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  1. TraxRyn

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Your BB can not catch a CV or spot it while it can melt you with impunity while the CVs planes regenerate at will and will return in 60~ or so. The BB must rely on team mates to achieve your setup while the CV can achieve alone.
  2. TraxRyn

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    A BB is at risk of return fire while doing all that wonderful damage. The CV is not at risk while using regenerating planes to spot and damage at will all over the map where opportunity presents itself.
  3. TraxRyn

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    DD play is mostly boring unless you get a bad CV player since any competent CV player can wreak havoc on DD's all game. Capping brings the planes, smoke brings the planes, torps brings the planes. AA on most DD is no treat and will not stop the major problems of current CV meta. Waiting for a break out moment and have impact on the game but once spotted, doomed. The situation is not similar to radar. Radar only last 30~ second or so and a DD players skills can manage to avoid and work the cool down windows and range. DD players have to plan for CV's can be on you in 60~ seconds and will be back in 60~ seconds. The CV will unlikely kill you outright but add in spotting but add in shells from team mates landing all around. Even if you dodge your position is known. Smoke up and hope you were not in the radar range or doomed. Sit in smoke and have decent CV players torp you anyway. Forget to turn off the crapAA, doomed. Sit in smoke and fire guns to farm some damage, doomed. None of those issues are fixed by adjusting AA specs. The DD's low health pool with limited ability to sneak up and no ability to get away leaves it only grouping with AA CA's, hope for a bad CV player and fire some lucky long range torps. Gone are the days of flanking, spotting and ambush attacks. Surface ships with limited health pool and BOT AA versus the personal skill CV player with unlimited health pool every 60~ seconds. CV's players can adapt and overcome conditions very quickly while there are limited options for surface ships. CV players can adjust play style to the ships that appear in the game and even play style when in game. No surface ship has enough AA to prevent being hit by a CV and a DD has less health and AA so an easier target. CV's directly spot, attack and damage with a resource (planes) mostly unaffected by surface ships that suffer permanent damage. CV players can improve play style skills that directly affect success. Surface ship players are limited to the dodge skill and hope their BOT AA get lucky RNG, leaving surface players unable to directly affect the outcome of the engagement. I will get replies that I need to learn to play and I just suck, fine. WG made a decision, invested money, time, and effort to add this CV play style to the game so there is no going back and only minor adjustments in the future. Would be interested in seeing reports comparing ship, ship class, avg damage, xp and win rates covering 2-4 months before and after the rework, does any one have those?
  4. TraxRyn

    Tier 8 and DD play - Why bother

    So if you have a T8 CV, do you get preferred matchmaking now since you can only have one Cv in Tier 9-10 games? Are you more likely to get into a T6-8 game and as an unattended consequence rule over T6 ships seal clubbing the fools.
  5. Played Lightning with 4 CV's today. So broken with two RED unicom CV's continue to fly rocket planes and spot and destroy DDs and CA's. Only option is to smoke up or hide in back, no scouting allowed. A Fubuki was sunk taking 6k damaged in smoke because he did not turn off AA so was blind fire rocketed attacked in smoke. The two CV's players with Unicom stats versus our noob CV's, matchmaking at it's best. All Hail CV's owning a game. [edited]
  6. Last 3 days I tried playing DD's again, what a waste of game time. Two CV's most games so you get chased around the map doing mostly nothing of value except providing fodder for CV's. You can't hide and must find some AA CA's to protect you. The AA focus mechanic is crap. Would be nice to have the old style AA focus on a squad of planes that followed and switched sides. Now I must know type of planes attacking to plan my dodge, set focus side, wait for them to approach, switch focus side about 7-10 second away from being attacked, dodge and hope my AA switched to catch them on the other side of the attack. All the while, I must dodge incoming fire since I am spotted.
  7. TraxRyn

    CV Rework Feedback

    Basically until this crapstorm passes I am out. Spotting mechanic is a mess of perma spotting. CV F Key spam. T10 IJN CV torp sport of death. Do I want to help fix the game, nope. I played on the PTS server to help and I do not want to play for another 2-4 weeks of patching so they can figure out how to "balance" this broke game. Enjoy.
  8. For some ships like the Atlanta, AFT extended the gun range from 11.1 to 13.3. I understand AFT will no longer extend the range, does that mean ships like the Atlanta and DD's get NERF'd?
  9. If you purchase the Prinz Eithel and complete the event, what is the reward? Doubloons?
  10. When on a Personal Mission for legendary mods and Premium account, I am only getting non-premium base XP for games play. In screen shots I start with 30897, play a game at receive 1735 for without Premium and 2603 for Premium. Checked mission progress and I have 32632 a difference of 1735. Is this working as intended? Does this happen with all base XP missions? Feel kinda cheap with Premium game time. Please fix.