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  1. "Hi, my name is Feral...and I'm a kill stealer.' Have a lovely weekend, fellow sailors!
  2. Feral_Sheep

    More matchmaker fails after this latest release?

    As I mentioned in the OP, it's been more frequently without CVs/superships in the queue. And yes, I acknowledged that I've seen this pattern in the past. It's been more frequent than the norm, specifically this patch. Explaining to me isn't required, but thank you just the same.
  3. Feral_Sheep

    More matchmaker fails after this latest release?

    Point missed. I get it. Enjoy your time in the game forums.
  4. Feral_Sheep

    More matchmaker fails after this latest release?

    How is a 5 DD a side match with a sub not a fail? Because they indicated that based on some queue times that they would 'relax' things? It's wrong and it ruins the experience. People would more than WILLINGLY wait an extra 10-15 seconds to not have to experience this.
  5. Feral_Sheep

    More matchmaker fails after this latest release?

    I do....and from a bug perspective this game is quite clean relative to other video games. Not sure whether you have an abundance of examples of buggy performance or are just trolling...but I've been playing for six years and I find this to be a very pleasant experience from a performance/bug perspective.
  6. While I believe we all come across the occasional matchmaker fail from time to time (9 v. 9, 10 v. 10) it seems like there have been a LOT more of these scenarios since the last update. In the last three days, I've been a part of: Incorrect class matching - uneven number of ships in a particular class Incorrect tier matching - I.e. a Tier 8 DD facing off against a Tier 9/10 DD a LOT more matches with fewer than 12 v. 12, including one 7 v. 7 match And this incredible mashup where there were 5 DD a side plus a submarine in a 10 v. 10 match ( see graphic ) None of these observations were because of a division fail or due to superships/CVs in queue - I've been paying attention. I also don't want to hear about ships waiting certain periods of time in a queue. Something on the back end changed...and it did not change for the better. Please address this. The player base is wasting signals/camos or just frankly experiencing crappy setups because of the recent changes made. There IS such a thing as leaving well enough alone.
  7. Feral_Sheep

    The Faroe Islands Are Already in the Game!

    name someone that LIKES ice on their 'poop deck'... :)
  8. Please sign me up -- great event!
  9. Thanks for clarifying -- this be an overly simple question, but what options do you choose when submitting a ticket to report this? Violations...report...in battle...then what? Nothing seems to fit.
  10. Feral_Sheep

    Thanks WG....sarcasm

    WG has had these mods for years...do an internet search for modstation.
  11. Feral_Sheep

    Thanks WG....sarcasm

    {Puzzled....} Modstation is WG sponsored, is free and has been for 3-4 years now. Were you not aware?
  12. Feral_Sheep

    USS United States (CVA-58)

    It now looks like the Forrestal because artist renderings did not know where to place the location of superstructure/smokestacks (mack) as this had not yet been finalized over concerns about the weight and center of gravity of the required reinforced flight deck. Wikipedia has a great article on it. You can also perform an internet query 'revolt of the admirals' to learn about the decisions that caused this to be canceled weeks after keel was laid. Forrestal design later took these items into account, hence the resemblance.
  13. Feral_Sheep

    Dev Blog 11.1 Super Carriers

    Hard to argue...my play time has diminished significantly in the last few months, not because of WeeGee's actions (carriers, subs, dockyard) but because six years is a lot. This won't encourage me to play more -- I have played maybe one supership once or twice when they first came out in ranked a while back.
  14. Feral_Sheep

    Dev Blog 11.1 Super Carriers

    Zero interest in these CVs (and I have nearly every one in the game) - adding jets just adds fuel to the CV OP fire and NO ONE ASKED FOR THEM. Hope someone at WeeGee finally realizes that this Tier 11 stuff isn't worth the dev and testing time.