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  1. Yeah so I'm gonna hold off on buying it till we know what's going on. Not a fan of the Russian cruisers generally, hence why I never finished grinding it out till now, so a wait and see approach makes the most sense. Thanks!
  2. I mean since it's getting turned in to a premium save the 'loons right?
  3. LubzinNJ

    IFHE All Night Long

    So basically 6 inch cruisers and IJN gun boats yes, everything else LOL no....got it. And thanks. Take the upvote.
  4. LubzinNJ

    How do you Pyotr Veliky?

    I'm enjoying the ship overall...my problem (if you read my post you'd know) is that the guns overpen where I'm used to getting juicy cits. Going to try out the advice from SteelRain and try out the training room, never done that before.
  5. LubzinNJ

    How do you Pyotr Veliky?

    I've really enjoyed the RN DDs, the smoke is unique and interesting, and the all angle part of the guns make them excellent brawlers. But that was a year ago...more radar and CVs not sure about them anymore. German DDs I'm up to T8 but I just don't enjoy them....T-61 is a blast but that's got the wacky reload.
  6. LubzinNJ

    How do you Pyotr Veliky?

    I just came back a month or so ago after a year off, found out about the whole reset for research points thing and reset a bunch of lines. Been grinding them up and spending Free XP on module upgrades...that's all I'll spend free XP on, not skipping a bad ship line. Well except for the British light cruisers. Screw them. That's a line I'll never reset.
  7. I am having a ton of trouble making this ship work. Basically it comes down to overpens. I get great shots at broadside ships and should be wrecking them, but the same shots any other BB gives me cits for days gives me a bunch of overpens. It's extremely frustrating.
  8. LubzinNJ

    Petition: Let us see who reports us.

    Having to type up a message to go with the vote would be nice, both ways. Not sure if that is something they can implement but it would be nice. And if someone chooses to add in their identity along with an up or down vote ok...but open and full transparency? No.
  9. LubzinNJ

    Petition: Let us see who reports us.

    It wouldn't but since I don't know about how much play you have all I have to go by is the 6 games shown, which isn't enough to talk about what we're talking about here not knowing about the other server account. And I still think you're wrong, there isn't that much after-game nasty commentary going on, at least in my experience, and I can sometimes get angry and express it in chat when someone does something really stupid worth trying to educate them about it. Yeah sometimes I get a message cause someone else gave a downvote I guess accusing me of doing it, but it is really far and between. Allow people to see who gave them a negative karma vote though and all those times I've been falsely accused by someone IRATE that someone downvoted them...well that anger would start getting spread a LOT more IMO.
  10. LubzinNJ

    Petition: Let us see who reports us.

    6 battles....how would you know what the post-battle commentary between players is like?
  11. LubzinNJ

    Petition: Let us see who reports us.

    How would you know?
  12. LubzinNJ

    Petition: Let us see who reports us.

    And a lot of very angry messages being traded with nothing good coming out of them
  13. LubzinNJ

    How to: Dodge CV's

    And now they're taking royal duty dodgers