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  1. Amracil

    Just a frustration rant

    A few thoughts, offered with sincere hope that you can continue to enjoy the game. - This is an extremely complex game covered in a veneer of arcade game simplicity. You will need patience in abundance to improve your play, brother. There is a lot to learn. - Only at T10 are you not going to be up-tiered. Get used to it. Learn how to counter and avoid. It can be done. - If by "bars and stars" you are referring to rank numbers allow me to assure you that those numbers do not mean "great player." Anyone willing and able to play a lot can climb quite far in ranked by riding on the coat-tails of better players. Don't let that number by their name convince you otherwise. - There are many ways to get past some of the frustration. Taking a break, learning more about the game, practicing in training rooms and Co-Op, etc. But you will enjoy the game a lot more if you focus on getting a handle on one ship before you move to the next ship. There is no reason to be in a hurry. Impatience and/or a need to climb through the tiers quickly is an almost certain recipe for continued frustration and eventual burnout. - Might want to find a clan, make some friends to division with, and learn from more experienced players. - There is a real wealth of information here in the players that frequent the forums. If you ask for advice about a particular ship you will generally receive some useful tips. Respects, Am
  2. From this post: 5. Be Patient. This cannot be overstated. There is a lot to learn, appreciate, and enjoy in this game. Trying to learn and experience it all in a hurry is almost certain to be a frustrating and demoralizing experience. Take your time. Play lots of games in low-tier ships. Don't rush into higher-tier play until you really have a grasp on what your current tier has to teach you. There is no great reward for reaching Tier 10. Sure, the ships are better. But if you rush to get there you will not understand the fundamentals of playing at that tier, and you will be playing against players with many thousands of games under their belt and a deep understanding of how the game works to rely on. Learn all the fundamentals you can before you approach high-tier play. You are much more likely to enjoy this game long term with this approach. There really is no reason to hurry up the tier ladder. No experienced player I know thinks there is a correlation between having high-tier ships and having skill in the game. But it is often very easy to identify players that may have rushed up the tier in a particular line, outrunning their experience and game knowledge with a ship and at a tier that they are not really prepared for. (Been there. Done that.) My advice is to expand into the game broadly before expanding into the game deeply. Try multiple ship types and multiple nations. Really get a handle on not only the play style that will allow you to succeed at each tier, but on knowing the ships you are fighting against. And for most of us, that takes time. Respects, Am
  3. Amracil

    OpEd: I Like This Game!

    Nice post, brother. Thanks for sharing. I hope a lot of new players will take a few minutes to read about your experience with the game here. Respects, Am
  4. Amracil

    First Strike Fridays - Early Leads

    I guess I would have to say, "It usually doesn't seem like it does." Losing that first ship decreases the team numbers by roughly 8.3%, but there are a few other things to consider. Did that first ship die because the player does not have a solid grasp of the fundamentals (e.g. Nurnberg rushing alone into a cap vs. several DDs that have cruiser and BB support) or did someone make an excellent play and take out a unicum player early? If the former, it likely doesn't matter much. If the latter, it can have a huge impact. My guess is that unicum players fall prey to a First Strike far less often than someone like myself. Was the first ship destroyed a bottom tier ship or a top tier ship in the game? Losing a Nicholas early is not good. Losing a Belfast early in the same T5-T7 game probably hurts more. I have wondered if more people will press an advantage in numbers or if more people will fall back and make the enemy team press to make something happen for their team. I've seen both happen. We've all seen the NFL team that gets an early lead switch to playing a "Prevent" defense, allowing huge yardage gains and, it seems to me, often allowing the enemy team to score more easily. And we have also seen those same teams continue to press for more points only to fumble, or to have the ball intercepted and returned for a touchdown. All the many variables aside, in my opinion the First Strike does not appear to impact win/loss too much in any given game. Respects, Am
  5. Amracil

    Watery Grave Wednesdays - Most Tonnage Sunk

    Nine in König, once. A fluke. Here's a 90-second recap of one I am more proud of. :-)
  6. Amracil

    Forum Karma

    Friendly point of clarification, brother. The OP wants the Worcester to be nerfed. Respects, Am
  7. Amracil

