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  1. Ronin_ICOP

    [ALL] ModStation

    No disrespect intended. But I am getting, "Modifications for version of the game client are not yet available. Updates will tentatively be available on Thursday, July 20, 2023, at 7:45 AM." Just hoping to learn whether we need to uninstall/reinstall again, like we did with the last patch when we were getting a similar message? Thanks.
  2. Ronin_ICOP

    [ALL] ModStation

    Some of my favorite mods have not yet been added for the latest update. Is there someone with WG who knows why? I have been using Modstation for years. And I like it. But I am disappointed that it has not been attended to while at least one other source of favorite mods is always current.
  3. Ronin_ICOP

    Stop bullying and stupid reporting.

    So, if there is money on the line it is justified? heh. You missed my point, brother. Point was, simply put, "It's going to happen. Don't like it? Stick to Co-Op and Operations where people play nice." No one is going to muzzle negative comments in chat box this game.
  4. Ronin_ICOP

    Stop bullying and stupid reporting.

    Allow me to say that I am sorry to hear about your health. And that I understand how challenging it can be to do anything interactive on the internet with slow and/or spotty connectivity. Despite your inflammatory and angry remarks about the country south of yours, your rant gets at the heart of where things are with the game now, I think. You asked the question, "And then you get this?" I think the answer, based on a lot of time playing this game, is yes. Is it nice? No. Is it understandable? Maybe. The game modes you are playing now (Co-Op and Operations) are not competitive. They are cooperative. When someone plays pretty much any competitive game, and is bad at it, it can be difficult to deal with the fallout from teammates. Especially when it is a complex and challenging game where players are relying on their teammates to have a grasp of game fundamentals. This is true of pinochle, baseball, or WoWS. So, I think you have to ask yourself (meaning all of us), "Do I suck at this game?" If you are unsure, there are sites you can visit to get some idea of your "Player Rating" relative to the player base as a whole. My guess, meaning you no disrespect, is that your PR is likely very low. If I am right about that, you can improve your gameplay or not, as you see fit. But it has been my experience that even great players will receive attention like what you did, pretty much any time a game goes sideways. Humans like to have someone to blame, after all. So, this rant may be more a product of not wanting to be the focus of someone's ire, rather than anything else. And the game modes you are playing now are pretty much devoid of that sort of harsh interaction. Wishing you continued fun with the game. Respects.
  5. Ronin_ICOP

    Torpedo Bug still not fixed

    The problem has sadly been made worse by the "fix" provided in 0.10.8. While I am certain there will be some [edited]-hats in these forums claiming otherwise, it is obvious and easy to replicate the issue in a training room. The usual shills found in these boards are worthy of only scorn and are, at least by me, being completely ignored. Though someone told me his vids have been banned here, I will say that Flamu made a short video showing exactly what is going on. I will post the link and we'll see if it gets blocked, locked or removed. TORPEDOES Are STILL!? Broken! - YouTube
  6. Ronin_ICOP

    Torpedo firing shift bug

    Have you read anything people in this thread have been saying? Did you watch the video? Whatever has "been around" is not this. Sounds to me like you refuse to go actually test the issue, something that would take ten minutes. So I am done here.
  7. Ronin_ICOP

    Torpedo firing shift bug

    So... the only thing you have supporting your argument is a replay from May, one month BEFORE the bug was introduced? Come on. Go test it in a training room for crying out loud.
  8. Ronin_ICOP

    Torpedo firing shift bug

    Forgive my cynicism. But does this mean you have not done so since 0.10.5 or the current 0.10.6? Also, what evidence have you seen that leads you to believe it is usually human error? Can you share that here? Because so far all I have is what you are writing. And absent actual video proof of testing demonstrating that you or others do not have the issue in the current game update I lean toward the belief that some of those who say they understand the issue have simply not checked (in the same way the video above does) or are completely unaware of the bug. If you want, you can just play a quick Training Room game doing what was done in that video, then send the replay to: icop.na@gmail.com and I will very gladly make a short video on our Youtube page telling others that this problem is not as widespread as some currently believe.
  9. Ronin_ICOP

    Torpedo firing shift bug

    Hey, brother. It's not solely a visual bug. It's made very clear in this short 3 minute video just what the problem is and why it is a pretty big deal for anyone playing torpedo-reliant ships. It is roughly equivalent to, for example, a BB expected shells to land on or around where their aiming reticule is sitting only to find that if they are turning when they fire the entire volley will land to the left or right of where they aimed (significantly) depending on which way they were turning. As someone who really likes playing DDs, I can assure you this has made playing the game much less enjoyable and that, for me and many others, it is a big deal. After watching the video, go test it yourself. I did. And it is exactly as described in the video. This is not something affecting only some. It is affecting every ship with torpedoes. Many people, even people playing DDs, don't know about this bug, have not taken the time to watch the video I linked (or others on the subject), and have just been missing a lot of torpedo strikes that might otherwise have landed on target.
  10. Ronin_ICOP

    Update 0.10.5 - Bug Reports

    Well, 0.10.5 has come and gone, we are into 0.10.6 and racing toward 0.10.7 and this bug still exists. I know it has nothing to do with CVs, WGing... but still. Come on.
  11. Ronin_ICOP

    Nostalgia (Old computers)

    My first PC is literally part of a museum collection. lol.
  12. Ronin_ICOP

    Update 0.10.5 - Bug Reports

    "Soon." (tm) I will not be playing much, if at all, until some of the mess created with this recent update is addressed. Not that anyone, especially WGing, give a rats a**.
  13. I record videos for the ICOP Youtube page and have been running into an issue I never had before the most recent update. The first game I played after the update I noticed that I had to reset some of my in-game settings. In particular: - I had to set Alternate Interface Mode to Full - I had to check the boxes for: "Display Team Lineups" and "Show both main battery & TTs load indicator" Once I did that everything has stayed that way, even after logging out and back in. The bug seems to be that none of these things remain as I set them when I load a replay. I can manually set them each time I run a replay. But that is the only way they will work.
  14. Ronin_ICOP

    [ALL] ModStation

    I will second that motion. Much better than the default mini-map. Respects.
  15. So do I. Strange that yours is not saving your replays. Do you have any mods active that relate to replays? If so, maybe removing that mod might help? Respects, Am