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  1. I'd say he did it for the same reason anyone who isn't at that tier yet would, curiosity. WG made it available and people are going to try it. Is he right to complain about not getting perks without paying for them, no. I don't have a T10. I'm up to a T9 Iowa with not a lot of battles on it. I've played 4500 battles or so and I was curious, too. Took my 19 point battleship captain, put him in the Montana and spent the credits to outfit it, including consumables and flags. Played 5 battles, was on the winning team for 2 and averaged 98k damage for the 5 battles. Not great but seems respectable. What I didn't do was tell people where to go or how to play, I paid attention to chat and where the team was going and followed their lead. There are definitely going to be teams with too many newbies and that will doom them but considering that there are some players who paid their way to T10 before the rentals I don't necessarily think you can claim that all the rentals will be horrible players. There already are horrible players at every level and for the record I'm just an average player myself I'd also agree that it shouldn't have been done. I will continue to play some ranked battles. Unfortunately, WG has opened it up.
  2. Hotorgolf

    Space Battles - Not a fan You?

    Not a fan and no interest in it.
  3. Waited between 30 - 40 seconds for a random battle and got 3 CVs, 2 BBs and 2 DDs on each side, that's it 7 ships. What Nonsense is this??? Between being up-tiered on a fairly regular basis and completely ridiculous games like this have to wonder why i keep playing.
  4. I also spent many hours crawling around floors playing naval miniatures. If memory serves one of the rules sets we used was Clear for Action. Recreated River Platte, most of the Guadalcanal actions and many others. But to the original post - No, not interested in playing a PT boat.
  5. Hotorgolf

    Bug on Latest Fly Strike Win

    Thank you. Must have been the first time i was early on any of these, lol.
  6. I've completed the first directive and it's marked as Done but the 2nd is not unlocked. I'll still continue to play and will lose any progress on directive two due to not being able to get in.
  7. Hotorgolf

    My first super container in the new update.

    The one i got a couple of days ago had 1000 doubloons.
  8. Hotorgolf

    Why do you still play this game?

    I think actually I'll play something else until the hotfix comes out and then see what happens.
  9. Hotorgolf

    How many ship missions have you gotten?

    2 so far - Acasta and i'm working on Jervis now. Only the free crates opened, not sure how many
  10. Yeah, and maybe we should make all the maps 10 km squares that way there's absolutely no advantage to having long range guns. Better yet make the water brown and then we just have WOT II.
  11. I personally do not want the TK damage turned off. And before Umikami jumps on me for "wanting" to damage my teammates, nothing could be further from the truth. I've had a handful of instances of hitting a teammate with FF and I learned from the mistakes and attempt to improve my awareness of my surroundings. The damage inflicted on my teammate is part of the team penalty and the additional potential embarrassment for me as it may certainly cost the team the match. It's a team game and individuals on teams make mistakes that do and should cost the team. For those who fire intentionally on their teammates they should be penalized with suspensions and/or bans. If you find doing that amusing perhaps you should stick to your XBox or Nintendo. It's a game, absolutely true, but from this game I'm looking for some level of realism, knowing that it's slim already, I would rather not continue to erode it further. I've read a lot of posts on this site and there is always a good deal complaining about potatoes but taking away penalties really doesn't help teach them/us anything about the game play does it. Perhaps next instead of having friendly ships collide they can simply pass through each other so neither is knocked off course and they can sail blithely on their way. Or maybe let shells pass through islands, why should they ruin what was going to be a kill shot, right.
  12. Hotorgolf

    End Of Battle Music

    How about replacing it with Victory at Sea music?
  13. This was made worse by the AFK BB.
  14. In the waning moments our heavily damaged Richelieu collides with the NC to take us to the draw. Don't think I've ever even come close before.