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  1. Like the Spanish Inquisition, no one expects Asashio guns.
  2. Perhaps the single most notable difference between the hero and the goat lies in the final results. Like any ship-type (imo), taking a risk outside what might normally be expected given the circumstances can lead either to a great deal of salt or a hero's parade. Respects, Am
  3. Amracil

    Wargaming lacks direction

    My opinions, for what they are worth. I don't think CVs will ever be perfectly balanced. The game is constantly evolving, new ships constantly introduced, with new gimmicks, strengths and weaknesses. Global changes to game mechanics happen. From my perspective, that suggests that the best WGing can do is strive for as much balance as possible. They seem to be doing that. Much more than most games I have played. Though it seems at times that an ax is used when a scalpel might have worked, I believe WGing are trying to move us toward relative balance to the best of their ability. The swinging back and forth of the "pendulum of balance" will likely always have people on the forums up in arms about something. I am a DD main, though I have played everything quite a bit at this point. (Though not too much CV since the rework.) I have never been invited to a DD Mafia get-together. Must be my new cologne. I do not advocate for the removal of CVs. Nor do I advocate for the ability to play without CVs, or any other ship type. I advocate playing if the current iteration of the game is fun. And playing something else, or engaging in real life, if the current iteration of the game is not fun. I also advocate for allowing people their opinions on these forums, no matter how much we may disagree. And I consider assigning ulterior motives to total strangers who may have a different point of view simply an effective and popular way of convincing ourselves that their argument lacks validity. Both sides in most serious discussions here generally make good points. And despite the occasional vitriol, I always learn something from these debates. Respects, Am
  4. Played three games last night. Three lopsided blowouts with half the team seemingly unaware of how to use their high-tier Premium ships (many with less than 500 games played in total on their account) culminating with a game in which a Daring captain sailed across the map, from one side to the other, in our spawn, then hid behind an island and stopped playing when team members were asking him to do something, anything, to help the team. Decided to call it a night and gave up on the Hill, the Benham, the grind-fest of missions, and playing the game with the same commitment and investment of time on a daily basis. In short, WoWS has, at least in the short term, broken my desire to play for hours at a stretch. Respects, Am
  5. Amracil

    No Benham for me....

    Sure sorry to see this, brother. Went through something similar many years ago and would not wish it on anyone. Here's hoping your insurance covers it and that they get people out to make repairs right away. Respects, Am
  6. Amracil

    Should I slowly go up the tiers?

    Given how few games you have played, I think you are putting the cart before the horse a bit, honestly. It takes no time to get any line to T5. Try all the BB lines. And I recommend trying some CL and DD lines as well. This will give you an idea of what actually suits you, rather than trying to force a possibly square peg into a round hole by playing what you currently think is a neat line to play. Others have given excellent advice. Learn the game. The WoWS Wiki is a great place to get more information about ships, how things work, etc. Beyond what has already been said, my single piece of advice is to take your time. There is no real reward for rushing to higher tiers. In fact, I believe players that do so often find themselves unable to handle the increased level of challenge, getting frustrated, and leaving the game. Whatever you decide, I hope you have fun with it. Respects, Am
  7. Amracil

    remove cap zones from random battles

    Meaning no disrespect, allow me to offer counter points. 1. Caps add depth and dimension to the game beyond "shoot until dead." Another way, of course, is mission-based scripted games such as what we have with the scenarios. Myself, I like cap zones. Though you plainly disagree, I believe they encourage teamwork. As a DD main (though I play pretty much everything) cap circles can represent an opportunity for me to contribute that does not require using main guns. Though you did not detail your thoughts, it seems that you would like to see more realistic fleet actions. Coordinated fleet actions would require more focused teamwork. If the current system makes anything clear, I believe it is that putting twelve players together, some of whom have not studied the game or naval warfare strategy or tactics at all, generally results in more chaos than coordination. A system that required more coordination would, in my opinion, likely result in much more frustration for players who have studied the game to understand the most effective ways to win, many team mates refusing to play roles ("you're not the bossa me!") that would be critical to team success. 2. This game is not a sim. It gives a respectful nod to history with ship design and mechanics, but is a rock/paper/scissors/Spock game with historical visuals and has never really pretended otherwise. For those of us who came to the game for what it is, who have enjoyed it for what it is, and who have spent time learning the ins and outs of the game as it is, your suggestion (in my opinion) represents a meta shift even more radical than the recent CV changes. It would, for me, represent an entirely new game. One I am not sure I would enjoy nearly as much as what we have now. Respects, Am
  8. Seal-clubbing adventure. lol
  9. Amracil


    Hey, brother. As a fellow player and old man, I will share a couple thoughts. First... you can check your stats here. Note that there are overall stats, 21-day stats and 7-day stats. When I first discovered this tool and started trying to get better I think my win percentage was around the same that you have now, more or less. Steps I took toward improved play included: - Moving back to lower tiers and into ships I felt I had a decent understanding of - Picking one tier, then playing one ship type at that tier until I could see my play stats measurably improving for that ship type - Doing this for multiple ship types at the tier, then moving up a tier and repeating (did not do it with everything, but a fair number) - Installing the Modstation and making use of some of the tools found there. (Link is to two short Youtube videos about how to find, install, and make use of Modstation.) - Making myself use the zoom-out and zoom-in key after EVERY double-click volley in order to make myself continuously be on the lookout for new threats or shot opportunities - Making use of some of the optional settings in the game, such as Last Position Marker (in order to know where things were last seen), etc. - Playing the game in divisions with players better than myself while on voice-comms (we use Mumble and Discord, but whatever your group uses works. It's all the same, really.) - Following in-game advice from said better players immediately, whether I understood or not, and then watching the replays later in order to see what they saw that led them to make the recommendation I have said for years now that this is a very complex game smeared with a veneer of arcade game simplicity. The well of information that can help improve game play is deep and I have certainly not made use of it all. The suggestions above are just some of what can be done. Others include researching the WoWS wiki, Reddit, Facebook Dev page, and a host of other great resources. I salute your continued efforts and wish you success and continued enjoyment of the game! Respects, Am
  10. German Dasha. Elegance and a commanding presence. Respects, Am
  11. Amracil

    Farragut or Nürnberg

    I recommend the Nürnberg. Though you will often see T8 ships, Nürnberg is best (imo) as a long-range ship. Relatively nimble, at long ranges she can dodge a lot of incoming fire. Avoid showing your side and make use of the double rear turrets to keep things burning. The Farragut, though fun, has a relatively short effective firing range with her high U.S. DD gun arcs. In a CV and radar heavy meta you are likely to find yourself more or less constantly spotted when not in smoke. And many T8 DDs will have a significant detection range advantage that will make being effective very challenging regardless. Respects, Am
  12. Playing the New Mexico is a bit like many relationships. First she is perfect and makes you want her all day, every day. Then, once you are confidently rockin' your dad bod and feeling all is right with the world, she fights you tooth and nail over things you thought were set in stone years ago. The honeymoon is over, brother. Respects, Am
  13. It may consider Credits and Doubloons in-game currency. If I remember correctly, if you are using the Doubloons-only camouflage, there is not a "pay with Credits" option. Only Doubloons. If you had some in your inventory and they ran out, they will be used and your Doubloons used as payment, as long as you have "auto-replenish" checked. I think. Respects, Am