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  1. The more I am playing the more I'm getting used to the super AA. I still think it is OP, especially for a bottom tier 8 carrier without upgraded planes vs tier 10, but as long as you keep juking while under fire it's manageable. And the more I played the better I got at the wonky controls and being able to line up my drops to get hits. Starting to consistently get 100k+ battles in the Midway.
  2. How are we supposed to test this when the bots start every battle ramming each other?
  3. Seriously if you're in a Montana having issues with T8 planes....that is you
  4. If you're having problems with CVs that's a you problem, CVs are so neutered in this test.
  5. The AA is ridiculous. And the controls are overly sensitive. You can try and dodge the AA but all that does is give the AA more time to get DPS on you. And you can't reliably hit a target unless you get into their constant DPS zone and of course all of your planes even the ones not going to fire come along with you so you're lucky to get 2 attack runs out of a squadron. I give this rework a F.
  6. This is infuriating. AA is murder, the A/D controls are so sensitive it is frustrating trying to line up an attack even when you have planes available to attack, and planes that aren't even going to drop bombs/torpedoes continue to follow the rest in the attack run and are all dead without doing anything. This rework isn't working for me.
  7. I can't play it....there are red smoke objects all over the world and when my planes started to take damage I got this red block spinning on my screen completely blocking my view. Screenshot included
  8. I find it especially helpful when playing as a DD and the other team only has one of their DDs left...a quick look at the minimap lets me know if they're around me or on the other side of the map. If I'm low on health and their DD is on the other side I can play a LOT more aggressively.
  9. It's a setting on the minimap The last known position markers option
  10. Everyone really should be running the game option that leaves an icon showing where an enemy ship was last spotted if your team loses spot on it. It is immeasurably helpful.
  11. The guns aren't what make me feel like I can't gunfight other DDs, it's the lack of a speed boost to GTFO when things go sour...which they often do in gun fights with other DDs when their supporting cast is stronger/better than your own. That is what the smoke is for and why it is short lasting but quick coming back. The biggest mistake I made with these DDs when I first took them out was treating them like they were your typical cap fighting American DDs....they're not. In lieu of long lasting smoke to help you stick around the cap for awhile you've got to treat them as...jabbers. Jab at the cap. Enemies there? Smoke and retreat. Jab back in. Enemies again? Smoke and retreat. Always be using those smoke times to dish out some damage. Take advantage of the single fire torps to create surprising spreads. British DDs aren't as easy to play as American ones as far as cap zones go but their play style is far more rewarding when it works out.
  12. LubzinNJ

    Establishing a second WoWs account

    It's called re-rolling. What's the point here?
  13. As someone who hated them at first....give it time. The best thing that will happen is you'll get used to them and you will be used to them and you'll be scoring hits non-stop with them...and suddenly the USN arcs will feel likes childs play.
  14. LubzinNJ

    Warspite worth $12?

    I know everyone else has already said it....but YES. Some of the best long distance snipe jobs of unsuspecting cruisers were in this ship.