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  1. Amracil

    Post 8.0, biggest problem remains...

    You and me both, brother. Started my online multiplayer gaming in 1999 with a game called Starfleet Command I. Had a big manual in it and bought a much larger and more detailed game manual that a friend helped to write. Those were the days. Respects, Am
  2. Amracil

    Post 8.0, biggest problem remains...

    My thoughts. (If you don't like all these words, skip to the TLDR below.) Back in the online gaming Pliocene age you bought a game for $50, and built into the game were tutorials that unlocked more and more of the game as core competency was reached on new facets of the game. They could do that because they got our money up front and wanted us to be happy with the game, including the competitive environment when we reached that point. There was still a learning curve switching to PvP, but it was generally manageable. In a world of F2P games profit comes as the result of (whether real or merely perceived) paying for advantage. In some games, this is egregious. In this game, it really isn't (in my opinion) all that bad. But we can pay to get more XP and credits (Premium time) and in some cases can pay for access to ships with weapons and attributes many casual players will not expect and that might confer an advantage due to that fact. (Not in every case, certainly.) Any sort of forced tutorials would interfere with players reaching the point where they might consider either of these profit-generating paths, perhaps frustrating some players enough that they never reached the point where they could or would consider paying for Premium time or buying Premium ships. I know I am painting with a broad brush here, but I think what I am saying is generally true, with some room for argument about particulars. I don't know what the answer is. I would love for new players to have easy access to learning game mechanics in order to reach a baseline of core competency before joining Random, Operations, Ranked, or Clan battles. But how to achieve that? Add in some big changes to the way the game works (removal of OWSF, proliferation of radar-equipped ships, CV rework to name a few) and we have an environment where new and casual (playing regularly, but without the time to constantly be learning new things) players could find themselves looking for games that provide more instant gratification. While I prefer games that are challenging and that take time to learn to play even reasonably well, I can understand that WoWS have to do what will keep their bills paid, and that it is probably a very challenging walk along the razor's edge between "put in another quarter" arcade game play and cerebral "takes some time to learn" game play as well as between profit and loss. For me personally, I am reaching the point where I am growing tired of chasing the dragon. I know many like changes to the meta. And I respect that. But with each big change to the game (I know we might all disagree about what "big" change is) I feel a bit like I am being forced to learn a new game. I don't like that. And if I were new to the game, that and a need to either play through forced tutorials or in some other way spend time not actually playing the game in order to learn how to play well would likely convince me to look elsewhere for fun. Respects, Am TLDR: We will likely never see an effective new player training system for this game.
  3. Amracil

    BB [edited]

    Balance. If BBs had the same dispersion and sigma as cruisers this would happen far too often for the game to be much fun. :-) Respects, Am
  4. Amracil

    Why we can't get along

    With respect brother, and though I have avoided adding to the vitriol throughout, I am not sure a clear understanding of the final objective should look like would diminish the posts of anger and frustration. I can't help believing a lot of players that love the game and have been very comfortable with the previous play style will need to share their bitterness and frustration with feeling as though some of what they loved about the game has been diminished or undone. For the record, my feeling is that in another couple months (link to me saying as much to my ICOP brothers) the rework will be more or less balanced (to the extent that it can be) and we can all get back to complaining about other things. Respects, Am
  5. Amracil

    Just WoW

    I posted the game file Snargfargle shared here on the ICOP Youtube page. Thought I would share it here. I didn't narrate it, as I am currently working, but wrote up my thoughts about it in the description. It really was a fantastic game. And the ending... they don't get any closer than this one, folks. Thanks for making a forum post about it, Outlawed87. And for sharing the file, Snargfargle. Really a shame either side had to lose that one. Respects, Am
  6. Amracil

    Just WoW

    Thanks, brother!
  7. Amracil

    Just WoW

    Looks like it was a helluva game, all around. I hope someone will post it up on Youtube. Would be fun to watch from either perspective. Respects, Am
  8. Amracil

    Spot the weakness

    Your stats do not immediately suggest to me any particular "how to" that might help in the three ship types (DD, CA, BB) you play, brother. Since it appears that you do not feel your clan mates can help with this in real time, my suggestion would be to send game replay files to someone who can critique your play and offer suggestions based on what they are seeing in the game. I believe there are numerous players here that offer such help. But the only one that comes to mind immediately is Lord Zath. As for you being the clan leader, I salute your willingness to seek assistance. May your request serve as an example to others. Respects, Am
  9. Amracil

    How fun is the Fubuki?

