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    This was one of the 1st things that popped into my head when watching the video. We’re a long way from “what if’s” but if they are introduced to the main game with the idea that DD’s are their main predators than don’t ALL DD’s need some kind of Hydro/ Sonar? Maybe they add a new consumable.
  2. Nice. 2700 base XP? I’d say you pulled your weight.
  3. Nice MasterDiggs. Almost 50k Commander XP! That'll do nicely.
  4. First 19 point Captain

    Congrat's Chaos!
  5. Now I just need to get done with work so I can get home and earn mine!
  6. Max Range is actually 11.3km. I have not had what you describe happen. It only takes a slight angle for me to get some of them to engage direct forward. You do need to open up more though if you want them all to fire direct forward.
  7. I was just thinking the same thing. Plus the EL skill makes sense since we’ll probably need to change ammo type in game a lot I’m thinking.
  8. I hope so. Thanks for the info Kiz!
  9. The TX for a SC just says “play a battle”. Is it any battle type?
  10. I love the ship as well. Definitely my favorite right now. I’m also considering changing BFT over to SI to help with my survival rate. I tend to play over aggressive and force positions sometimes so I need to get better at that but I’m thinking SI would help. Man does it feel good when you're with a group of ships that wants to push into caps. I’m having a ton of fun with her.
  11. I know what you're saying about the Mains. They do have some wonky spreads at times. I've managed a 30-31% Hit Ratio in Randoms but a 44% in Coop. I do tend to play pretty aggressive in Coop though lol. I went with a dedicated captain pretty much from the start and dropped a 19 point in her. Specced PT, PM, AR, BFT, AFT, ManSec, IFHE. The only change I made was switching FP for IFHE after the first 10 games or so. The damage with IFHE went up noticeably. Tier 6 BBs coming at you Bow In? IFHE doesn't care and lets the 127's pen their Bow. Plus the Cruiser Damage went up. On Manual Secondary Accuracy: I compared my Secondary Hit Ratio in Coop between Bismarck and MA. I was able to start with a full Secondary build on Bismarck as soon as I got her. 164 Games with Bismarck the 2nds Hit at 29% and have killed 51 ships. Only 64 games with MA and the 2nds Hit at 46% and have killed 48 ships. I just cannot get over how accurate they are. All in all she's pretty much my favorite ship for now. Good luck with yours! o7
  12. Hey AT! Are you using a dedicated captain for her? If so what is your build?
  13. Once I went to the proships.ru link and logged in all I had to do was select a "Count battles" button and that was it.
  14. Checking out the Supply Line stuff now. Probably gonna derp around checking out the "New and Improved PvE AI" for a bit and then back to finishing Yamamoto so I'll see what I can do for the Clan.
  15. Good Idea for a News page Kiz.