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  1. Spellcheck [edited] up i fixed it
  2. This would be more amusing if they have pretty much admitted the opposite
  3. Shimakaze in the radar meta. Used to be my go to ship for a relaxed casual play....then I didn't play it for 6 months or so till the snowflake event, lucked into a win, and it's back in the mothball fleet.
  4. LubzinNJ

    The tallest mountain starts as a stone

    Personally I've found doing more damage to them than they do to me works pretty good. And staying alive.
  5. LubzinNJ

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    I'm not going to look at all the replies to see if anyone else mentioned this but....almost 10K battles and you're not exactly a great player. Sometimes it is the player and not the ship. edit: and I see from the post right above mine people have rightfully called this out.
  6. 6? Try 10. The #1 priority of every DD captain when there is radar around is to have an immediate plan to get away from that radar at all times.
  7. LubzinNJ

    Life after the CV rework

    Destroyers are going to have it better now with only one squadron of planes on the field.....stick with DD
  8. LubzinNJ

    Game Rules----terminating account with no reason

    Show me on the doll where Wargaming banned you
  9. LubzinNJ

    PEF Credit Grind Over

    My clan is too small and inexperienced to do clan battles so my only steel has come from Ranked, snowflakes, and the PEF stuff, but I finally got enough to get Flint and it was so so so so so so worth it.
  10. It was actually a congressman. Who is currently serving in his 7th consecutive term of office. God bless term limits.
  11. LubzinNJ

    PEF Credit Grind Over

    Wait.....you converted steel to coal? Why?
  12. LubzinNJ

    PEF Credit Grind Over

    It's hardly a "grind" if it took all of 11 battles
  13. LubzinNJ

    PEF man secondary game...so fun

    The impact of secondary fire is more about the psychological effect. Yeah when you're the one dishing it out you're looking at the number....when you're the one taking the fire you're not caring about how much damage you're taking you're annoyed you're taking fire and do things you might not otherwise. I really enjoy the PEF and most of my "enjoy" battles are when I get into secondary range with my 19pt Grosse captain and they start acting stupid. PEF isn't a great ship. Give it better turret rotation and it would be a good ship.