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    Hello, I'm Battleship 45. I love anime, games, ships, armored vehicles, Star Trek And I like StarShips And Battlestar Galactica and aviation. Not much else then that.....
    Me playing World of Warships
    "Charge!" *Rushes two battleships, three crusiers, and a destroyer*
    Personator: "You're crazy."
    "I know, I am.."
    Hangout by the Sea too and I do miss The World Trade Center and My old Ship the USS Missouri too Have a good Day and like the USS New Jersey And i like president john f Kennedy too.

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  1. Alright... Why did you copy some of my About Me section?

    1. khaenn35


      Probably has a crush on you or is lazy.

    2. Jimmy_Kennedy_1975


      I am sorry I as Lazy ok U are a good kid


    3. Battleship_60