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    Hello, I'm Battleship 45. I love anime, games, ships, armored vehicles, Star Trek And I like StarShips And Battlestar Galactica and aviation. Not much else then that.....
    Me playing World of Warships
    "Charge!" *Rushes two battleships, three crusiers, and a destroyer*
    Personator: "You're crazy."
    "I know, I am.."
    Hangout by the Sea too and I do miss The World Trade Center and My old Ship the USS Missouri too Have a good Day and like the USS New Jersey And i like president john f Kennedy too.

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  1. Hey all on Sunday is the date June 4,1942 is the Battle for Midway and it is hard Rammber that is so cool and it is fun to have fun on that day too and Happy father day too.