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  1. Mod Pack

    You can usually find the most recent WG-approved mod-pack in this thread. Just check the last page or so for the most current download link. I hope this helps. Respects, Am
  2. Yeah... with only 83 DD games played, spread out across 15 different DDs, you are going to have no idea how to make torpedoes work. As has been said, Gremyashchy and Kamikaze are really good torpedo boats (as a DD main, I would love to have a Gremy!) but you might be best served using your Izyaslav Gremyashchy, closing to close range, and trying to land torps that way. You have 14 games in the Izyaslav, the most of any of your DDs. And at those ranges it is difficult (not impossible) to miss. The trick is getting close enough to use them. Sadly, I think you are going to struggle here no matter what advice you receive. I don't believe there is anything we can collectively offer you here that will substitute for experience. Best of luck, brother! Respects, Am *Edit: because you need a T5+ ship
  3. I read everything you wrote, brother. A couple thoughts... It could be that the relative skill difference of competing CV captains in and of itself determines whether the problem is a massive issue in any particular game. Over the entire server population you are likely correct, imo, that the issue is not massive. But whatever the chance of both a big difference between the skill/experience level of CV captains and/or a difference in capabilities of actual CVs being played is in any particular game, I think most of us will likely agree that these two issues seem to lead to a fairly large imbalance in games where it happens. Or so it seems from my perspective. I don't claim to have any answers. The problem is a thorny one. Dumbing down the CV controls (no manual drops), minimizing alpha strike damage, or simplifying the UI for CVs robs, imo, experienced players who have invested a lot of time and effort of the advantages they have worked very hard to achieve in terms of skill. I personally believe adding multiple new premium CVs before reworking overall CV game play has only served to further complicate this. There have been some solid suggestions made my others here in the forums that might (or might not) help a bit (aircraft fuel limits, AA damage increasing over time (to prevent camping planes over a DD indefinitely) and others) but I can't help believing WG will need to make significant changes to CV game play and/or the CV UI in order to reduce the potential magnitude of effectiveness between very skilled and not very skilled CV captains. I look forward to seeing where you go with this thread. Respects, Am
  4. Fog Horn Bug

    Same thing happened to me last week. Had to restart the game to stop the sound of the horn. Respects, Am
  5. If you have trouble sleeping

    I do have trouble sleeping sometimes, brother. Thanks for sharing this. Here are a couple other content providers you might like, if you have not already tried them. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXyWkUVE7uLbTf69doC_VFA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4jWo5kiyOCt4PnvF4jbaLg Respects, Am
  6. Just get rid of events already

    I like the missions and events, myself. Yes, the missions can cause some very specific forms of bad play. But bad play is pretty much an all day, every day thing anyway. I think good players likely concentrate on winning, the missions a part of that, rather than focusing on the mission (like landing 25 torpedo hits) at the expense of the game. Those that are not, well... they likely would not be helping your team much anyway, brother. The events, like Corgi Fleet, are a lot of fun. Yeah... it's a little different. And yeah... some people will do dumb things having to do with it. But like I said, they would likely be doing dumb things anyway. And the events are fun for the rest of us. Missions and events keep things interesting for me as a player, in truth. I don't always have clan mates to division with, and the missions give me a good reason to work on ships and skills I might not otherwise take the time to work on. Respects, Am
  7. Given the details you provided, I think you are wasting your time. Played and enjoyed a lot of games in Minekaze and Isokaze and even Mutsuki (976 games between the three ships) before the changes to the IJN DD line (which included some significant nerfs to Isokaze and Minekaze). Since then, sold them both and moved on. It does get better at higher tiers, imo, but it's a long grind. And the best mid-tier ship imo (Shiratsuyu) was also later clubbed with the nerf bat, taking some of the fun out of that ship also. I still play Akatsuki, Akizuki, Yugumo, Shimakaze and the Premium Shinonome and Kamikaze. But all the others... not so much. Respects, Am
  8. New Players / Veterans

    Thanks for your feedback about my comments above, brother. Much appreciated. Here's hoping your next duty assignment (or work transfer) takes you to a place where your internet connection will allow you to participate in PvP games. And yeah... though I have been irritated a time or two at toxic players, I try to live by the advice I gave above and to just move on to the next game. Respects, Am
  9. Have not received purchase

    Glad to hear it, brother! Have fun with the new shooty-boat!
  10. Have not received purchase

    Is your carousel set up to be able to see Dragon ships? If so, submit a ticket. If not, click the little gears above the right side of your ship carousel to open those options, then click the box allowing you to see Dragon ships in your carousel. It might then magically appear. Respects, Am
  11. Vampire ever comming back?

