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  1. Amracil

    Strange random

    We have all had those days. And sometimes we are the reason. Respects, Am
  2. Amracil

    Error with Twitch/Amazon Prime offer

    More than a few others have had similar issues, myself included. Have a look at this thread. There was a path to success outlined there that worked for me. Respects, Am
  3. Thanks, brother! Followed your instructions and PRESTO! There it was. Sure appreciate the help! Respects, Am
  4. You will need to go to the claim page to claim them. Did that initially. Went back and did it again after re-linking Amazon Prime to Twitch. Still no sign of it when I was in game. But really no big deal. And maybe it will show up later when I am able to log back in. Thanks, Fem.
  5. Someone commented the other day that they heard a member of the crew complaining about the borscht and caviar served in the crew's mess. Other than that, probably not.
  6. Un-linked them. Re-linked them. Still nothing. Oh, well. Still appreciate the heads up! <O Respects, Am
  7. All linked up. Got a message saying it was claimed. But nothing showed up in game. Must have botched something somewhere. lol
  8. Amracil

    comparable to Kitikaze?

    Nothing is really comparable, imo. Minsk/Leningrad can HE spam from range, in smoke or not, but Minsk has only 4 km range on the torpedoes and neither has anywhere near the rate of fire. If you are looking for ships that might help you get a handle on how to play the Kitakaze, there are not many that are better than learning to play Akizuki. But that is T8. How are you playing the Kitakaze? Knowing how you are playing it might help others here to offer suggestions regarding tactics and use of the ship, if that is something you are interested in. Guessing you are struggling with the ship and that is driving your question. If not, what is? Respects, Am
  9. Amracil

    You Don't See This Too Often

    Last time I was in a game with only 1 DD it was very ugly for the team without one. I was playing Fushun. Hilarity ensued. Made a 90-second recap video for a forum contest. Respects, Am
  10. Amracil

    Jingles' misidentification - joke is on me

    Jingles is famous for misidentifying ships. Guessing that was done by design to make him as much like the actual Jingles as possible.
  11. Congrats! Always nice to have a new toy to play with. Respects, Am
  12. Amracil

    Mini Map is NOT the Map I played on......

    Mini-map looks like some sort of amphibious assault mini-game event. hehe
  13. Amracil

    Permanent camo

    I have seen these costs cut in half numerous times for various in-game sale events through the years. OP could always wait for that to happen again. Pretty sure it will. Respects, Am
  14. Amracil

    Opinion of Kitikaze

    IFHE helps a lot. Here is an old video I made. It was my second game in the ship. But I think it illustrates some of the strengths of the ship. I generally try to stay alive and deal damage to targets of opportunity. Mid to late game that rate of fire is devastating. And as the video shows, if you catch a torpedo-reliant DD in open water, it really is no contest. Also makes a great HE spammer, lighting fire after fire on BBs. If you can smoke up and let others spot for a minute, you can burn a lot of things down. I have come to really enjoy the ship. I hope you find your way to fun with it! Respects, Am
  15. Amracil

    what the heck is this?

    Are you running mods that alter the game appearance? If so, that's where I would start looking. Respects, Am