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  1. So do I. Strange that yours is not saving your replays. Do you have any mods active that relate to replays? If so, maybe removing that mod might help? Respects, Am
  2. Your last 30 replays are stored by default. Unless you have a mod getting in the way of that, the replay should be there. Weird. I hope you can find it. Games like that are a treasure! Respects, Am
  3. Amracil

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Thank you both for all you do to make this community better. Much appreciated. Sincerely. Amracil NA There were a few I picked up that were memorable, but Benham stands out as the most memorable of the year for me. As a DD main, the strengths of the ship are exactly what I most enjoy. Stealth, excellent smoke, and a seemingly endless supply of torpedoes with which to torment the enemy team make the ship a joy to play, even if it is considered a terror by those facing it. Respects, Am
  4. Amracil

    Doubloon coupon

    T-61 is solid all around at the tier. Really fun to play. Gallant is also very fun, but requires a bit more work to get results, imo. Those single-fire torpedoes can wreck face. De Grasse is a very good ship for the tier, imo. But cruisers at T6 really struggle (for me, anyway) in the current meta, especially when up-tiered. Perth is also a lot of fun, but requires a pretty specific style of play to be successful. Scharnhorst is, as many above have said, very fun and usually pretty effective. I see that you are primarily a Co-op player. Knowing that, I encourage you to pick up a Scharnhorst. The others will likely struggle when everything is pushing straight in. Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy it! Respects, Am
  5. Amracil

    Kurfurst buffed sipersion

    Seems much improved to me. Here is the first game I played in it after the buffs. Video picks up where things really started to heat up. Ended with 7 Citadel shots, a Kraken, and a warm fuzzy feeling in my gut. 10/10 - Will play again. Respects, Am
  6. Amracil


    Nice! Games like that are a part of what keeps me coming back. :-)
  7. To the OP... thank you. We were discussing the 390 days of premium Admiral's Bounty thing on the ICOP Discord over the last few days. While there is plenty of room to complain about things in the game, I have decided to take the bad with the good; glad that the game is not stagnant, that the company is working on new content, and that they are marketing to bring in new players all the time. I spent the $48 and consider it entertainment money well spent. Respects, Am
  8. Lo Yang is essentially Benson with Hydro. If you do well and enjoy Benson, you can likely make Lo Yang work for you. For me, it loses its' competitive edge when up-tiered. I have had a few decent games in it. But it is work. Cossack is a predator capable of tearing enemy DDs to pieces with terrific guns while keeping larger ships guessing with single-fire torpedoes. Sure, it only has one rack. But it reloads quickly. Careful use can have torpedoes ready pretty much all the time. And being up-tiered is not crippling. I do not have Kidd. Of the two I have, I much prefer playing Cossack. By a wide margin. Whatever you decide, I hope you have fun with it! Respects, Am
  9. Amracil

    How do i watch my replays?

    Go to: C:\Games\World_of_Warships\replays or wherever you have the game located on your machine. The game saves your last 30 matches by default, assuming you are not using a mod to alter the number. I generally copy/paste the game file I want to my desktop, leaving the original where I found it. Right-click, then... Open With Client Runner The game should open and load your replay. I hope this helps. Respects, Am
  10. Amracil

    Service Costs in Co-op Mode

    I don't play Co-op as much as Random, but this is a great post. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into it. Respects, Am
  11. Amracil

    GK just isn’t fun

    First let me say that I mean you no disrespect with any of my following comments. Having said that... Your stats suggest that you rushed through the tiers. This is pretty common, as WGing do funnel players toward high-tier ships in a variety of ways. But what is not often apparent to many newer players is that each tier, in a way, offers a slightly different game. I believe what you are experiencing is something many newer players experience. It is terribly frustrating. There is no end-game reward for acquiring a tier 10 ship. In some games the design is: start out, grind, grind, grind until you reach the pinnacle, then settle in and play the game. WoWS is really not like that. In my opinion, in this game, that mindset is almost certain to cause frustration, possible burnout, and eventual dislike of the game. What I recommend to people in my clan is to drop back down to a tier where they have at least a 50% win rate. Then work on improving their other stats at that tier. When they get to Average or Good in their stats at that tier, move up a tier. Rinse. Repeat. Each tier offers new challenges. New maps. New opposition. New tools. And increasingly experienced players to contend with. There is no shame in playing mid-tier ships. Many very experienced players prefer it, for a variety of reasons. The goal is fun. And if you are not having fun at T10, with your GK, maybe give my suggestion a try. It is a proven method to: maintain enjoyment of the game, minimize frustration, and eventually teach us the skills we need to be a little less frustrated when we do play higher tiers. Whatever you decide, I hope you stick around and continue to enjoy the game for years to come. Respects, Am
  12. Amracil


    Coal or Free XP. And does anyone have even a scrap of a hint of a whisper about when it might be released? Respects, Am
  13. Amracil

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    The end of an era, your leaving. Thanks for all you have done here and may your next job bring you many years of excitement and joy! Played this one in your honor! Respects, Am
  14. Amracil

    WG codes still working until now

    Worked fine, here. Many thanks!
  15. Actually sounds like an idea worth exploring, to me. Would make "just dodge" sound a bit less hollow. But I admit I never liked the whole "let's add rockets" (aka: napalm carpet-bombing) to the game idea. Respects, Am