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    Hunting, Camping, Historical Re-Enactor (French and Indian War and Revolutionary War). I used to do Civil War, however since I moved up north into yankee territory I refuse to put on yankee blue.

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  1. LoneWolfMarine

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    FRUITS of REREARCH is the biggest rip off WG has come up with yet. I was suckered into resetting my British Cruiser line that was up to T10. For all my Cruisers' which included, 'T10 Monitor", I got a paltry 10M credits. If I would have sold everything individually I would have gotten wayyyyy more. Then I had to start over researching at T2 with no Research Bonus 'til T6. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE. I feel like I've been bent over and given the big WG weenie. Everyone please learn from me, DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. LoneWolfMarine

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    No, I haven't. However it would be a sight to see.
  3. LoneWolfMarine

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    That was a heart breaking scene. After 32 years in the military I've seen this so many times after deployment. You always loose a part of yourself. There's always someone who doesn't come home.
  4. LoneWolfMarine

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    The was really good video. Anyone who likes Soviet Battleships should watch the movie 'Battleship Potempkin'. This movie depicts what life was like for a common Russian Sailor. Life aboard ship was horrible at best in any navy during the early 20th Century, I think the Russians had it worst then most.
  5. LoneWolfMarine

    Naval Legends: North Carolina Trailer

    My Father was aboard the NC in the Atlantic when Pearl Harbor was bombed and stayed aboard through the battle of Okinawa. After Okinawa he was transferred to the Cleveland Class Cruiser 'Oklahoma City'. After Japan surrendered he was assigned to the new DD USS Gearing, where he served 'til he was mustered out at the end of 1946. His battle station was the same on all 3 ships. He was a loader on quad 40's. On the NC, his battle station was the quad 40, port side just aft #2 turret.
  6. LoneWolfMarine

    Armada: Azuma

    I've seen quite a few if these in the game already. If Y'all have that much money to waste, Give some to St. Jude's Children's Hospital and help kids with cancer. WOW, this is one expensive ship.
  7. LoneWolfMarine

    Announcing SKIPPER

    SOOOO, Is WG turning into a Dating Site?????? OK, Lets see, I like sinking ships, getting cit's, starting fires, shooting down planes and wining battles. When I'm not playing WG I'm with my wife watching a movie on Netflix, taking care of my live stock, chopping firewood, hunting, fishing, camping, shooting, going to church, playing my guitar, minding my own business and working around my farm. My future goal is to grow older with my wife on my little farm and be left alone by city people who think they know what's best for everyone else, ie; STUPID --- LIBRAL --- DEMECRAPS. God Bless America and the 2nd Amendment.
  8. LoneWolfMarine

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    I did pretty well. I won all 3 Cv's, the Exeter and the camo for my Bly. Thanks WG.
  9. LoneWolfMarine

    Premium Shop in February: Alaska

    From what I've read, most player that have bought Alaska want a refund.
  10. LoneWolfMarine


    Did U see where Langley aircraft are going to be fitted with flintlock muskets on the wings?????? A whopping 3 shots per minute.
  11. LoneWolfMarine


    REALLY WG???????? You haven't fixed all the bugs from the last update and UR going to compound the issues with more [edited]??????? Perhaps you should get UR previous stuff right before U move on to the next!!!!!!!
  12. LoneWolfMarine

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    Better then 1K USD. I wouldn't put it past WG to try it one day. Still, a lot of people will buy enough Doubloons to convert to 1 mil Free XP to buy this ship. Can anyone calculate how much that would cost???? I'm a Marine, I don't think I can count that high.
  13. LoneWolfMarine

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    SOUNDS EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone ready for 12 on 11 Alaska battles? I'll be the only player that is not in one. lol
  14. LoneWolfMarine


    I really like it when a plane can drop a torp through a mountain.
  15. There's nothing more dangerous then a criminal with a gun. There's nothing more helpless then trying to defend yourself without one.