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  1. Edited: Removed my entry after a little more thought. Don't want to be the only one.
  2. I linked to the page: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/video-detonated-the-radio-star/ I wondered if I was supposed to link to wo.ws/funtage but that seemed to take me to an account creation page, so I didn't use it. Anyway, thank you for the information and your time to reply I will just hope I have everything right at this point. I am sure it would be a big job for the team to go through all the submissions and offer rulings about what qualifies and what does not. Still hoping to see other submissions posted here. I bet some of them are really good. Respects, Am
  3. Thanks for the reply, Gneisenau! Though now I am wondering if I am missing something important? Forgive me for being a bit dense, but when you say "after you submit your work to the contest" do you mean I am to send the link to someone? I have the hashtags and description on the uploaded video, and a general description of my page in the "About" section of my page. But being somewhat hashtag-illiterate I am unsure if there is something else I am supposed to do. I thought perhaps the use of those hashtags would alert you to the video having been posted? And I must admit that your mention of following the contest rules has me concerned that I have not done so. If I am missing something critical but it is a matter that would take significant time to explain to me, I will understand if you are unable to walk me through it. But I thought I would ask. Respects, Am
  4. To some great team players

    Yeah... it was late and I wanted to get in a game before bed. Imagine my surprise on seeing the team I was going to be working with.
  5. To some great team players

    Very nice of you to post that up. Last time I played that scenario we had two Fubuki on the team. Though they did their best, it was a crushing defeat, as they were not really able to contribute much of anything. Thanks for sharing! Am
  6. Just edited the post with that info, but too late! It was about twelve years ago, brother.
  7. Great pictures! Looks like they have some new things to see. Me and another Scout leader took a group of Scouts for the overnight twelve years or so ago. They were also able to get their Aviation Merit Badge as there were some naval aviators that gave an approved lecture/class when we were there. The spooky stories in a dark ships hold, flashlights the only light, was something the boys really loved. And being able to sleep in the bunks, though some complained at the time, was something they all remember to this day. There were games in the hangar, lots of exhibits, and we also had the benefit of an excellent docent who told us a lot of detail we might never have otherwise known. Thanks for sharing! Am
  8. Ahoy there, Gneisenau! May we post our submissions here? I would love to be able to see the other submissions! Many thanks! Am
  9. I would love to see the other contributor's work. Can we get a ruling about whether we can post them here? Many thanks!
  10. Tired of the OP Ship Thing

    My favorite tech-tree ship for a long time was the Minekaze. I was told the Kamikaze clones would likely never be sold again. But the Kamikaze was sold for three days or so just ahead of the IJN DD line split and the nerfs to Isokaze and Minekaze, so I bought it as a way to keep playing what was essentially a pre-nerf Minekaze. I was decent in the Minekaze, and have improved since buying the Kamikaze. But I think that has been more a case of my becoming a better player, really. I agree that the ship is very good. But it is a lot better in the hands of someone familiar with how to play it and who may have a 17-19 point captain to put in it. And I think that is the case for a handful of other ships, too. Giulio, Belfast, Kutuzov, Nicolai, Gremy, etc. So much so that in the hands of a player who knows how to get the most out of these ships they can be monsters. But so can the Clemson and some other tech-tree ships. Respects, Am
  11. Fubuki and Kagero are very fun! If you like the Kagero, I bet you are going to like the Yugumo. I have had some monster games in it and it is a ship I really enjoy playing. Are you working on the other IJN DD line at all? Akizuki is a lot of fun, though I am really just beginning to get a feel for how to play it. And I understand there will be a T9 and T10 added to that line in the not too distant future that have a similar sort of "gunboat" design. Respects, Am
  12. Congratulations on the win, and on feeling like things are beginning to click for you as far as anticipating and countering! I do not recall a particular game where I began to have that feeling. But I imagine it was with a combination of Minekaze and Mutsuki (prior to the IJN DD line split) in destroyers. And that would have been quit a long time ago now. Eventually I began to have that feeling in cruisers and battleships. But my intuition still leads me to make the wrong decision roughly half the time, if my stats are to be believed. I was just beginning to get that feeling in CVs when I stopped playing them in anticipation of CV game-play being re-worked. May your instincts continue to lead you to victory! Respects, Am
  13. What do you think of the Marblehead?

    When I bought it the Marblehead could occasionally be top-tier in a battle. These days it is generally up-tiered, often to a T7 match, where it struggles, being a target of choice for pretty much anything and everything. As others have said, Murmansk is the better of the two ships. I have both, enjoy playing both, but it can be frustrating dealing with ships that have much better range and damage potential. At least they gave it a small buff last year. Respects, Am
  14. A Discussion About Mods

    I understand your points, brother. I really do. Started playing competitively online in '99 with a game much more complex and grognard-oriented that, in its final form, was significantly dumbed down, much to the disappointment of myself and many others. But at this stage of online gaming, it seems to me, with the proliferation of F2P games, this one included, making the game more accessible to average players is likely a critical element for success as a business. In '99 people plunked down $50 up front to play a game. These days the majority pay nothing at all. So people like you and I that enjoy complexity and challenge are faced with the fact that the current online gaming business model is and must be geared toward casual players, the idea being to make the game easy enough to play that people might enjoy it without the need to make learning how to play another full-time job. There is complexity in the game, for certain. And learning more does, in my opinion, help a player win more. But a new player can get into the game and play (particularly at lower tiers) without the need to learn very much because WG (and rightly so, in my opinion) want to maintain their player base numbers sufficient to keep their paying customers around. So I guess I am saying I can live with the fact that this game is not as hard to do well at as some other games I have played, that it seems to have been designed to create something of a sandbox for newer players to enjoy (to a point), and that I am glad that someone with the desire to excel and the time to devote to practicing and studying the finer points of the game can and do seem to have more success as measured by wins and losses. As for the mods you mentioned, I can see where you are coming from. But I think this falls under the same umbrella I described above. So I can live with it. Respects, Am The new ModStation that WoWS have put out is really nice, brother. It updates automatically after a game version change and remembers all your prior settings. Respects, Am
  15. Do you GG on a lose?

    I try to type, "GG, reds! <O" pretty much every time. Some games I am alive and trying not to get sunk right up to the last second and cannot type it out. But otherwise, yeah. I try to do it regardless. Respects, Am