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  1. The_Big_Woof

    T4 matches

    It seems to have become the new normal for all T4 matches to have double CVs. Is WG aware that most ships at this tier have extremely poor AA? There are several ships that have NO AA at all. These ships are sitting ducks for even a single CV much less two. It is not even worth my time to take out a T3 BB, especially Dreadnaught or Arkansas B. It has become a situation not of "maybe there is a CV" or even "maybe there is only ONE CV", but every singe match has become a guaranteed TWO-CV match. Why would a player even bother taking these ships out? The effect of this has driven many players away from low tier matches. Out of the five T4 matches that I have played, the number of Bots ranged from 25% to 75%... And Yes, I am talking 12 player random matches. Yes Bots have got smarter, however, one still cannot really coordinate with Bots so it becomes a game of which sides bots die fastest. There are two solutions: A-Drastically improve AA at this level, or B- One CV at the T4 level
  2. The_Big_Woof

    Today's Survey

    Had a Survey for the last two updates when I logged in this morning. Having worked all night, I was not in the best mind for the What did you like Most/Least about10.5 and 10.6. however, after I finished them and started playing, answer to the "Liked Least" quickly reared its head. I really hope this gets seen by someone with WG and gets passed upwards. To be honest, I feel the game has been "Dumbed Down" as we say here in the US. 1. Removing "Friendly Fire" was not good IMO. Now people REALLY don't look where they are going, cut other ships off, or shoot and waste shots/torps. 2. Next thing I don't like is the No penalty to speed or movement when you run into the map edge. Having ships hang back and ride the edge was always an issue, but at least the movement penalties worked to blunt that. Now its a why not. 3. I don't know if this is the case, but it feels like the fire percentages have been increased. It does not pay to be aggressive as you cant get burnt down way too easily. No amount of Heals, survival Mods, or FPE Commander skills will prevent it when faced off with two or more ships that can each start two fires every salvo every 5 to 10 seconds. You can say "you need to plan better positioning" all you want to. What this translates to, in a match, is everyone hanging back. Thank you
  3. The_Big_Woof

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    2nd this!! Many of my Prem/Ship Purchases are based on her reviews. While there are some ships, which a history buff like me just says, " WG Please take my money", I still turn to her for information and recommendations. And while I was not even considering getting Yukon, reading her actual review of it.... "shudders". Thank you, LWM for all the work you have put in
  4. The_Big_Woof

    New Ships !!

    But I am blinded by hubris and cant break these chains, lol
  5. The_Big_Woof

    New Ships !!

    Ok.. Many ships I would have liked to have seen are, or would be, low to mid tier BBs. I'm talking WW1 Jutland era BBs or BCs. And Nevada, I swear I will scream for her till the death of the Universe. And I will admit it IS hypocritcal of me since I do have and enjoy playing OTHER paper ships. Some of these are Premiums, some are paper ships, or ships that were laid down but never completed, and used to fill out the tech tree line. At least though, with the tech tree ships, FDG, GK, Alsace, Republique, these were needed to fill out the line to make it fit with the game. One may argue that Montana was needed for the same reason, but I think that they COULD have upgraded MO, lets say with an accuracy upgrade and put her at 10. But we are getting away from the point, or at least MY point. I'll put it like this. Did this game NEED another line of CVs? CVs are the least favorite ship in the game. I feel safe in saying that 2/3's of the players would be happier without them. So not only is WG adding more ships that only a minority of players want, these are ships which have no basis. Hell, they ignored the Italian BB line for years. This line is what we call a participation trophy. Just something added so someone does not feel left out. Granted, I may be TOTALLY wrong and all of the EU players are screaming for these ships. What is next? The Jamaican Navy? Mongolian? Maybe the Lizard People living in the Hollow Earth Show up with something. I would actually prefer Atlantians, though.
  6. The_Big_Woof

    New Ships !!

    You Get what Im saying. Hybrid remake or original stock, I would have bought Tone, Ise and Hyuga, regardless. Just like i bought Againcourt and just hope that the CV players dont notice I have zero AA
  7. The_Big_Woof

    New Ships !!

    why would you want to play against ships that have pretty much zero defense against you? speaking of you stomping WW1 BCs with aircraft? if you just want targets that dont/cant fight back, go to a training room
  8. The_Big_Woof

    New Ships !!

    I am not talking about the Dutch Cruisers. As some one else said, I was referring to the soviet CV line. I have no problem with more cruisers. I have no problem with Dutch ships.
  9. The_Big_Woof

    New Ships !!

