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  1. The_Big_Woof

    USS Nevada

    Dear War Gaming, I wish to know what you/the developers have against the USS Nevada. This ship would be a money maker for the game. Due to her design and her battle history, many players would want to add her to their fleets. I have played this game religiously (meaning at least 5 days a week and at least 6 hours per session). Yes, I am a BB main/ I also belong to WoWs Fb groups and have attended Anchors Aweigh events. I think as a T-6 premium, she would do very well. I also think Demand for her would be high, meaning more money for WG. I have been asking for years now, with both CCs and a few WG officials, such as Hapa Fodder. We keep getting Paper ships, ships and lines that no one has really asked for while ships that are asked for are ignored (Nevada is not the only one, HMS Indefatigable, HMS Renown, HMS Prince of Wales, SMS Derflinger, SMS Seydlitz ). Hopefully, someone somewhere hears this plea from the darkness. Respectfully, Robert Motsinger
  2. The_Big_Woof

    USS California

    I had heard from CC reviews that she was going to be what could charitably be called "Lack Luster". After reading the stats and the information provided in the "Please buy this ship" section, my question is, "Why in the Name of Odin's one eye would I want to buy this? I already get most of the downside here with the West Virginia 1941. I am referring to mediocre secondaries, mediocre armor, and horrible speed. OK, so she has more guns.. they are smaller and do less damage. It straight up says that. It is slow as a glacier. There is not one ship in any match it will ever play, from tier 5 to tier 9 that it can either catch or outrun, not a single one. Ok.. It may, just through number of guns, be able to luck out and Blap a cruiser, if it gets lucky. So what? That cruiser wil kite away then burn it down. So it has decent AA. Again, so what? It cant keep up with anything so it will get left on its own, and a good CV player will either leave it alone or wait till its been burnt out and the AA is down. It is too slow to keep up and share AA protection. The only thing I see that I am pleased with is that it was a real built ship with history.
  3. The_Big_Woof

    New US BBs..

    Ok. a mediocre BB main here with a crap load of matches. About the US BB split and new ships... Is the US to Russian translator not working? I am assuming that this was what WG thought people who were asking for a split or for the addition of other US BBs were asking for. For ME, it absolutely was not and i feel safe to safe a large groups is in agreement. Instead of more paper ships, however real the design may be, or even if they were started but scrapped due to treaties, we were asking for some of the built, historical ships: Nevada, Washington, Pennsylvania. If a Paper ship just had to be added, use the Saratoga as Battle Cruiser before she was converted. To Be Fair, I am seeing a good bit of "wait and see" remarks, but I am seeing more along the lines of, "Why the hell would I ever drive this!!?"
  4. The_Big_Woof

    Twelfth Ranked Sprint

    Greetings. I hope your doing well. I'm glad R.Sprint is starting up. It usually seems more fun and less salty. For future seasons, the 1v1 was awesome. Most of the people i talked to on the WoWs_NA FB page agreed. It would be cool if that could come back. ps.. still praying for Nevada RFM aka The Big Woof
  5. The_Big_Woof

    Subs, BBs and Random matches

    lol.. I look at it as "encouraging" the subs to stay back or away from any they did not want to attack.. in short, make them act like submarines, not underwater torpedo boats. (no, i don't usually make sense)
  6. The_Big_Woof

    Subs, BBs and Random matches

    I like it
  7. The_Big_Woof

    Subs, BBs and Random matches

    Subs can ID any ship, just not be identified. Friendlies who sank their own subs, would still be penalized.
  8. The_Big_Woof

    Subs, BBs and Random matches

    I just came up with this. AND it was real world. Subs, when used for actual battles, were guarding the approaches and not near the battle fleets due to the chaos a sub report would cause because there was no way of knowing IF they sub you spotted was friend or foe. Let's go that route. Once you submerge, the sub just shows up as a "sub contact" with no visable on screen identifier. You could still co-ordinate thru chat, but otherwise, any sub would be seen as a potential threat. This might keep them from just running up the middle with the DDs.
  9. The_Big_Woof

