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    Can't start Battle?? server overloaded??

    Same. Tried and failed to launch battles. Came here to see what the reports are. At least isn't not unique to me. On the NA server, west coast.
  2. Token_Civilian

    8.0 in overall is excellent

    I respectfully diagree with this statement: "8.0 in overall is excellent" 8.0 is a turd sandwich. I literally just got out of a game in my Yammy. Double CV. Both CV's repeatedly circled around with their torp planes and hit me multiple times per squadron launch. Each time, I get a flood. OK, so what do I do as a BB? What is my counter play? I can't stop them. The flood me multiple times with under a minute spacing. Do I pop DC on the early flood? Well, they just circled around with their 2nd wave and flooded me again, right after DC finished. Meanwhile, I'm twisting and turning every which way, beating some of the torps, so can't shoot hardly at all. But they hit me again and again and flood me repeatedly. There is zero counter play to this. At least in old CV's, they could hit me multiple times, but then it would be 3-ish minutes until they came back - plenty of time for DC to come off cool down. If I was with a DM or other AA cruiser, they'd protect me. Now? Zilch. Nothin. Nada. Jack spit counter play for a BB. I think I managed to fire 3 salvo's with all the twisting and torp dodging. Sorry, but being a human operated clay pigeon isn't fun. Wargaming, you will drive this 3 year player away. Until you fix this, I will not spend one more thin dime on this game.