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  1. lolol I didn't know my Military Appreciation Month Flag mounted on all my 180 ships was a historic mistake.
  2. 30% off coupon

    Anyway, this coupon is of limited use if you read the little message on the bottom of the coupon : "The coupon gives a one-time 30% discount on any package purchased in World of Warships. The coupon is valid for 7 days from the date of receipt and is not applicable to doubloons, special offers, discounted items and limited-time offers." Basically, a wide range of things are not concerned by that such as new premium ships and doubloons. I'm not interested.
  3. Is the "All for One" VALOR flag going to have an in-game bonus or is it going to be a cosmetic flag as the 4 other ones (and of course there is the bonus of giving for a good charity cause, but that's not the point of the question)?
  4. Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    Thanks for the info! I still hope they release it someday there just for curiosity.
  5. 30% off coupon

    I'd like to know too.
  6. Captain Yamamoto

    Good point. I'll do that. Thanks!
  7. Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    What is Makarov cruiser in the review. Is it a new ship?
  8. Captain Yamamoto

    I am not sure which tech tree branch where Yamamoto Captain is the most worthwhile. I don't think it would be whise to put it on my Yamato as it is slow to move at the beginning (I doubt I would do first blood often then). But between my Zao and my Shimakaze/Shinonome/Shimakaze bundle, what would be better for a choice?
  9. Project Valor flag

    I suggested it in the features suggestions section to let us buy previous ones again. No news yet from WG. WG : why not donate even more money to charity groups by selling previous ones again?
  10. Project Valor flag

    They are saying today in the Texas Valor Foundation news page that if you buy the four flags, you get a fith one (special bonus Inside??). Is there a place to buy all previous Valor flags?
  11. Raspitun is an OP boat. Imperator Nikolai I is an OP boat too that not too many people have. Thus making it a bit mythical when combining both with this camo. I bought it too for my collector leasure habbit.
  12. Do other players see us in Rasputin camo?? It does not seem so because nobody seems to notice when I use my Imperator Nikolai I with this Rasputin camo. But I would notice with all this green smoke and zombie camo style if I was another player beside it.
  13. I would add that a 19 points captains on tier 10 earn more XP than on lower tech tier ships. So this free commander XP can be given to lower tier captains thereafter.