    Sir, you have made my day, in one respect. I have been wanting to see Repulse and or Renown for years now. I have not seen this tidbit. Thank you for brightening my evening That said, why cant we limit CVs to nations that had CVs? I mean, if ships are just going to get made up and added just some someone can get a feeling of inclusion, lets get a Jamaican Navy. The best part is you generate smoke screens buy adding Gonja to the boilers. And since Iran, IRL, has finally put warships in the Atlantic, lets add them too.
  10. The_Big_Woof

    New Ships !!

    Ok, WG.. I have played this game for 5 years. I went from being a "for free" player to one who probably spends a thousand or so a year. There are things I dislike about it and think are crap, but put up with because I love Naval History and love the ships. Which is my point! I love the REAL SHIPS!! Many of these ships were famous because of their success while others are famous for, well, Dying in a spectacular manner. Many never lived up to their purpose or fulfill the reasons they were built. But they were REAL. We players have embraced many of the "Paper" ships, to a greater or lesser extent, but it is the real ships that are the draw for this game. But instead of real ships, we get more and more paper ships. This new Soviet CV line is idiotic. The USSR NEVER built a CV during the time period of the Game. Hell, Even the Germans never had one... OK they started it, but it was never completed, but we still have a completed German CV line. There are many calls for WW1 era Battle Cruisers. If you put those out, many players, including myself, would throw our money at you willingly. Sedlytz, Derflinger, Invincible, Queen Mary, Lion. I'm still waiting on USS Nevada. I would have preferred it to the Oklahoma. Also, a draw would be new maps, missions/scenarios arranged around historical battles. But these new ships that are pretty much just stuff pulled out of thin air.. It is a BIG Turn off.
  11. The_Big_Woof

    Dry Dock: World War II Navies Compared

    Cool Video.. Funny at the end where it talks about how these ships are in the game. While many are, there are also many deserving ships that are not, (USS NEVADA, HMS REPULSE, HMS INVINCABLE, to name a few) while we have a plethora of souped up paper ships that never made it past the design stage
  12. The_Big_Woof

    A disappointed player

    I rarely blow the "Its a bad ship" trumpet. With that said, I stand by what I said. I spend most of my matches with her watching most of my long range fire do nothing but make splashes or watch them break up. I watch DDs sail right up and torp her. If you have not killed the DD before it gets under 10K, you will die. You may end up killing it, but it will most likely have fired its torpedoes. In that case, game over. And then there is that astounding 40 second reload time. What are they doing? Making the propellent from scratch? Maybe they have to build the shells, one at a time.. to order.
  13. The_Big_Woof

    A disappointed player

    and .. no. We BB mains like to think so, but BBs are not the most important ships in the game. That goes to DDs. And the game is designed now, that good DD players will take BBs apart. I mean, when you have DDs that can stealth fire with impunity and burn down BBs with ease.. No, BBs are far from the dominant class. However, I was not talking BBs in general, I was talking specifically about the Oklahoma.
  14. The_Big_Woof

    A disappointed player

    You have had better results, ehh? How many matches so far? Did you ask yourself why? I know we all like to think that our good matches were due to our skill, but it a lot depends on who is on our teams as well as who is on the red team. I have had some good games in her, a few. But for this to happen, it takes either one or more of these three things. I have to have a team of good players, I need to be top tier and the red team has to be loaded with either noobs or bad players. This said, if the game is loaded too much in your favor, even if I win, its not a fun match. Getting spawned on one side of the map, then spending the match chasing ships around, firing one salvo every minute or more because you don't have a target or the the one you do have is angled AND at long range so the chance of a hit is slight and the chance for damage just as bad. Or if your team is good, and its a one-sided blowout, where your participation was minimal because either no targets, bad targets, or no hits.. where is the fun. And that is the crux. the Oklahoma did NOT have to be this bad.
  15. Why did you choose to make Oklahoma such a bad ship? I had hopes that it really was not as bad as it sounded, and that while it would be a situational ship, that I would still be able to take it out and have fun with it. Even a loss can be a fun match. But no, all I experience is gloom. I feel bad for my team when I bring it out. There is no reason that this ship should be this bad. i have had DDs come in and ignore the "good" secondaries and torp me with ease since it is so slow. The turret traverse and 40 second reload mean anything small that gets close gets a sure kill. The accuracy is spotty, especially over 10 kilometers. There is only one way a player can have a good game in this ship and that is for the other side to be bad/unskilled players or players who choose not to work together. I guess Higher tier, paper ships are more of a crowd pleaser.