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  1. Do other players see us in Rasputin camo?? It does not seem so because nobody seems to notice when I use my Imperator Nikolai I with this Rasputin camo. But I would notice with all this green smoke and zombie camo style if I was another player beside it.
  2. I would add that a 19 points captains on tier 10 earn more XP than on lower tech tier ships. So this free commander XP can be given to lower tier captains thereafter.
  3. Which ships would the Yamamoto be more useful on? Zao or Shimakaze/Shinonome?
  4. Good idea!!!
  5. Hi just did a winning game with high caliber, confederate and 3 kills, being the 2nd in points with Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. This ships is fine
  6. Hindenburg armor is really strong. Harder ship to kill than Des Moines.
  7. Why is it disrespectful? I just did a game with radar Minotaur. 4 kills. So much fun to come behind enemy lines and radar an ennemy Shimakaze with radar while he thought he was safe in his smoke I call that respectful strategy.
  8. That's why the result is uncertain each time. But I could throw a joker and radar you through the island at the appropriate moment, making you visible for me at will ;-)
  9. That's a mouse and cat game. I could anticipate you too. The result would certainly be uncertain for both of us. But exciting play ahead for both of us.
  10. I didn't say it was not a challenge to kill your Des Moines. As I said in a past post, positioning is key. So I'll probably be near an island and shoot you torpedoes at the same time, one at a time for many times while I'm shooting at you. It does not garantee I'll finish you, but you better be good at shooting and dodging.
  11. You better kill me quickly cause I'll rain you AP shells at a fast pace ;-)
  12. You are so right! When I choose radar over smoke for my Minotaur, I need to maintain a maximum situation awareness. Every island is a friend of mine. Positioning and timing is key. Playing with my concealment (8,9 km) and when to turn or not my ship is something to think quickly. A key attribute that can help a lot besides maxing concealment (concealment expert captain skill + concealment module) is to take radio position finding skill (RPF). That combined with the radar consumable with premium consumable option, a Jack Dunkirk captain with Jack of all trade at 10 % reduction of cooldown time and the 5 % cooldown time reduction (November Foxtrot flag) and you become a DD hunter nightmare! Finally, add the special radar module and the nightmare last for 56 seconds and is repeatable again and again. DD : You can run but you can't hide from me!
  13. I feel the same. At least it's a pleasure to kill many planes around you with the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya ship.
  14. I tend to not believe you after your first post. Nobody knows?
  15. not useful post at all. Next?