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  1. LeavingForever

    FPS Drop in WoWS

    Mine dips from 76 to the mid 60s at times. Wows is the worst for fps and pricing it gets worse and worse as time goes on.
  2. LeavingForever

    Secondary Gun firing Range Is A Joke

    Some are, notably some cruiser turrets are secondaries on some bbs and it is a little disturbing that they are so low in range. Bout it.
  3. LeavingForever

    Stats say sap does more damage than ap, true?

    Holy mother of god no. Infact it's useless on extremely armored targets and even on the wiki states. I've never personally felt it blow holes through ships like ap. Now however if you can land citadel hits with it that's different. SAP is better against light cruisers and destroyers. Both are equally horrible with over pens so sap blows them away a bit. But again angle like Lert said is extremely reverent and you can have a moment where they outright deflect every major blow you give them with sap where ad a ap would've penned in that moment.
  4. LeavingForever

    Which Ships Delete You The Most

    If you are like me and main a Mino then everything and their brother deleted you.
  5. LeavingForever

    Server down?

    I can't log in either just stuck on loading screen at "waiting for authorization" I figured it was a server explosion. What's EXTREMELY crappy is this happened just as my team won a ranked match. I hope there is compensation.
  6. LeavingForever

    How much longer until 9.3?

    Look at this dude being all mathematician. Love you brother.
  7. LeavingForever

    How much longer until 9.3?

    False. Well I'm only rank 10 on ranked. If I legit bite a bullet and force it I could even out with steel. Also Euro creates contain coal and dunkirk purchase crates do. Been doing that by default. It's pretty horrible and hard.
  8. LeavingForever

    How much longer until 9.3?

    I want to get Smolensk before it is gone. I'm at 100k coal and need 83k more. I figure if it is April 8th the 9.3 update I will be able to do a ton of european quests and grind resource crates. And then will judge have to get a few more ranks on ranked and buy some dunkirk crates.
  9. LeavingForever

    How does the Jean Bart fare in 9.2 ?

    More armor in a way is a good thing. JB won't over pen anymore.
  10. LeavingForever

    Yep *sips monster zero* fps spikes are back

    And their they sometimes like to leap now as far as the high 50s. I can't wait for them to eventually hit the 20s like they did back in 2017 or 2018. Few people in game noticed. It went away last night but now that 9.2 dropped it came back. Hapa_fodder was a very kind soul that helped. Could just be my computer because alienware motherboards legitimately have issues with wargaming games. I kinda hate to sound like a cynical piece of human trash, but I know them drops are only going to get more volatile. Use to do it on a 1500 buck laptop. So badly to the point wows wouldn't run but it could run any game but it. Aye yai yai. Love you folks. Just disappointed yet again. Please remain civil in the comments please I want no one arguing. If someone can point out any issues they've had with the game that is much appreciated. Likely fact it could be ram leak from the game itself. Certain computers might react differently. Some poor fellow on one of my threads I spoke to had a decent pc but it would shoot from the 60s and into the 20s. Serious ram leak issues sometimes. Heck even in streams of this game you see fps fluxing wonkily. Welp if the mighty gods at WG hear me please look into it. At least I'm not alone. A lot of folks experience it. Inb4 your computer six. Maybe it does. I mean it is a 3500 buck computer with the best stuff money can buy. But that doesn't always give good results. Love all of you folks. Thanks for being decent though and helpful. I'll stick around until it completely hits 20 to 0 fps.
  11. LeavingForever

    Noticing the FPS isn't stable after the update.

    Yep fps spikes are back.
  12. LeavingForever

    Noticing the FPS isn't stable after the update.

    Also back in the day I use to do almost everything when my old pc wouldn't work lol. It never changed a thing. It mostly is a problem with alienware folks. And yes I use the word folks. A lot of alienware motherboards don't click well with some games.
  13. LeavingForever

    Noticing the FPS isn't stable after the update.

    It dips no lower then 68 fps in a ludicrous battle at max fps with planes and ships close quarters. Which is good but I rather it stay at 76. But fps issues and wows are not uncommon. My computer is just weird.
  14. LeavingForever

    Guess the historical captain quiz

    I am going to go out on a limb and say 21. :3
  15. LeavingForever

    Noticing the FPS isn't stable after the update.

    It seems to of fixed itself. Call me crazy but it has.