    T-61 vs Shinonome

    I have both and like both a lot. T-61 has guns that reload in half the time and the ship also boasts Hydroacoustic Search. It's plenty different, imo. Respects, Am
  8. 1.3 km detection on those torps at 65 kts + whatever your speed was relative to them = DAMN those things came at me fast. heh Respects, Am
  9. Thanks for this, brother. I made a couple short introduction videos for ICOP players that, if you don't mind, I will share here in case others might benefit from knowing more. Not trying to steal any of your thunder, and really do appreciate your video, the time you spent on it, and the fact that you shared it here. If you'd rather I don't have mine here, just let me know and I will remove. Respects, Am
  10. Amracil

    [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    The "Alt Minimap" still has little solid rectangles where letters should be for ship names on the mini-map. I really like the Alt Minimap, but not having ship names at a glance makes it currently unusable for me. It's been this way for since the last update. Not pushing, but wanted to toss this back up here in case anyone is tracking current unresolved mod issues. Respects, Am
  11. Amracil

    a newcomer question

    Hey, brother! Welcome to the forums! I am going to be honest here, but nothing that follows is meant as disrespect to you. It is simply a sincere attempt to give you a straight answer, one player to another. I note that other than the Massachusetts, a T8 BB, your highest tier ship is T3. At lower tiers there are a lot of players still struggling with game mechanics. How do I zoom in and out? Which button fires? There is a way to fire all guns at once? What is that flashy thing on my screen and that soun- Oh, I just got hit by a torpedo! How do I shoot down planes? How do I navigate around this island withou- damn... I just crashed into an island. You get the idea. For players still in that phase of learning the game, tactics and situational awareness are generally not yet on the table. Even if they understand the concepts, trying to apply them while learning game mechanics like knowing what the information on the mini-map and main screen are telling you constantly is pretty overwhelming. In your Massachusetts, if you are experiencing this, I think there are two explanations that are most likely. The first is that there are quite a few terrible players in any free-to-play online game and WoWS is no exception. And even the worst of players can, by just continuing to play, eventually end up with high-tier ships. I might fall into that category myself. And the second is that there is a surprising complexity to this game that is covered by a veneer of arcade game simplicity. And if you have less than fifty games in tiers 1 through 3, then jump into a T8 ship that requires a lot of game knowledge and (arguably) a highly trained and specialized ships' captain to make proper use of, it is very unlikely that you know enough about the game (detection ranges, spotting mechanics, when to use HE or AP, how to avoid torpedoes, making use of the mini-map, positioning on any given map, etc.) to be effective and that your own lack of experience with the game might be creating a false impression of your team mates. In other words, they may be doing the smart thing in many cases, while you are not, but you might not have the experience with the game to recognize that. Your average damage in the Massachusetts is roughly one third that of the server average, which suggests that you have not yet really gained a handle on some important things about the game, the ship, or both. Your team mates may very well be aware of and seeing things that you are not. Not in every case, to be sure. But given your relative inexperience with the game, it is probable that most players will have a bit more "big picture" understanding of the game than you likely currently do. There are some great community contributors that post up very helpful and informative Youtube videos ranging from general game knowledge to "how-to" play a particular ship to maximum advantage. If you have not already done so, allow me to respectfully suggest that you type in "WoWS Massachusetts" and watch some videos made by very experienced players about the strengths and weaknesses of the ship. I think most of us here will agree this is a great way to learn more. And finally, I really encourage you to return to tier three and to work your way through the ship tech tree, one tier at a time. This can be done deeply (pick one nation and one ship type and climb up that ladder) or broadly (many nations and many ship types, working slowly up multiple directions at once) as you like, of course. I think a slow and broad-based approach to the game is the best teacher, personally, for what that is worth. Whatever you decide, I wish you many hours of enjoyment here playing the game! Respects, Am
  12. Amracil

    May be of interest to some.

    Sure thing, brother. Though it might be worth playing any Tier V ship you have. If you achieved the XP that the current stage of Chain 1 requires you can check to see if it shows that on the Chain 1 info box. You might not need to use the launcher on the Combat Mission page at all. Just launch and play Tier V ships from your port, then go check to see if the Daily Mission shows your progress after each game. Respects, Am
  13. Well, I note that you took out 8 boats in Murmansk, brother. Guessing it will be fun for you, too. I actually did not know about a T5 mini-ranked thingy. Thanks for the heads up about that! Will have to go find more info.
  14. Highest number of ships sunk so far is 9 in the Konig. The stars aligned or something. It was like seeing a leprechaun riding a unicorn granting wishes to passersby.