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  1. xyt272

    ST, Axis vs coalition

    Sounds cool. I will check it out for sure if implemented. I think it’s okay to be all Tier 8 the first time around but if it is successful maybe open it up to multiple Tiers to catch more historical ships.
  2. My only quibble is that CV-6 is the Enterprise that we have in game. I'm pretty sure WG adding CVN-65 would be quite a controversial decision.
  3. xyt272

    Forum Issue/Lost Player Info/Stats

    Not sure if it's going to let me post but still broken on the main page for me.
  4. It is frustrating that they still haven't fixed the "Last Played Ship" drop-down sort function. I tagged WG about when it might be fixed in another thread with no response. It is just an Array Sort of inner-joined database fields. Anyone that has done some simple Database coding knows what I mean. It seems to be such an easy fix because IT STILL WORKS IN REVERSE ORDER. What I mean is that each one of the Drop-Down sorts actually has TWO sorts: Ascending and Descending. If, for example, you select "Sort by Ship Type" the Carousel will sort all of your ships DD's 1st (i.e. on the left), CL/CA's then BB's and then CV's Last (i.e. on the right). If you reselect the SAME SORT A 2nd TIME (Goto the drop-down and select "Sort by Ship Type" again) it will reverse the Order: CV's 1st and DD's Last. Now the with the "Last Played Ship" bug the initial select doesn't work. To test this it is better to unselect all of your Primary ships. When you 1st select "Last Played Ship" The ships are in some weird order and is broken. Here is the funny part: Now select "Last Played Ship" a 2nd time then scroll your ship carousel all the way to the right if you have a lot of ships. You will see your Last Played ships in order from the RIGHT (i.e. the end of the carousel). That is what is frustrating. It's broken but only in the 1st Sort.
  5. xyt272

    Question on MVR planes

    Let's look at the math: MvR Torp Bombers boosted speed is 219 knots. 219 knots = 405.588 km/h = 112.6633 m / sec = 563.3167 meters travelled in 5 seconds. However I think that the game uses some kind of Speed / Distance compression so those numbers may still need further "tweeking"
  6. @Gneisenau013 any update on this bug or when it might be fixed? Thanks,
  7. It’s broken. I’ve used that setting more than any other port filter. Last played ship should be in the upper left corner for primary ships and then the 1st ship on the left after your primaries for the other ships.
  8. “One of the major problems with excessive loss of planes returning to aircraft carriers after the attack was already and quickly fixed. We continue to keep an eye on live servers and investigate further possible bugs and issues” Guess I’ll wait until they confirm that ALL of the problems are resolved. Their explanation on the Torp drop pattern doesn’t make sense either. It tries to make it sound as if they’re trying to fix “crisscrossing torpedoes” when that wasn’t an issue. It doesn’t explain why 2 of the 3 torps on a 3 torp drop stack next to each other now.
  9. I can't wait to read the "official" response to these changes. Looks like I'm taking at least this patch cycle off while it gets sorted out.
  10. I know that I do. Was the better Character of the 2 commanders of the 4077th during the shows run as well.
  11. xyt272

    Carrier up-tier must stop

    In my opinion the core of the issue was WG's decision to remove the odd tiers with the rework. All of us get Uptiered and it is what it is but CV's get it worse. Take a Battle Tier 9 set-up: In RTS the MM could pull a pair of Tier 7, 8 or 9 CVS....now it's only 8. Tier 6 and 8 CVs get to be the "Fill Ins" for Battle Tier 7 and 9 Battles respectfully. I remember a couple of the reasons they stated for doing it: They wanted to concentrate the CV's in even Tiers to help MM and they stated that there wouldn't be enough incremental changes in the planes moving up one tier at a time. I think they made a bad decision and I lost my Essex because of it. Oh well....
  12. xyt272

    The era of the WoWS PT server is over

    I tried to download the Test client last night to try it out for the 1st time ever. 2 hours later and it still needed 6.5 GB and wouldn’t move. Tried again this morning and nothing. Perfectly stable internet connection on my end. Pretty frustrating. Not sure if I’m even gonna try again tonight.
  13. xyt272


    They definitely do keep your chat logs. Any player can request a Data dump from WG that includes a file of all your own Chat messages: