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  1. ~84,600 in my Kutuzov. However it was a victory on a great game (200k+ dmg, kraken, confederate, witherer, high caliber, arsonist, double strike) during a x3 win bonus weekend, in a premium ship, on a premium account, with the ship equipped with restless fire camo, military month contributor flag, dragon flag, red ragon flag, hydra flag, zulu hotel flag, and equal speed charlie london flag. In addition I got both the +50% XP and +25% commander XP weekend mission achievements for doing enough damage and/or sinking the targeted ship class etc. So to be fair all told my base XP which would have already been high was increased by the premium ship xp bonus as well as 555% for all the bonuses for victory, premium account, missions, and flags. That base XP award for the commander XP was then increased by 913% for all the other flags, camos, and mission bonus then has the ship modifiers added. I think I hit 70k+ a few times, but not much, mostly on the special weekends I get 50k-60k pretty regular though on a good game with all the bonuses.
  2. IJN and RU have ships that make this OPness look like a joke, but yes by all means lets address this first. It isn't even in the top 10 most OP ships.
  3. Glad someone was able to answer for you
  4. Did you check the integrity of your files? The WoWs exe launcher can do it in the settings (gear box top right corner) or you can download the tool from the WG website.
  5. I did read. You cite more than once the weak planes as a part of why you dislike the ship. You explain that you are not used to them coming from usn cv play. You cite the ichase review as the research you did before buying. Unless we are misinterpreting it sounds as if you are upset that you didn't knows about the planes beforehand. It is reasonable to be confused by this as ichase made specific note of the planes. If not and you indeed knew about the weak planes then why buy the ship if that is an issue?
  6. Someone had posted a fix for that but for the life of me i can't seem to find it now. Maybe you can get lucky and someone will link the post here.
  7. All of these are excellent points. Yes the current mechanic discourages team play (we have all seen teammates who intentionally play not to lose a star right from battle start), in a mode that is supposed to encourage team play. However the randomness of team composition is brutal enough, imagine how much worse the yo-yo effect would be without the save a star! The solution is a rework to the system itself. Currently it rewards winning, but not helping your team win (other than the team accomplishing the victory), it punishes losing, but not whichever loser either did the best or most selfish. That setup encourages people to switch to selfish mode the moment they think they may lose, as if they still win great they get a star despite not working as a team, if they lose, they keep a star because they came first amongst their team. Winning should matter to encourage teamwork, losing should matter to encourage teamwork, but playing well still has to matter to reduce the yo-yo, but not at the expense of teamwork. The winning team's players should not automatically gain stars, and the losing team's players should not automatically lose stars.
  8. I am confused as to how you thought the planes were tougher than USN, as iChase specifically mentions just how weak the planes can be, and iirc there is one point that you see him lose a chunk of them fast because of their weakness to high tier AA. Anyway, you did not get ripped off, you just bought a very min-max ship. As you learn to use its benefits while avoiding its weaknesses you will have a bit of a rough time, but once you get that down, this ship rocks. Keep at her and you will really enjoy her.
  9. Which is reasonable, the trouble is some folks are trying this outside of a full 7 team "to practice without burning out the division". IE they join randoms, immediately turn north, and ruin 6 other folks game, so that they don't have to waste the time of their 6 friends when they try to do this for real. Would have been better if this map was made available in training room as there would be more incentive to practice there.
  10. Do you mean the camera stays in one place on the map while your ship sails away? Like this:
  11. The mission seems to bug out sometimes. I found that by logging out and back in, it properly registered the goals I had just accomplished, but if I stayed in game and played again it didnt move on to the next objective.
  12. Check your consumables, likely you had them set to "resupply with doubloons" (the default) instead of credits. If so unfortunately nothing much you can do about it other than turn off the resupply/switch it to credits and be more careful in the future. If not check your tier 9 ships, 4k doubloons is the price of a perma camo. You may have accidentally purchased it for a tier 9 ship. If you have not used the ship since the purchase, don't sail it/use the camo. Submit a support ticket here: They will remove the unused perma camo and refund your doubloons, but only if unused. Other than those and or accidental captain respecs/buying ships (both of which are difficult to do to exactly 4k doubloons accidentally), missing doubloons would be a bug, if so submit a support ticket with the help desk at the link posted above. Good luck.
  13. Would that even work? I mean first you would have to either A spend the money to buy the high tier premium CV or B the time to grind an alt account to that level (neither exactly being "pain free" methods) Then you would have to run 2 machines simultaneously sync dropping and praying their isn't a third cv in queue who is going to insta pop with one of your accounts because they were waiting over 5 minutes. Seems... possible but difficult and unreliable. Additionally wouldn't it be obvious on the alt account which had a semi competent cv player for tiers 4-7 that suddenly turned potato at t8? Unless they did this the entire way, but gaining that little xp they would have to be doing this a LOT to grind to t8. Especially if they didnt drop premium time on the alt account. *shrug* seems more effort than the payoff.
  14. indeed, same bug was reported during PTS