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  1. Kurfurst Legendary module ?

    From the link LemonadeWarrior provided:
  2. +1 HazeGrayUnderway. Guess I’ll keep mine the same for now.
  3. Dammit now you’ve got me thinking of respeccing again to see. Lol.
  4. Agree 100% on the Co-Op part. I threw a 14 pt respecced captain and played a few matches this morning before work. It was hilarious. Looking forward to grinding out the 18 pts for IFHE. Only downside I see is needing a dedicated captain. Alabama will still be the trainer I guess.
  5. How many Table-Top Gamers on here?

    I still remember the name of the Polish town where the 5th US Mech Div disintegrates to start Twilight: Kalisz
  6. How many Table-Top Gamers on here?

    A lot of what I’ve seen listed I’ve played. I loved GDW games though. They had a series called Third World War that was pretty awesome. Main game centered on the Fulda Gap scenario in Germany and Northern Europe but there were expansion games that could be added to it for the Balkans, Persian Gulf and Scandinavia. Many hours on that. I also played an RPG from GDW called Twilight:2000.
  7. Welcome Ewana! Feel free to PM me anytime you want to Division.
  8. Why you like your username?

    Cool! Played most of them but I logged a lot of hours on the 98 and 2000 versions of MS flight. It was my relaxation when I took breaks from IL-2 Sturmovik, one of my all-time favorites.
  9. I’m not sure on the Name of the movie version but you’ve got me curious now. I’ll have to check after work. Edit: I checked and you are correct. The Movie was called Voyage into Space.
  10. Johnny Sokko and his Giant Flying Robot. It was an old late 60s Japanese show that was syndicated in the US in the mid 70s. They took a lot of the episodes and made a “movie” out of them. Loved it as a Kid along with Ultraman
  11. 1st Congrats on getting Halsey Admiral! I’ll need more Dragon Flags or try and shake off the rust and play some Randoms to get it done quicker. 2nd I’m on the opposite spectrum with CVs. Have them all except GZ. Except for T4 & T5 I still love playing them at least in PVE. If GZ drops for sale again I’m on the fence about buying it.
  12. Radar equiped Russian Submarines!

    Imagine the hilarious consequences: DD smokes up to protect from an air strike. Gets spotted from Airplane radar and goes to Gulag.
  13. Why you like your username?

    I’ve always liked Flight Simulators. A long time ago I used to play Microsoft Flight Sim online with a group called VATSIM where you could file flight plans and have humans handling Air Traffic Control. xyt272 was my call sign and I just kind of hung onto it for online games.
  14. I’ve got all the US cruisers with Perma -Camo on all that offer it. So once I update tonight I should have the Buffalo with Perma Camo and 31,950,000 credits. Play a Pepsicola game for 190k Free Cpt XP. I’m fine with my “old” Balty captain sliding into Buffalo. The other 3 I’ll put back on the their original ships using 600,000 credits to retrain 50% and will use the 190k free XP to complete the training. Seems easy.
  15. What Tiers for DW Torps

    Pan-Asian Tech Tree Ships DWT can also hit CA / CL. Asashio's cannot.