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  1. It might be because of recent combat mission incentives but i've noticed an increase in Coop participation. Normally not a problem for me as I play coop for new ship shakedown or captain training. But during Naval Battle it becomes impossible to male numbers with the coop battle situation reminding me of a Koi pond after you throw a handful of pellets in the water. The scramble by players to the enemy is impressive. Of course , the deliberate cutting off of torpedo launches and otherwise bumping players out of the way is annoying ...but that's not my concern. The game is over before any damage can be scored. On some maps...your score can be the same as if you went AFK for the whole match. I would suggest you add more bot ships to each coop battle. It would lessen the “gold rush” scramble at start and add a few more points for all involved.
  2. t_ray1400

    Transformer Reward Claim

    found answer in another post...click area on commander claim much smaller than icon...not obvious without tip off...
  3. t_ray1400

    Transformer Reward Claim

    have the commander reward listed but cannot claim...shows the two for selection but will not let me select and claim.
  4. t_ray1400

    Server issue Ping

    same problem...noticed it start two days ago.....Wednesday 29 July ..playing from Chicago Il.
  5. t_ray1400

    Update 0.8.11 - Bugs Report

    end of battle disconnect also stops credit for snowflake bonus..... no coal or steel credited for that battle... so its more than just the inconvenience I thought it was. UPDATE disconnects stopped:) appears to be working (server side fix???) only change on my end was my account slipped back to standard. Hope for sake of business model that wasn't the fix.
  6. t_ray1400

    New patch bugs

    just discovered that disconnects at battle end also do not credit snowflake bonus of coal or steel. it does remove snowflake icon from ship in port. In effect we are losing bonus and battle results when this happens.
  7. t_ray1400

    Update 0.8.11 - Bugs Report

    two items seem consistently happening 1) frequent disconnects after battles...before summary screen.... many comments in chat from others as well 2) captain and camo flags displays stay stuck on last ship no matter what ship is selected from port...as described above..
  8. t_ray1400

    Turret lock

    The replies given answer your question but another like question I have : is there anyway to lock the turrets in the start position? I don't like trying to keep rear turret facing rear when sailing from start. The rear will keep turning toward the front on one side or the other unless you constantly adjust pointer left and right. It only matters if you have to adjust to fire at incoming ship. Delay is worse if turret sped is slow.