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  1. xyt272

    Video - The 5 second Carry - Teamwork

    @Tpaktop2_1 What Mod are you using to get the “bearing to target / target aspect angle”? I’ve never used Mods but think that one is pretty cool and would like to add it.
  2. xyt272

    Training Room: How to do this?

    You couldn’t do the scenario you mentioned. You can’t select premium ships as bots in the training room.
  3. I feel as if this is a shot across my bow. Pun intended . Does that work? Lol. 😉
  4. Agree Taylor. Without trend data it’s hard to know for sure. Tier 10 is heavily populated though which leads me to believe that the percentages provided include a lot of inactive players.
  5. I’m kind of in the same boat. No pun intended. Not really interested in Flint or Black but won’t earn enough for the TX’s. Looks like I’ll be trying Ranked for the 1st time. Yippee.
  6. I was thinking the same thing but what I find more interesting is the fact that only 30% of the Player Base owns at least a Tier 8 Premium or a Tier 9 Tech Tree ship. Hmmm.
  7. Thanks Kiz. Every bit helps. Now I need to do some math on my little fleet of ships. Lol.
  8. Looks like we now have the answer on how much coal and steel can be earned for the Snowflake event:
  9. Not sure why it hasn't changed for you @iDuckman. The forum's finally acted normal for me starting today. 1st time in weeks.
  10. Today the online users list is populated again for me. Seems like they fixed something. FYI
  11. Thanks. Was one of my favs as well.
  12. +1 @Rabbitt81 Thanks for posting.
  13. I totally get WG offering a Clan Battle reward ship but it shouldn’t be the ONLY way to get it. Especially after nerfing Alsace. Ugh.
  14. Same here but for over a week now. "Who's Online" Box at the bottom of the Forum now only shows me and any thread that I go into shows me as the only one browsing. Also if I click on the actual link for online users at the top of the forum it just returns an empty page. Weird.