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  1. You got a canned answer because the questions you are raising have been raised multiple times so the answers are prepackaged and ready to go.
  2. This isn't a historical recreation game, it is an arcade game that uses history for as much of a reference but when they need to make design and balance decisions they will. That is the only answer you deserve.
  3. Submarine Poll

    I don't know if I'd say they're going to break the game, more that they have no place in the battles being fought.

    Put me down for "Please don't include submarines"
  5. HMS Belfast as represented in game is her mid-50s refit. Hence why she has the Mark 5 twin 40MM AA guns. The torpedoes were removed by then. Gneisenau is represented as she would have been if her scheduled refit had gone through. Can't speak for why Hood doesn't have her above water torpedoes
  6. A Familiar Space Captain

    yeah there was a video from a few days ago talking about the creation of the Dasha captains that Valeriya mentioned the whole catalogue of captains in game is based off of the WG staff, manipulated by the art department to give them older appearances.
  7. Map Mondays - Strait

    Your version of straights seems odd, doesn't have the gap between the left islands from the middle.
  8. Another free code

    Works so far Thanks!
  9. Does T8 deserve protecion?

    90 percent may be an overstatement but it's damn near close. If you're not bottom tier in T8 on a regular basis I'd love to know how you're doing it mate
  10. Hella jelly Do not be detected though...her guns are poop sticks.
  11. What to spend free xp on?

    None of the Free XP ships are worth it. They're just traps designed to get you to blow what you hard earned. Free XP is for unlocking modules on new ships so you get past the stock grind. Buy the top hull and all the upgrades and ignore crap ships.
  12. Does T8 deserve protecion?

    After hitting the "post" I realized belatedly that this topic is old and repeated.....the fact though it is old and been done so many times though hits me as a reason they need to think about it.
  13. Topic. T8 gets uptiered all the time, like 90 percent plus, into T10. Is that the game you want WG? Where people playing the game find themselves instantly unable to deal with the tier ten ships?
  14. Dont see that every day

    If you have a video send it to WG and get them a spanking
  15. Her problem isn't she's a bad ship. Her problem is she's a horrible ship going against T7, which is what T5 sees 95% of the time.