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  1. PaRtYbOy_x_DaN

    German tokens

    It seems I may have missed something, further inspection looks like I can make 600, but ONLY if i pull the A. Parseval fro one of the final 5 crates I have in directive 4
  2. PaRtYbOy_x_DaN

    German tokens

    I have the graf, I am just short the T8 drop, but even if i manage that it seems I won't have enough tokens for a camo
  3. PaRtYbOy_x_DaN

    German tokens

    If I have done my math correctly, if I earn all available German tokens from the directives (which relies on the boxes giving me all of the cv's) I will still be 15 tokens short of a perma camo in the armory?
  4. PaRtYbOy_x_DaN

    Soviet tokens with P. Bagration

    Ah ok, thanks, and yes guess I am a week behind
  5. When purchasing the P. Bagration from the armory, it says 840 tokens are available from playing the ship, the mission gives 7 x 30 = 210, where are the other 630 acquired from? Can someone explain this for me or point me at an article that can?
  6. PaRtYbOy_x_DaN


    I think 100 British tokens and 7 days premium time for compensation is in order.
  7. I've noticed when playing my Kidd if i push tilde to reinforce a sector it just activated a 15 second cool down as opposed to reinforcing the sector. Is there an explanation to this or is it a bug?
  8. PaRtYbOy_x_DaN

    Clan Battles broken

    Each time we try to launch we hang for about 20 seconds then que for another minute, after that we get critical error or just get disconnected for wows server, all 7 of us. Worst of all we are locked into the EU time frame now since we hit the BATTLE button.
  9. PaRtYbOy_x_DaN

    Update - Bugs Report

    Since update 8.3 Discord overlay does not work for me or any of my clan mates, works fine for other games but not world of warships, discord won't even recognize wows anymore. Also screen shots are not working for me in full screen mode since 8.3, they turn out as a black screen, seems to work fine in windowed mode though.
  10. PaRtYbOy_x_DaN

    Lag spikes

    Yes ping is all over the place and up above 500, jumps for a second then normal, just enough to really mess with game play.