    Subs, BBs and Random matches

    Hmmm.. well that would be almost like the anti-sub mortors used later in WW2.
  10. I can't find my post from a few days ago but here is what I have seen since. I need to get this out of the way first. I am a BB main so that is my perspective. 1st: Day by Day, the number of players gets fewer and fewer and usually at least AT LEAST half of the teams are bots. Bots charge and die. Right now, these matches are decided by which sides DDs die first. and now, we dont even have players playing DDs so its blind luck and RNGesus. Whichever side gets a deficit of ASW platforms first, loses. 2nd: BBs and CVs have no defense against subs at all. Pretending that the secondaries will do something is a farce. I am using the PE Friedrich a lot in a screening role against lighter ships where my secondaries have more of an effect letting subs go after the heavier BBs. It all comes down to kill the screen. 3rd: Subs will not be good for Random Matches. There is, and has been for years now (and rightly so), the complaint that too many BBs hang back or island hump. Myself, I prefer aggressive, up close brawling. I pay for it at higher tiers already because of all the super cruisers with the magic fire bullets that start 3 fires every 5 seconds. Its hard enough to get BBs to move up and support DDs against these existing threats. Now put subs which cant be touched in the mix. DDs will lose the few ships, cruisers or BBs, that ARE willing to do close support, and most BBs will be at the map edge, until they get hunted down by the subs later in the match. THIS WILL LITERALLY KILL ALL INCENTIVE TO PLAY BBs. CVs will have it a little better than BBs, I think, in that they can strike AND stay out of range at the same time. but once the battle becomes once sided, a sub, which cant be touched, goes to kill the CV, which can literally do absolutely nothing about it.
  11. The_Big_Woof


    Ignoring the fact that it was clearly said "we will never add submarines", as someone who has played for over three years, I have to say that I don't like this idea. For the ship to be, oh what is the term you guys like, "Fun and Engaging", it will have to be powerful enough to sink ships, thereby be able to effect the outcome of the game, and be survivable. However, to be able to meet those three criteria, it will have to unbalance the game. Not, "it might", not "there is a chance it will", it ABSOLUTELY will. In this, there is no middle ground. If it is detectable and killable, people will not play it. If it is NOT detectable OR killable, everyone one else leaves or it becomes World of Submarines.
  12. The_Big_Woof

    Alternative Battles and Ships

    TO Capt Mudd, Not really polled. However, I am a member of the WoWs NA FB group. Whenever the topic of newer Mid-tier BBs and BCs comes up, there seems to be a pretty favorable response. I am BB main, though I dabble with CVs (Miss the old style, btw) and cruisers. While the high tiers (9 and 10) are ok, T10 players are often hit or miss. I am only fair to middlin myself, with some lucky matches thrown in, so I am not trying to stat shame or anything, but its really not that enjoyable. It seems you either get the ones who are "playing strategically" (sit in back and try to snipe) or it seems like they free XPd their way up, pull a Leroy Jenkins, then complain about no support. I really enjoy T8s, even though its 80% of the time bottom tiered. That said, I still love the mid tier BBs 5-7.
  13. Thanks for your service from a USN vet, a naval history buff, and an author with several naval action books. If you're interested, you can find my books at: https://www.amazon.com/A.G.-Kimbrough/e/B008J28CME/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

    I'm usually in game 2100 to 2300 PST, I live just outside of Sacramento. I'm the oldest guy (75) in my clan, and since I retired for the 4th time in 2010, I have published 16 books.

    I do agree with your last post, but I'll stick with WOWS until there is a better naval game. I played Navy Field for the 5 years after beta, and WOWS was better in beta than NF was after 5 years.


    A.G. Kimbrough

    1. The_Big_Woof


      lol... Just outside of Sac, Huh? Elk Grove, Roseville, Lincoln or Davis? I live in Manteca, but work out of Roseville for the UP.

      I'll check your books out, thanks. And Thank YOU as well.

    2. CaptnAndy


      I live in Folsom in the Diamond Glen 55+ community, off Sibley.


  14. Dear WG, First off, Thank you for this game. I have been playing for over three years and really enjoy it. I am former military member with a family military tradition and love naval history and this game, the time period and ships represented, allow me to express my interest in this area. That said, I am not really a fan of these alternative modes and ships (Halloween, Space, this new Rogue Wave). I (and many others, from comments I see on the WoWs NA FB site) play this so I can use early to mid 20th century ships to shoot at other early to mid 20th century ship. I don't want ships to look like they came from Mad Max or Terminator. I think the AL and ARP ships are as far as I want to deviate. Granted, I know that this game is not all about me and what I want, (that would be rather selfish), but it is part of why I play so much (usually 30+ hours a week) why I bought a premium account, ships, crates and other items. What I would like to see are some more mid-tier ships, WW1 and 2 era Battleships and Battle Cruisers: Nevada, Indefatigable, Renown. I know the demand is there for these ships as I have spoken with others about them. Thank you,