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  1. I love to play my Imperator Nikolai I. You destroy everything on your path .
  2. I think we won't agree today together. I say it's fine you have your aggressive style. I just say it's wrong to underestimate less aggressive play style too with appropriate special modules. And I do good games by firing beyond 12 km too.
  3. With plane spotting, I can do away after the smoke for the cooldown time, stay alive, and charge again hehe. A bit less agressive, but in the long run, payful. But aggressive play can be viable for certain players. It is not however of lower value to play less aggressive style.
  4. From my experience, I think you underestimate the value of that range. Don't suppose because it is not useful for you it is the same for all Perth players.
  5. I've had a lot of terrible moments too. But at the end you are still sacrificing range 100 % of time, which means you're forced brawling much more. I don't say it is necessarily bad, but that's not the setup I like much.
  6. You don't need AA while being for 2 minutes (with smoke screen special module) in a moving smoke screen. After that, if you have concealment expert (9 km detection if I remember), you just go away without firing for cool down time. AA setup requires you to play more aggressively because your range is much shorter all the time.
  7. Not so much shorter if you have the spotting plane special module equipped.
  8. Interesting. The same skill set I'm building. Only missing Inertia fuse. So you use the spotting plane. Do you have special modules spotting planes modfication 1? It helps lasting 3 minutes with the spotting plane (so range last longer while being able to see through smoke). And do you have special module smoke screen modification 1 to help the smoke run last pratically 2 minutes? I have both. It helps. I'm missing the radar one but next one will be for Perth. The last patch or the one before (I don't remember) really helped for special modules by puting them in different module slots.
  9. What are your captain skills?
  10. I confirm it must be done in a single battle, coop or random.
  11. It says : Destroy two enemy ships and deal 100,00 damage to enemy ships over any number of battles Must first complete UK Battle Mission IV Reward 1,000,000
  12. No matter what I do, coop/random, no damage, or kills in UK Battle Mission V are being counter. Is it a bug or something I missed? UK Battle Mission IV is done by the way. Requirements : "Unless stated otherwise, all missions below can be completed once per account in ships tier IV or higher in Random or Co-Op battles." "Destroy two enemy ships and deal 100,00 damage to enemy ships over any number of battles Must first complete UK Battle Mission IV Reward 1,000,000"
  13. Mission 5 however seems bugged. And it seems I try reading well. Killing in coop doesn't make me progress in this stage. Bug??
  14. It is best on Missouri. The repair last for 28 seconds then. Quiet useful that way.
  15. Because it is a fun gimmick.