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  1. LubzinNJ

    Some of us appreciate it

    for what it's worth
  2. LubzinNJ

    Some of us appreciate it

    FWIW everyone should deactivate their Facebook and leave that toxic company
  3. LubzinNJ

    Some of us appreciate it

    While there is a whole lot of good to be said about the game that doesn't discount the amount of bad that has been happening lately, and the trend is....bad. That isn't just forum talk, that is the trend.
  4. Or just fix carriers so that there is only one per side and they can't swarm a target non-stop. Honestly I think the problem with balancing CVs is this broken idea where either CVs get to keep their strike capacity through avoiding AA fire or they are punished for making a mistake...the balancing between those two sides is what is so broken right now CVs are for masochists. If WG wants to keep up the notion of unlimited planes on CVs they need to increase the refresh rate of planes given the current AA environment.
  5. I wish there were a way to express to WG the feeling of me coming home after a Saturday night out with friends where i had a couple of drinks and settling in in front of the computer, seeing that Wichita package....and momentarily thinking "yeah....even if i only play it a few times a year what's 60 bucks looks like a fun ship"....but I stop myself from doing it because I just have zero interest in putting money into this game right now.
  6. LubzinNJ

    I'd love to try the Wichita WG!

    I was also excited by this email thinking at the very least I could rent the Wichita for a week...this kind of bait and switch wording shows how badly they're doing with the CV rework making people close their wallets. And I say good.
  7. LubzinNJ

    PSA - Cruiser Stealth AA figures

    I'm parking the game. Their ham-fisted "balancing" has annoyed me to the point where I have zero motivation to play the game right now. And I 100% agree with the other opinions you state here.
  8. They're making me consider putting the game down for a bit and trying Fallout 76 again
  9. LubzinNJ

    Have you sold your Saipan?

    I have given it very serious consideration because of how meh it is now, how I don't see myself using it again, how the CV rework is just jerking all over the place....but I just can't. Even if it just collects mothballs it's still a ship I paid for and they might do something to it to make it enjoyable and I don't need to doubloons.
  10. LubzinNJ

    Lower Tier CV's. and Seal Clubbers

    Nor should threads generate 100% consensus...unless you're into circle jerks
  11. LubzinNJ

    Lower Tier CV's. and Seal Clubbers

    You cannot put out enough damage in a T4 carrier to meaningfully change the outcome of a T3-5 battle anymore than any other ship, in fact I'd say your damage output and impact is less impactful than many other shisp. Seal clubbing in T4 CVs is no longer a thing. It's even less of a thing than before the rework. If you're playing T4 CVs to "seal club" you're seal clubbing wrong.
  12. LubzinNJ

    CV Rework patch broke DD gameplay

    And at the end of the day.....you got spotted and died. Being a DD doesn't give you cart blanche to be invis and torp at your leisure, to dictate every engagement at your advantage. Guess what....you got spotted....game over.
  13. LubzinNJ

    CV Rework patch broke DD gameplay

    Prepatch CVs that skirted the edge to nuke the other CV were morons. And no CV worth their weight fly their planes over enemy ships without concern for the damage their planes are taking. No planes can sit over you without taking damage unless you have your AA turned off.
  14. Airplanes aren't the problem, the problem is how they might change premium ships in the future. You don't know what you're buying.
  15. LubzinNJ

    Think I know Reason for Alaska delay

    Your logic is broken and I sincerely hope WG isn't thinking along the same lines.