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  1. Porpoise_Sniper

    Yashima? You thought about it and made it, right?

    You guys should think it over. You want to play WOWS for a long time. Developers are also people. Players and developers have different ideas and thinks, of course. We shouldn't let the matter slip by just because we don't have any problems right now. If the players stay still, the WOWS will disappear.
  2. Porpoise_Sniper

    Yashima? You thought about it and made it, right?

    yes. there's no problem, Right now. Don't you think the ships that will be built in the future can cause a bigger problem?
  3. Porpoise_Sniper

    Yashima? You thought about it and made it, right?

    Did you guys forget the rubicon incident at the WOT?? These guys were trying to do the same thing on WOWS. It was an NTC. Later, when WOWS says it's going to build a missile ship, it's all your fault. Do you understand?
  4. Porpoise_Sniper

    Yashima? You thought about it and made it, right?

    That's not what I'm saying. If this game is patched like this, a ship that really destroys balance can come out. Why does it keep coming to the conclusion that there's nothing wrong with 510mm? It may not matter right now. But what about in the future?
  5. Porpoise_Sniper

    Yashima? You thought about it and made it, right?

    The broken balance must be fixed right away. It's a real idiot to fill a new ship.
  6. Porpoise_Sniper

    Yashima? You thought about it and made it, right?

    Some people don't think 510mm is that important. The point is, if it's like this, One day there could be another OP ship like Stalingrad. You get that ship, you think it's the best thing to do, but it's really a way to ruin the game. This is a really important consideration. Do you want to see the "ricochet 80˚" battleship later?
  7. Yashima is an alternative project of Yamato, armed with 6 510-mm guns and modernized AA defense. The battleship has shells with high damage and very good penetration, but not the best ballistics. As these shells need to pass through a thick armor to detonate, there will often be over-penetration when lightly armored target is hit. But enemy battleships are a perfect target for Yashima. Hit points – 97200. Plating - 32 mm. Main battery - 3x2 510 mm. Firing range - 26.6 km. Dispersion at this range - 272 m. Sigma – 2.10. Maximum HE shell damage – 8100. Chance to cause fire – 40%. HE initial velocity - 720 m/s. Maximum AP shell damage - 19400. AP initial velocity - 720 m/s. Reload time - 35.0 s. 180 degree turn time - 60.0 s. Shouldn't you guys think about the game balance first? Why are you trying to break the game balance and create demand. You may say that super-yamato has no effect, but it's wrong for you to keep making it a premium ships. You guys keep doing this because you know how long it took to balance the aircraft carrier?
  8. Do you know how dangerous it is to think there's no problem because I've done enough?
  9. Don't you remember anything about your childhood? Shouldn't heavy users like me think of beginners?
  10. The final content you wanted was Puerto Rico? and NTC?
  11. In a game without tutorials, do you really think they are content for beginners?
  12. What do you mean by content that only a wallet warrior and a heavy user can do? If you want to keep the game running for a long time, wargaming need to create content to keep the beginners together and enjoy themselves. Are you going to make something that even existing users don't like and use it for what? If you're going to ruin the wows, I think you're doing very well.
  13. Porpoise_Sniper

    Perfect Montana

    Montana We Want
  14. Porpoise_Sniper

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    Hello, I'm S_DMC_5. I have a question to ask you about the conditions. Like the picture, there's a condition on YouTube and Twitch. When you discussed it with a Korean representative, did you check my YouTube views? The monthly number of hits was not available and I looked at it as an annual check. Can't you reexamine this, including these? I can provide other information.
  15. Porpoise_Sniper

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    I saw the message you sent. I think the channel size is enough. My YouTube subscribers can take their place with Twitch. I'm not doing SNS like Facebook, but I'm working in the WOWS community in Korea. I know that some CC in NA don't do YouTube at all, and some are working on community sites. and on YouTube, i post information about ships, highlights, and so on. My YouTube channel is still poor, but I can post more if I become a CC. Also, I will be able to post more information on my community sites.