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  1. I never (NEVER) get the solomons map

    Could my commander points affect which map i get placed? I have 18.
  2. I never (NEVER) get the solomons map

    I run w/ a Clemson mostly. Co-op. I've even started piloting a ST. louis and a Wickes trying to get it. I've been back 3-4 days playing non stop, probably 200 matches... have they removed it (the map: Solomon Islands)?
  3. Premium Camo

    Thanks... why can't that information be provided in the premium shop?
  4. Premium Camo

    I'm looking at the HareKaze camoflauge, cost about 19 bucks. But there is NOTHING about what it does, or how to use it. What are the bonues? How would would I apply this camo? Can I apply it to any ship I want? Can I demount it and move it to other ships? So much of what you guys sell on the premium shop lacks vital information.
  5. Upgrade Patches taking way too long to down-load

    I agree 110% with original poster and came to voice same opinion. Yesterday became a patching nightmare. I had to reinstall the game 4 times. Took me roughly 8 hours to get back playing again. I wake up today...and I get another painfully slow mega-patch. It wouldn't be so bad except patchign wows basically hogs all my system resources and my computer becomes a useless unresponsive brick until its finished. I had to pause download just to post this. I have Cox cable internet. My speeds frequently top 60mbs. I have and i7 with 12 gigs of ram a solid state hard drive and two graphics cards. I don't doubt for a minute, some of you manage to NOT have problems with the patches... but color yourselves lucky. There are some real issues going on here.
  6. Stuck at "actualizing data:

    I am unable to uninstall a second time. Hangs indefinitely.
  7. Stuck at "actualizing data:

    Been trying all morning to patch this game. I've been stuck twice at "Actualizing data:" After first attempt I uninstalled (having to install and use 3rd party uninstaller as windows uninstaller would just hang). I reinstalled game, and got caught in a loop, where it would get to 100% go unresponsive for an extended period of time, then it started the whole process over. While this is all going on my computer is basically useless. I just bought 1 month premium yesterday, otherwise I'd just uninstall it and move on. If anyone has reconciled this issue I'd really appreciate some advice. Thankyou
  8. Same exact problem here. Sorry for the Necro but google took me here.
  9. Cant afford to play above tier 8!

    You want the people who suck to play. How else would you manage to do so well otherwise? If you price the people out of the game who can't play as well as you and things will get lonely or difficult for you eventually. This notion that it is necessary to promote lower tier play is silly. For an experiment time how long it takes to cue up for a low tier map vs a higher tier map.
  10. Cant afford to play above tier 8!

    Not everyone can have a 61 percent win rate. Good job. Good for you.
  11. Cant afford to play above tier 8!

    I have to laugh at the people who say the higher repair costs are necessary to keep people playing lower tier games. I have no doubt that is what WG wants you to believe, but this game is brand new. If anything this game is probably heavy on the lower tiers. I could see something like this being implemented in the future when new player interest is waning and the higher tiers are top heavy. But to do this right out of the gate? I can assure you there is no current shortage of low tier players. This is nothing more than the company finding another way to bring in revenue. I've retired my Admiral Hipper as even after great games I'm in the red. I plan on playing this game till i'm bored with it... at tiers 6 and below. My dreams of piloting a Yamoto or a Hindenburg ended at Tier 8. My month premium ends in 17 days and I won't be renewing it.
  12. Hipper repairs costs

    x 42 hits x 1 torpedo hit x6 planes shot down x 1 incapacitations x2 ships sunk x1 set on fire x1 flooding x4 defended base x1 assisted in base capture and I'm minus 29,462. Just had to vent a little and I can't afford therapy.
  13. Cant afford to play above tier 8!

    Someone in game said they do this to encourage play in lower tiers. Lower tiers are low repair cost to get you invested into the game. Then, once you've gotten to the upper tiers are are paying through the nose in credits, they hope that you: A) Buy dubloons and convert to credits B) Buy credits C) Buy a premium ship to get credits D) Go with a premium account. E) All of the above. I've invested 24 dollars in this game so far. I've enjoyed it very much. I've got about 700 dabloons left out of my 2000, and about 20 days left on my premium month I bought out of respect for the game. If I saw an end to it, I would spend a fixed amount, say $60.00. But they don't offer a $99 dabloon / credit package without reason. The game is set up to bleed you of your money. I've played so much to get to Tier 7 and even converted Dabloons to pay for my Nagato. I see the end coming where I run out of dabloons and credits. I'm not going to subscribe to this business model. Personally it makes me very sad. I love the game itself but I also don't like being tricked, fooled, swindled, ripped off, extorted of my money. Those of you defending the high repair costs might just be very skilled at the game, or maybe your just very proud of having a flashing Alpha testing signature and feel a kindred spirit with the parent company in some way. The rest of us, who feel the repair costs are too high can only complain here on the forums and make decisions with our pocket books.
  14. Is there a memory leak with 0.5.2?

    If i play World of Warships for a long period at once I get the windows promt telling me i'm running out of memory and should close programs (it suggests closing Worls of Warships). So to answer the Op's question I would guess yes.
  15. Yorck really needs Help

    I hate the ship as well. I sold my Nurnberg to pay for it and regret that very much. I can't compare the Nurnberg to other nations cruisers but I was very happy with it. Now i'm about 12 hours into the Yorck and I'm not necessarily getting better at it I think I'm just getting used to sucking. In this ship I suck. Most speak highly of the Admiral HIpper, but I'm not not sure I have the desire to play this Yorck long enough to get it. Not sure what I'm going to do. Very disenchanting to work for an upgrade and feel like you got the exact opposite. I just want my Nurnberg back. I'd be happy to grind that thing for the next tier. If WG has designed this into the game to encourage me to do some dubloons / Free xp exchange shenanigans to get through this mess then I want them to know it has done the exact opposite.