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  1. Ten hits with no kills is ridiculous. I’m struggling to understand why they were even added.
  2. rust_buckets

    Server overload

    Yes I have never seen it so bad.
  3. Happy Birthday Devil Dogs! I think it would be cool to see rank insignia from each nation.
  4. rust_buckets

    Endless Blowouts

    It’s funny I’ve just started to notice the blowout games are happening more frequent than ever. I’ve been lucky and usually have been on the winning side.
  5. rust_buckets

    Oh my god the DOUBLE CV GAMES

    So people can’t complain? If they do they should leave the game? That’s very intolerant. This is a forum and issues should be discussed. Opinions are important.
  6. rust_buckets

    Players who disable game chat....

    That’s hilarious. I never turn off chat. Sometimes a player may see the situation differently than me so I change my strategy.