    Most things come back around. I imagine this one will, too. Wish I could say with certainty, or tell you when it will happen. But I think the smart money is on it showing back up eventually, brother. Respects, Am
  12. Citadels

    Usually I like Fiji and Molotov. But a couple days ago I got 14 citadels in, wait for it... Emerald. (Edit to add: in one game!) Respects, Am
  13. What is it with Tier V IJN and USN dds?

    Though I have played some of everything, I am very much a DD main. Currently, I have one tech-tree Tier V DD in my port (Jianwei), and that is because it is still too new for me to have decided whether to keep it or not. In my opinion, the old IJN Isokaze and Minekaze used to set the effectiveness bar very high, which led to disappointment in the Tier VI Mutsuki. The IJN DD changes nerfed the Isokaze and Minekaze, which made the change to Tier VI seem less disappointing, but made the Isokaze and Minekaze less effective. Unless you are a serious history buff (USS Nicholas, along with USS O'Bannon and USS Taylor, was awarded the honor of escorting the USS Missouri into Tokyo Bay for the Japanese surrender ceremony for her importance to the efforts in the Pacific Naval Theater, particularly early on in the war) I would sell her. Same with the Minekaze. They are not, in my opinion, worth hanging on to as anything other than ornament or historical importance. Especially if you are short on space in your port. Respects, Am (*edited for clarity)
  14. In my opinion, being aware of possible torpedo strikes is just a part of the game in the same way that being aware of showing your side to BBs is part of the game. I don't think range is really a factor in the way I think you are suggesting. Good DD players don't generally rely on range to strike targets. They rely on speed, stealth, and intuition, while spotting and capping, to put torpedoes where they guess the enemy might be a minute or so later. Sure, the occasional long range torpedo might strike something. But that is not, in my opinion, really a problem. As has been mentioned, slow speed and terrible detection on 20km torpedoes make landing hits more luck than skill at long range. Having said that, the currently under testing Asashio, if brought to the game in its current form, would concern me. But I really doubt it will make it to the live game, at least in the form it has right now. Without an ounce of rancor, your suggestion is to me about on par with asking that the long ranges on BB guns be nerfed to prevent the occasional 20km citadel hit or devastating strike. Sure, it happens. But not often enough to be more than a "strange things can happen in a battle zone" sort of thing. That's how I feel about the long range torpedoes found at higher tiers. (Though few players use them, I think.) Respects, Am
  15. Stupidity

    Islands of Ice, Domination match. southern-side spawn. Me and my clan mate spawn closest to C, me in Akizuki, he in Benson. We push the cap, but encounter two DDs and multiple large ships that all pushed to within easy striking distance of the cap. We had a Belfast pushing up with us that stopped and smoked up a kilometer or so south of the cap, taking pretty heavy fire, our BBs on that side not really in it yet. My division mate and I used cover and then smoke as the entire north side of the cap heated up, our guns blazing any time we were able to see a red DD as we tried not to get sunk. Meanwhile, our Belfast pushed into the cap, using my smoke to cover, then smoked again. Up to this point I was thrilled that we had a Belfast with us. But I noted his positioning in the smoke and told my clan mate "our Belfast is sitting at right angles to likely enemy torpedo drops. He is gonna eat a voll-" as the swarm of red torpedoes crossed to my right (I just left that position) and slammed into the Belfast, sinking him. Then, much to my surprise, came the comment: "Worthless Akizuki... if you had done your job and killed that DD." My clan mate and I had a laugh. Guy in a cruiser designed to kill DDs does something stupid and gets killed... by a DD... with two friendly DDs screening ahead of him... because he thought sitting sideways in smoke in the only hotly contested cap in the game was a good idea. You can't make this stuff up. Respects, Am