    Given what you have been playing so far I recommend sticking with the U.S. line and, instead of pushing up the IJN line (very different play style) consider working your way through the German T-22 to the Ernst Gaede. Ernst Gaede will help you get a handle on using longer range torpedoes while maintaining decent firepower with your guns. If you like the Ernst Gaede, the others in that line have a similar play style. And if you can make effective use of the German torpedoes it will help you (in my opinion) if you later decide to give the IJN DD line a whirl. As has been mentioned, Mahan fully upgraded is a very fun ship. And those long-range torpedoes make a big difference. Also mentioned, but that I will reiterate, don't rush through the tiers. Take your time. It might sound lame, but each tier in each line can teach something useful. Whatever you decide, I hope you have fun with it. Respects, Am
  10. Amracil

    Port UI got screwed

    Yep. Always had moments of freezing, but now... it just stops. For five to ten seconds at a stretch last night. Disappointing, to say the least.
  11. Amracil

    Spending intentions poll

    While I cannot say I have 100% decided not to spend, I am much more leery of spending. Meaning no disrespect (I believe WoWS staff and dev team want to make the game the best it can be) the CV rework roll-out has been, for me as a player, a painful experience. A game I felt comfortable with and reasonably competent playing was suddenly uncomfortable and much of what I considered base competency seemed ineffective. Playing the game immediately after the 0.8.0 release was, in a word, disorienting. And I prefer not to have to learn a new game. Feeling a bit like I have been forced to learn a new game, I am wondering if I should go ahead and heed the call of some of my longtime gaming buddies to follow them into new games. I understand that the general consensus was that the old CV game play was not working. And I do not claim to know what the best way to address that issue might be. But I can say that, for me, the CV rework has me playing much less due to feeling disappointed that more testing was not done before release, not feeling inclined to learn a new way to play in what seems a constantly shifting game meta for the foreseeable future, and for the first time in three years uncertain of how long I will be able to consider WoWS my gaming home. Respects, Am
  12. Thanks for the heads up, M1. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Respects, Am
  13. For anyone that spent a lot of money on Santa Crates in the hope of snagging a GC, I guess I can see how it might look. From your perspective, you spent a lot (however much it was) of money on a gamble for the chance to pick up a ship you wanted. If you got it, then learned a couple weeks later that it was being in some way nerfed (changes made, pushed up a tier, etc.) it might seem, from that perspective, that you had been hoodwinked. I don't claim to know whether that is the case. That said, I do know that sometimes things look different from other perspectives. I bought the GC. Paid real money for it. Having played it 39 times now, I believe it to be overpowered for its tier. Had it been underpowered, I would be rejoicing to learn that it was getting a buff. So I find myself accepting the possibility of a nerf without rancor. I believe balance is more important than any irritation I might have about a ship I have in my port being made a little less powerful. And as someone who has encountered a three person GC division (on the other team) in a tier 5 match I can say that I believe it seriously unbalanced the game. So I will accept whatever nerfs are deemed appropriate by those responsible for trying to maintain some semblance of balance in the game. I realize I might feel differently had I spent a couple hundred bucks on Santa Crates in order to get the ship. (No idea what you spent, but it would not be hard to spend that much given their cost.) But despite the possibility that I might be irritated, I don't think I would feel cheated, necessarily. Or that WGing had duped me intentionally. Is it possible? Sure. But it really does seem more likely that they are just getting around to seriously considering it, have stated as much, and that it has been slowly been moving from the back burner for some time now. After all, there are a lot of other rare ships they were advertising players might pick up in crates. If they start nerfing all of those, I might feel differently. Respects, Am
  14. Amracil

    Welcome Back Contest!

    What is your in-game name and the origin of it (as long as it is appropriate for the forums)? Amracil. Been known as Ronin-iCoP to my long-time ICOP brothers for twenty years or so now, but Ronin has been pretty over-used, so I opted to use a name from a very old D&D character I played when I was a kid. How long have you been playing World of Warships? A little over three years now. What got you into playing World of Warships? Love of Ships? History? Came from a different game? Explain what got you into the game. ICOP players have migrated from game to game, branching out in many directions since our start playing a game called Starfleet Command in 1999. Some of them were here for the beta, some maybe for alpha. Either way, they told me, "Ronin... you have to come check this game out." And I have been here ever since. It also helped that a much admired uncle was a U.S. Navy Master Chief who deployed on numerous tin cans during his long career. What is your favorite ship? Why? Feel free to add a pic as well! Though I have a lot of favorites, I think currently the one I am enjoying the most is Cossack. The great detection range and terrific gun power, along with single-launch capable torpedoes, is a combination I really enjoy. The current CV rework has me playing other things right now. But I imagine the current balance issues will resolve over the coming weeks and months and I will be able to get back to playing the ship regularly.
  15. Amracil

    I will eat a small amount of crow

    Glad to hear you have had some luck with PEF. Me, my last outing with PEF both red CVs focused the BB I was with (defending our cap from red DD) with cross-drops, wiping him out by overwhelming his repair and heal, then doing the same to me. All in the span of just a couple minutes. I think I ended the game with around 11k damage done. Ugh. Respects, Am