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  1. Until I got the hang of it, Colorado was a tough one for me. Then everything clicked and I did amazingly (for me) well in the ship. Still, it was not fun for me at all and I sold the ship about a minute after buying the North Carolina despite the Colorado being the battleship I was most effective (as far as stats are concerned) playing. I hung on to the New Mexico though, which also took me some time to get used to. Despite the slow speed, I love those guns at mid and close ranges. Respects, Am
  2. Balance suggestions

    Hey brother. Not going to go the "stat-shame" road here, though I will reference them a bit. A cursory look at your stats tells me that you are being sunk roughly four out of five games played. This suggests that you are playing too aggressively, overextending without support, and being focus-fired until you sink. What you are calling "camping in the back," while it does happen in the way I take you to mean, can often be more accurately described as "making use of range and cover." Your two most played ships (by far) are battleships. Getting caught alone in a BB in a high-tier match is often, perhaps four out of five times (wink wink) going to end badly. A friendly suggestion: avoid the temptation to push ahead. Force yourself to make use of range and cover, though it may feel strange. Look for opportunities to make shots that matter, rather than being the focus of most of the red team. Here are a few videos that might help: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Gotta change your approach in some way, brother. And staying alive longer allows you to contribute damage and kills throughout the game. That alone can make a difference. Respects, Am
  3. Balance suggestions

    A few things... You are still fairly new to the game, brother. Looks like the only thing you have played so far is U.S. battleships. Nothing wrong with that, of course. But it means you can't really understand the challenges a destroyer player faces or the relative effectiveness of their main weapon system. You can only anecdotally say that you have been killed by torpedoes what seems to you a fair number of times. That being the case, a couple suggestions. When you are loading into the game, look at what ships are on the red team. If there are destroyers, assume that any time you are spotted a destroyer is trying to land torpedoes on your hull. Change your speed and direction frequently. Remember that torpedoes take much longer to reach you than your guns take to reach their target. If a destroyer captain launches torpedoes at where you seem to be going, but you change your speed and direction even slightly, his torpedoes will likely miss you. Play destroyers a little. Nothing will give you an appreciation for them, or the ability to counter them, like playing them and understanding the way they work and the way a destroyer captain must think. And Youtube is your friend. New Mexico appears to be your favorite ship at present. Google "WoWS New Mexico" and watch some videos, many from community contributors with thousands of games under their belt and a firm grasp of the game mechanics, to learn how to make the most of your ship's abilities. This is a complex game covered in a veneer of arcade-like simplicity. Taking a little time to learn the game at a deeper level and applying what you learn in game will likely help alleviate some of your seeming frustration. Hoping you continue to enjoy the game for a long time. Respects, Am
  4. where is my purchased permanent camouflage

    Gotta go to the EXTERIOR tab, then open the CAMOUFLAGE section in the box on the left side of your screen, select the new perma-camo (should be top left), then click the MOUNT button and finally, make sure the Auto-resupply icon is lit (click it.) I hope that makes sense. It has to be mounted on your ship like any other camo. But once you do that, and have Auto-resupply enabled, it will be there forever. Respects, Am
  5. where is my purchased permanent camouflage

    I didn't know that was being offered. I know there are some Sharks and Eagles permanent camouflages available, but thought it was only for Des Moines, Worcester, and maybe Salem? And those have to be purchased with Eagles and Sharks points earned in the ongoing event. Is there any chance you bought the regular T6 premium camouflage for the Budyonny? Those do cost 1000 doubloons. Respects, Am *Edit to add: Here is the Go Navy! Competition link.
  6. Day six as a new player

    Welcome to the game! There is no good reason to rush through the tiers. Take your time. Learn what each tier has to teach you and try multiple ship types and nationalities to learn what you like and how to counter the rest. You are still covered by protected matchmaking. Once you get to tier five the difficulty level rises pretty dramatically as you are facing up to tier seven ships and much more experienced players a lot more regularly. Being in a hurry to climb through the tiers only moves the metaphorical slider from "predator" toward "prey." This can and often does lead to frustration and burnout. Here's hoping you enjoy the game for a long time. Respects, Am
  7. My day yesterday.

