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  1. Last 3 days I tried playing DD's again, what a waste of game time. Two CV's most games so you get chased around the map doing mostly nothing of value except providing fodder for CV's. You can't hide and must find some AA CA's to protect you. The AA focus mechanic is crap. Would be nice to have the old style AA focus on a squad of planes that followed and switched sides. Now I must know type of planes attacking to plan my dodge, set focus side, wait for them to approach, switch focus side about 7-10 second away from being attacked, dodge and hope my AA switched to catch them on the other side of the attack. All the while, I must dodge incoming fire since I am spotted.
  2. TraxRyn

    CV Rework Feedback

    Basically until this crapstorm passes I am out. Spotting mechanic is a mess of perma spotting. CV F Key spam. T10 IJN CV torp sport of death. Do I want to help fix the game, nope. I played on the PTS server to help and I do not want to play for another 2-4 weeks of patching so they can figure out how to "balance" this broke game. Enjoy.
  3. For some ships like the Atlanta, AFT extended the gun range from 11.1 to 13.3. I understand AFT will no longer extend the range, does that mean ships like the Atlanta and DD's get NERF'd?
  4. If you purchase the Prinz Eithel and complete the event, what is the reward? Doubloons?
  5. TraxRyn

    Base XP Missions and Premium Account

    So Cheap...
  6. When on a Personal Mission for legendary mods and Premium account, I am only getting non-premium base XP for games play. In screen shots I start with 30897, play a game at receive 1735 for without Premium and 2603 for Premium. Checked mission progress and I have 32632 a difference of 1735. Is this working as intended? Does this happen with all base XP missions? Feel kinda cheap with Premium game time. Please fix.