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  1. Amracil

    Your very first Premium was?

    If I remember right (questionable) I bought the Murmansk and Marblehead on the same day, back to back, a couple minutes apart. At some later date the AFT/BFT nerfs took place, which changed things for both ships. I still play them and have fun doing it. Respects, Am
  2. Amracil

    Code for 10 camos + flag - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Thanks for sharing, brother. Worked great. Respects, Am
  3. Amracil

    Russian DD play, captains, etc

    I could never consistently do well with Tashkent or Udaloi at tier nine. Both point in the direction of what is to come, but neither can do it very well. Not to say you cannot have good games with them. You can. It was tough for me, though. But with Khabarovsk and Grozovoi I do pretty well. For me, the painful tier nine grinds were richly rewarded with the tier ten ships. Respects, Am
  4. Amracil

    Tier VII BB Lyon

    Lyon is a French BB, brother. You can see all the stats in the Wiki. Respects, Am
  5. Amracil

    VMF DD Choice

    If it is about fun, I recommend based on what you stated above that you give the Grozovoi line your focus. Khabarovsk play is much more one-dimensional. Make no mistake, you can rack up insane damage with the Khabarovsk run and gun approach. My average damage in Khabarovsk so far is about twice what I average in Grozovoi. But if you like getting in close, contesting caps, spotting enemy DDs, using effective torpedoes and in general feeling like you are more a part of the game, I think Grozovoi is the way to go. I have much more fun playing Grozovoi, personally. Whatever you decide, I hope you have fun with it! Respects, Am
  6. Add them to the game? Sure. Though there currently are some different mod options for the same info, and players currently have choices about which to use, which I consider a plus. Ban them because some don't want to use them? No. While I am not sure I will ever understand not wanting to use things that add to the game and are sanctioned by WGing, I respect your right to not use them if that is your wish. But the idea that because you don't want to play it unless it is in the vanilla client no one should... can't agree with that line of reasoning, brother. You do know that WGing have their own approved Modstation, right? I actually like their approach. Approved mods give players more choices. Some mods have been rolled into the vanilla game over time, of course. And they may add more over time. Respects, Am
  7. If Fubuki is as far as you plan to move up that branch, Shiratsuyu and the door to Akizuki/Kitakaze/Harugumo is the way to go. I really enjoy torpedo boats, but have enjoyed playing Kitakaze since buying the ship recently. Honestly, I keep expecting the nerf bat to be liberally applied to Kitakaze at any time. Respects, Am
  8. Amracil

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    I readily admit I have checked stats on players bent on telling me and/or others how to play the game. If their stats are solid, I try to take their advice, even if it was delivered in the form of an insult. If their stats are lousy, I figure they just needed to blow off some steam and I was the unlucky recipient of their ire. I have actually learned some things from angry players in the game as the result of my having done something foolish. In the forums it is usually pretty straightforward when someone is trolling. Don't need stats to see that. And I try not to use stats as a cudgel in the forums. There are plenty of ways to disagree politely, or to simply walk away from the discussion. It's just a game forum, after all. Though I do try to be respectful when responding to anyone here, regardless. One thing not yet mentioned is that some of us have physical limitations. Let's face it. Some of us are not kids any more. Arthritis and other terrors of having lived a while, or disease of some sort, can limit our ability to accomplish in game what our mind certainly understands needs to be done. I try to keep that in mind, as well. Respects, Am
  9. Amracil

    Invisible ships back again

    If you have never watched them, these do a pretty good job of explaining it all. Respects, Am
  10. Amracil

    Help choose a Cruiser line for me

    As others have mentioned, you might like the IJN line. But if you like speed, I encourage you to consider the French cruiser line as well. Respects, Am
  11. Amracil

    Kobayashi Maru

    This game illustrates pretty well the "angle and throw it into reverse" approach. That situation happens at about the 11:00 minute mark, after the friendly Gascogne was sunk, where I angled against a Richelieu heading right at me and counted on my team mates to take care of the enemy Alsace that had my broadside. Alsace was kept too busy to worry about me. And the Richelieu in front of me found the experience less than satisfying. Yeah, I got lucky. But it does illustrate what has been recommended above. Respects, Am
  12. So many thousands of games. Hard to pick a "best game" with my DDs. But any DD game where I feel at the end that I somehow managed to drag my team across the finish line for the win gives me the same enjoyment. Here is one example. Respects, Am
  13. Amracil

    I just put my cat to sleep

    A feeling I understand well, brother. Whether in a better place or just gone, you have prevented her needlessly suffering. We must all make that final walk from this world but the gift of making it peaceful, sleepy and surrounded by love... that is a gift beyond measure whatever comes beyond it. The emptiness and hollowness are a part of losing anyone we love. You were party to a long life filled with warmth and joy, and now shoulder the burden of having, as a consequence of your love for her, ensured that her final moments were the best possible despite the loss you knew you were certain to feel. For that, I salute you. May time diminish the grief of loss, leaving you with only the countless wonderful memories and the knowledge that, when her time came, you had the courage to do what was best for her. Respects, Am
  14. I use this one. There is some info about their ratings on the site. Not sure about whether it lines up with WN8, as I am not a tanks player. Respects, Am
  15. Amracil

    Thoughts on the Asashio

    I agree with a lot of what you said, brother. Particularly about using the ship to spot and contest caps. I think the torpedoes might, as you suggest, cause a fair number of players to sit back and make use of that torpedo range, rather than pushing in and getting close. But I believe it is possible to spot and do damage. Respects, Am