    Had a very similar day yesterday myself. Lots and lots of losses, no matter what I contributed (or did not). Congrats on getting that emblem. Respects, Am
  8. Don't know that it matters, but for those who have already signed up, I read on the sign-up page: "Registration Period: August 8th (6am PT) - 12th (10pm PT)" It being only the 7th as of this writing, I thought I would point it out - just in case. I think I will wait until tomorrow to sign up. Selected or not, I am so glad to see this kind of event in play again! Respects, Am
  9. super containers Lack OF

    Was surprised to win 1000 doubloons from a supercontainer last week after choosing a signals container. It can happen, though plainly not all that often. Hang in there! Respects, Am
  10. The baby aggro effect...

    Congratulations, sir, to you and your beautiful bride! If there is anything more amazing than a person being created through an act of love, I have yet to encounter it. It's been over 28 years since the birth of my son. Wouldn't change a thing. Hoping you can one day say the same, brother. Respects, Am
  11. Congratulations, Captain_Kylere! That's like seeing a leprechaun... sitting on a unicorn... a blue moon behind them on the horizon. *poker-face* Respects, Am
  12. Stick with the longer range on your torpedoes. As others have said, the trick is to remain unseen, making use of your torpedoes. Not always an easy task, and now more challenging than ever. IJN guns are (imo) very accurate, but I recommend using them only when you are reasonably sure your volley will finish off your target. Because once you fire, your detection range expands out to your gun range for 20 seconds, which can be plenty of time for the red team to put lots of holes in your ship. Adrenaline Rush skill will help a little, but not enough, imo. And Adrenaline Rush does nothing about the abysmally slow turret traverse. Picking a fight with pretty much any other DD head to head in a Hatsuharu will generally not have good results. Having said all that, landing torpedoes is a challenge that requires a great deal of intuition and the ability to coalesce what you see, what is on the mini-map, and what your instincts are telling you into a firing solution in only seconds. And even when you do that, quite often you will fire torpedoes into an area where a spotter plane or hydroacoustic search will allow the red team to see them well in advance of their being a real threat. While I know many disagree, claiming that playing a DD is as simple as launching a wall of torpedoes and waiting for the next kill, I believe success in a DD, particularly a torpedo boat, to be the greatest challenge I have had in this game. Respects, Am
  13. Wrong Answers Only: 13

    Obviously that is the USS Baby Ruth, terror of the public swimming pool.
  14. Who have you seen in game

    A quick note of appreciation to @Landing_Skipper for his kind words when we were on the same team earlier today while I was playing my Shimakaze. Much appreciated, brother. Truly. Respects, Am
  15. My two credits worth, taken with a healthy pinch of salt, of course. Securing the cap was a good idea. I can understand why you hung out in the smoke until you had it. But better positioning against the possibility of a torpedo strike from the north side of the cap might have made sense. I know Akizuki turns like a brick, and is not exactly fast. (I have some games in the ship, myself.) But you can save yourself some deletions over time by positioning against what might be on the way toward your smoke clouds. It seems you recognize running for B was not a good idea. I think I might have run back south to support my teammates down there. Might have been able to start a lot of fires on those red boats trying to push south while they were engaged with your mates, plus the possibility of landing a torpedo or two as they pushed or tried to turn around and run. Good choice, going with AP at close ranges. Though I think you might have survived had you angled away. Akizuki is big and he landed a lot of shells on you. Of course the trade-off is that you would not have had as many guns firing on him. Maybe both of you would have survived. But in those cases stealth can be your friend, allowing you to use torpedoes or to catch him with his guns facing away from you a minute or two later. Two kills in a few minutes is a nice trade, imo. Well done, despite me saying I might have done it differently. Respects, Am (*Edit to add: looked to me like you do not have "Last known position" markers enabled. If not, go into your settings and have a look there. Can really help you keep an eye on potential danger areas. - Am)