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  1. Dartinbullets

    Is Musashi better than Yamato

    I must have had a speed flag on the Musashi, did not realize it at the time, so there goes that advantage. I guess my problem is I like them both but not as much as the Montana, my favorite BB due to guns, speed and turret speed not to mention great damage control and rudder speed, part of the enhanced damage control system. They can both be fun but the Musashi earns so much more in credits being a premium ship, I don't find a lot of use for the Yamato but I still play her and may like her better as the commander gains pts. Part of the problem I have with Yamato is that the commander only has 10 pts vs 16 pt commander on Musashi. I avoided IJN line for a long time, did not care for them much. I still seem to have better luck with the guns at distance with Musashi, probably just a bias on my part I have no stats to prove it either way.
  2. Dartinbullets

    Is Musashi better than Yamato

    Musashi seems better than Yamato. Slightly faster, 28.4 kts vs 27 kts. Same guns but the Musashi guns seem more accurate to me. I consistently get better patterns with Musashi and I feel that this is a real thing. One game I was getting great patterns out of Yamato and thought these guns are really good after all. I then realized I was in the Musashi. I also seem to consistently get more credits with Musashi despite a better camo being used on Yamato. These are huge differences to me or am I letting some bias cloud my judgement. I know there are big Yamato fans out there, please convince me I'm wrong.
  3. Dartinbullets

    Yamato Nerfed?

    I had the same thing happen to me with the Montana in one game only. 28 hits and 3k damage at close range to the broadside. Then it went back to normal. That was a few days ago and no repeat problem.
  4. Dartinbullets

    Should I go down the French or British battleship line?

    I prefer the French line over the British line, a lot more fun and for the same reasons given above. Currently on the Monarch and Alsace of those lines. I like the US and IJN lines the best. The Montana and Musashi are my favorite and goto ships for earning XP and credits. After playing the Musashi, I'm definitely going for the Yamato, the guns are awesome.
  5. Dartinbullets


    I find the accuracy very good at distance. I don't fire much at targets over 27 km though and usually get a hit with a single round. I consider that good at those ranges. I really like her accuracy from 22km in. Not too good for brawling, turrets are too slow and can get sunk waiting for a shot. I will admit, I find it tough to get damage over 50k in one shot. I think I get more of the bigger hits with the Monty.
  6. Dartinbullets

    Steel for Coal and Coal to Steel Conversion

    I don't care about the coal or iron, don't get me wrong, I like getting them but they are not my goal. My goal is to enjoy playing the game and collect what I collect. I really don't think the premium ships are all that great to worry about. I may be wrong, but I'll get what ships I can and if someone plays more and is better at the game than me; then they earned their just rewards. For the DM and Monty I did put in extra time and effort into getting the upgrades for the ships, well worth it.
  7. Dartinbullets

    Montana — American Tier X battleship.

    As I stated before, my favorite ship. Between the Musashi and Montana you can earn all the credits and XP you need and have fun doing it. I got the enhanced damage control system for her which includes a rudder shift time of -30%, I find her turning pretty darn good for a T10 and her secondary guns are good IMO. Can't tell you how many times you'll get an extra sink off a DD or CL/CA while fighting another BB with main guns. I also have a 19 pt John Doe commanding her, that helps too.
  8. I don't want to see any of my ships nerfed only buffed but if they take the ships in the same tier and either buff or nerf them, I kind of expect them to do it to the premium ship as well. Now what makes a ship OP, for the most part, is the person playing it. Your play style just happens to fit the ship you're using. There are; however, some ships played too well by too many players and with enough complaints and hopefully verification by WG they change the ship. The saving grace is that they do this both ways, buff and nerf. I don't think all ships of the same tier should be the same or be equal for that matter. It's obvious WG agrees but they work at it to keep the base satisfied and/or to keep the variety of ships and any given battle to the maximum. This is how I see it and am not defending WG for their actions just stating the way I see it. I don't like a lot of the changes they make to the game but learn to adapt after a while and all the while cursing WG for their actions. I'm a below average player and that is just how it is, I need the buffs to play even, but then the good players get the same ship and I'm back where I started. Actually I don't take the time in most Random battles to play well, I like charging with a BB. In a random battle that is suicide but in co-ops it is how they should be played. Problem is co-op games go too quickly, especially with a slow ship but there is just something satisfying about 50k citadel hits.
  9. Dartinbullets

    Pan Asia ships SUX. Period

    I'm not a DD player but since I got the commander Da Rong, 10 pts, thought I'd give the line a try. Got the T2 DD, it's small guns have a ton of arc and the torps have an 8.4 km range making me dangerous. It's seems like it's flying at 36 kts, probably because it's so small. It turns on a dime and has a speed up mod. I seriously doubt I'll go any further up the line but at T2 kind of fun to play from time to time.
  10. Dartinbullets

    Best Low Tier (I-IV) ships to play this game?

    Get a couple of T1 ships, does not matter which ones, they're inexpensive and fun to play. You will learn to play better by going back to them. I keep a few on hand just for the fun of it. I also got the Charleston with coal, again, inexpensive and fun to do from time to time. If you play T6 and lower, you won't lose credits in a battle or it would be hard to, so every battle is progress till you feel like playing a higher tier again. Co-ops used to be fun with a mid to high tier ship but those days seemed to have passed. With low tier ships, random battles are more fun but the wait time makes me go to co-ops usually. I'd start with T1 and work your way up, you'll enjoy it.
  11. Dartinbullets

    Why not bring ARP back for a second round?

    I had several of them and guess I never appreciated them much but used a couple of them a lot, they were good for collecting credits. I still have some level 14 commanders left from them and put them to use, sold the ships, just never used the them anymore.
  12. Dartinbullets

    Rings on the bridge of Nurnberg

    Yep, looks like Radio Directional Finder antennas. That's what the RDF antennas look like anyways.
  13. Dartinbullets

    What did WG do to USN CA AP?

    I just had a game with DM. I was hitting a couple cruisers with AP or so it seemed. Hitting the broadside and superstructure at about 5 km on one ship and in closer on the other. They were getting no damage and no sign of damage on the ship. So I was going to ask the same question. Both ships should have been sunk, got 2300 in damage on them and only 28 hits out of about 100 rounds fired. There were no splashes. First time seeing anything close to that. It was like the PEF hitting a BB only worse. Just played another game with DM. Good news is with fewer shots fired at about same range, 2 sinks CA and DD with 43,000 damage. Seems to be normal now that one battle was experiencing a bug, had to be.
  14. Dartinbullets

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    I've only used the PEF in co-op so far, I don't think she/I would do well in random battles. If there are some other ships nearby, the bots will(on many occasions) focus on them and leave the PEF alone allowing better pts gathering. In the images below I was up close and personal with the ships and came out ahead. No that many battles yet but this is one with better results than most. Nothing great and it takes a lot of hits to sink a BB. I've one shot cruisers with no hits on them but that is rare. Sometimes the accuracy is as described above, even at close range you'll miss sometimes, at other times accuracy is the way you want it to be. Overall: Nothing great but better than the kindling French line of lower ties BBs IMO. I got this ship from the event, did not purchase her. It would work a lot better with faster turrets and rudder speed. The accuracy in co-ops is not that big a problem most of the time.
  15. Dartinbullets

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich need buff only 2 things

    Just got it and only 2 battles. Not as bad as some say it is. Not that slow, guns are accurate enough at 12 km. It does not like torps much though. I'll have to play it more to see how she does. Most ships a pretty good once you learn how to play them and since it was free I can't complain.