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  1. Capt_Pepper

    legacy upgrade are a real disapointment

    What I mean about the cost of silver is when you play tier 10 in co-op you can come in first place and still you will lose 40 or 50 thousand.
  2. What a waste working to get the legacy upgrades,, on the shimakaza the upgrade will load your torps 10% faster BUT, reduces the traverse time by 80% and raises incapacitaty of torp by 50 % (British tier 5 turrets turn faster than the shimakaza torpedo tube turn.) I even put a ticket in thinking the 80% must be a mistake, I was wrong.Doc1.doc [11:14 AM] on the Republique the legacy upgrade loads you guns 5% faster than normal upgrade but reduces you range 24% and reduces your traverse speed 13%,,, these are clearly not worth getting. I worked so hard getting them not to speak of the expense in silver on to have not use them. Doc1.doc
  3. Capt_Pepper

    ARMORY not working

  4. Capt_Pepper

    ARMORY not working

    went into armory twice with no problem, on the third time is just get stuck with out going to armory
  5. Capt_Pepper

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Feedback

    did not receive my legion of honor container Doc3.doc
  6. Capt_Pepper

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    gun turret rotate into superstructure Doc2.doc
  7. Capt_Pepper

    Public Test - 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    Keep hearing message 'FIGHTER DESTROYED" even if I'm playing a DD or ship that has no fighter. It seems to repeat every 30 seconds
  8. Capt_Pepper

    Public Test 0.8.6 - Feedback

    Everything ran fine,,,glad to see cv back in co-0p
  9. Capt_Pepper

    bonus codes

    where do you find wow bonus codes. Our clan would get them from time to time but the member that was posting them quit and we don't know where to find them.
  10. Capt_Pepper

    graphic is off from what is happening

    I don't think it is lag, two other guys in my clan seen this happen too.
  11. I notice that if you launch torps at an enemy the ships blows up before torps get there. I get credit for the kill but it look funny because the torps are still a little ways from ship. Sometimes the torp go under ship (not deep water torp) and looks like it should have detonated. what happen is the torp missed but the graphic makes it look like it should have hit. The same goes with guns fire. I've fired my and guns, and my shells are in the air and the ship will blow up right before shell get to target.( the ship is not on fire)
  12. Capt_Pepper

    Public Test - 0.8.5 - Feedback

    played 'SAVAGE BATTLE', My opinion,,,,it a real loser,,, I had a DD with only torps. I just kept getting hit with shells as they dodged all my torps. you can't dodge shells but as long as they manoeuvred they could no be hit.... not very entertaining just getting shot to hell. ):
  13. Capt_Pepper

    world of warship (NOT RESPONDING)

    You got serious problems. twice when loading into battle screen I got "NO RESPONCE" and in my other 2 games I loaded into battle screen and began to play only to have game completely drop within the first 15 seconds. I had to reload game to play.
  14. started my first game. when going to battle the screen turned white and message in upper left hand corner said "WORLD OF WARSHIPS (NOT RESPONDING) EXITED GAME, by the time I got back in my ship was dead. );
  15. played 2 games with BBs personal mission showed I completed them. than ran crusier next. I won the game but did not show credit for winning it in personal missions. Next I ran DD same thing, Iwon the game but did get credit for it in personal mission.