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  1. Check your content filters. Can’t grab a screenshot but they’re on the bottom right side of the Port UI
  2. The 24/7 Part was a Tongue-in-cheek "Cure" to the OP's Question. I wouldn't really want it 24/7 either and also agree that I'd like to see the Map more often.
  3. xyt272

    If you could see one ship come back

  4. My opinion changed over the weekend. Friday I told myself forget about it. Sunday evening I had Directive 1 done and decided I want PR. I want a relaxed grind so I plopped down all 3 doubloon boosters. I’ll have Directive 2 done by Friday and with the added Daily mission and shipment tokens I should be able to trigger the 2nd and 3rd token boosters over the weekend. Then I can take my sweet time on Directive 3. All good for me.
  5. So much this in my opinion. If you really think this through you can see the marketing strategy from space. Any of the various paths the player base takes (Buying no boosters or 1-3 of them early) can possibly converge to a point where the player still can't get PR. WG is counting on these players opening up their wallets again to finish because they've already sunk a ton of time and possibly money and HAVE TO cross the Goal Line.
  6. Interesting. I’m not spending anything to get PR so if the math is correct I’ll just forget PR exists and knock off snowflakes.
  7. xyt272

    Casual players at T8+

    Wow. That’s a visual. At least it isn’t a Yamato...that’d be over the top. To the OP: IMHO just brush it off and keep trying. Half the fun in this game for me is finding ships that you eventually click with and then riding those to help with the wins. Do your best, enjoy the journey and forget the haters. Good Luck.
  8. I’ll keep that in mind. Never played it in operations. I guess if I’m reaching for a Tier 6 BB to play in Randoms I usually grab Arizona or WV these days. Maybe I’ll take PEF for a spin tonight.
  9. Agree 100% on last year. Had a blast and thought WG did a nice job with it. Also agree on PEF. She’s only getting taken out of the Mothball Fleet to knock off a Snowflake and then away she goes till next year. Lol.
  10. Puerto Rico isn’t a must have for me so I’m fine getting it the long, slow and cheap way. Lol. My main focus is Steel so I’m happy there is additional Steel available for the Directives. I’d have preferred Steel snowflakes over Santa Crates for the Tier 10s but oh well. We’re still getting free stuff. I also hoped that they would have had some kind of purchasable Steel Campaign like last year. That would have got me to make a purchase. Anyways..Happy Hunting All.
  11. 1) Continue having fun. 2) Keep improving my BB, CA/CL and CV Random numbers 3) Find at least one DD in each Tier 6 through 9 to play that I feel confident and perform consistently enough that I can help the team win. Basically become a competent DD player. 4) Start playing my Tier 10s in Randoms. 5) 19 point captains for all of my set Priority Ships. 6) Consider joining a Clan to do some Clan Battles.
  12. xyt272

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    Good Answer. Now that I think about it more it happens often. You don't need to be the 1st spotter to get spotting damage. That's the forte of pretty much all CV's and DD's
  13. xyt272

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    2739 HP of Spotting Damage with 0 Ships spotted is what caught my eye.