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  1. General_WTSherman

    Ranked at it's finest

    I’ve found Hak and DM TO be most effective— with Hak, I hunt dDs early and provide fighters and spotting. Mid game I hunt isolated capital ships DM is the DM
  2. General_WTSherman

    Ranked fiasco

    Ideally would have one more irrevocable rank at 7 or 3
  3. General_WTSherman

    Reaction to Thunderer

    Flint and Black will soon be coal ships. Thunderer is a fun BB; If you have the coal, it is well worth the price. Great accuracy, can overmatch 30mm armor found on non Russian cruisers, and fast reload.
  4. Slava also had extremely fast shell travel so it could take better advantage of the accuracy
  5. General_WTSherman

    Any new coal ships in 2020?

    Slava is frozen according to Notser
  6. General_WTSherman

    Shiny new Lexington in port; now seeking advice.

    I like Lexington much better than midway. i also prefer Shokaku to the Hak...
  7. General_WTSherman

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    Was a horrible event, and I have made no active attempts at it. This event has clearly left a horrible taste for most of the CCs—all of my usual favorites have basically trashed WG over this event funny part is WG actually left a lot more money on the table. A lower price point for the boosters, say a total price of 75$ and the grind of only the first 4 directives without the insane time gating and they would have profited a lot more.
  8. General_WTSherman


    Coal or FXP
  9. General_WTSherman

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    Is there another way to contribute without using PayPal?
  10. General_WTSherman

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    My biggest disappointment is NOT about my inability to earn th PR—it is missing out on watching the ship get built and then launch
  11. Members of that 1% (ie Flamu) don’t think it is possible to grind without doubloons period.
  12. General_WTSherman

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    The reality is that this event requires the equivalent of grinding several tier 10 ships in approximately 28 days. Even the first three directives are fairly onerous to complete and 4-5 times harder than last year‘s PEF campaign. Having looked at the requirements, winning the Benham was much easier—And I was able to accomplish it with time to spare. Analyzing this event, I quickly realized it was an exercise in futility even if I spent on the boosters.
  13. General_WTSherman

    Death To All Who Oppose Us! (The anti-anti-CV Thread)

    Depends on the 3 ships—if they are lower tier and mediocre AA, 2-3 ships won’t cut it; at T10, that is true BUT you have to admit passive blobs are more common in CV games
  14. General_WTSherman

    Death To All Who Oppose Us! (The anti-anti-CV Thread)

    In any tier 8 or higher CV, I can shred a solo Kidd—bait Dfaa, run, then nuke with new flight of rocket ships. The only issue is his smoke, but if he burns that, I can do other stuff for a while and come back. flak from a solo ship is avoidable. the biggest gain from the rework is that it is rare for a CV to truly determine the outcome of the match
  15. General_WTSherman

    Death To All Who Oppose Us! (The anti-anti-CV Thread)

    I’ve got to disagree with you on this one. I’ve played both sides, and the only real counter just to blob up which really is not dynamic or fun game play. Original poster noted how all he can do a spot early in the game-this is a result of blobbing