clans for something that the other 3 servers could do trivially but which NA could only do on weekends then cancel the test due to issues, thus never allowing NA the opportunity to earn them, but still give them out to the other servers is unconscionable. Preparing for these unusual time slot on the weekend, meant many NA players in advance had to cancel planned events with family or work for that day, as while more easily attend, it still was not the normal prime time even for a weekend day. The fact that technical issues caused cancellation was bad enough, but understandable. Things happen, better it be cancelled then fails mid game. However simply cancelling further tests and denying awards to the players who sacrificed based upon the information that WG provided is outright wrong. This is in addition to the servers crashing on NA for its 3rd weekday test (Last wednesday). Further screwing with our server as we missed out on the supply time mission for that day and the High base XP rewards, but which the other servers still were able to get. Instead of giving NA an extra prime time slot that week on say Thursday or Friday, they simply cancel the entire test?!? With NA a full shift behind the other servers? To add insult to injury, all this despite NA supposedly having the 3rd smallest clans population, and being a full day of CB behind the other servers, still has total cumulative clan battles played as a server more than 1/3 of the total battles: https://clans.worldofwarships.com/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating So with FEWER clans, people, and days, we put in MORE time and effort to the test, to be the only server denied the stating rewards?!? That is not right! WG step up and do the right thing, either give NA its weekend to meet the goals, or just give NA players who played in NA the same rewards the other servers got just as easily!
  11. SyndicatedINC

    Improving Clans

    So you are saying that 36 hours advance notice was insufficient?
  12. Yup this and those christmas crates....
  13. SyndicatedINC

    Tier trumps class - why?

    It isn't tier its skill. Good players regularly gun down ships 2 tiers higher than them.
  14. SyndicatedINC

    We need a Unique German Commander

    First, I think you mean unique commanders with the special abilities, not just unique with enhanced commander skills because Germany has 2 of those: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Unique_Commanders Second not every nation has one such as that. USN and IJN each have 1. The other nine nations still have none. (Russia*, France, Germany, UK, Pan Asia, Commonwealth, Pan-American, Italian, Polish) *unless counting Ovechikin's blue tracers as a special ability Given that the commanders have come out thus far in the order of National release Germany should be the next on the list.