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  1. German Premiums

    I still think the t61 will make an appearance at some point soon--it hasn't been removed from the wiki, and Zerra said something about it coming out soon on a video earlier this week
  2. Perhaps the T-61 will be a free XP ship?

    I suspect it will come out soon with the current stats--the t61 has been in the wiki for 2 months without changes and Zerra said something about a release soon on a video yesterday
  3. Dev Blog-German T-8 DD Z-39

    Not sure how the Soviet dd's win knife fights with USN dd's--they have a >1km disadvantage in spotting--I'm usually flattening out near a cap, and if I see a soviet DD I start kiting and keep him lit up for teammates to shred. If we are closer than 5 km his turrets can't keep up. If he kites, I back out of detection range. if the USN DD chases a kiting Soviet DD, it will lose badly though however, the khaba is more a cruiser without a citadel than anything else. As such I've never seen one knife fight
  4. Easiest solution:. Skill based MM for the CV's downside:. Potentially long wait times for CV players it seems like the biggest problem with CV is the disparity between the opposing players--Unicum on red with potato green CV makes a bigger difference in outcome than with any other class unicums seem to have a 60-70% WR regardless of class, but they don't impact the other players' experience in game as much as a CV
  5. US CV line reorganization

    Would make more sense for Yorktown class to be t8; Lexington could move to t7; ranger to t6 and dump independence
  6. How's Everyone holding up in Ranked?

    Stuck at rank 8; I enjoy the 7v7 and the proximity of the battle; MM needs to balance radar and loyangs better
  7. New Year Raid Time Extension / End Date?

    According to the WOWS wiki, 1/19 is the end date
  8. Who have you seen in game

    I played a ranked battle with lord Zath on my team; he did a great job leading us to victory
  9. Range modules

    A question regarding game mechanics: since the the range modules increase range by 10% without increasing dispersion, doesn't that mean that the dispersion improves accordingly? thanks in advance
  10. Missouri vs Iowa

    Question for longer term owners of the Missouri-- Is there an obvious difference in accuracy between the 2 ships' main batteries? On paper there seems to be, and before buying some doubloons to buy a Missouri, I wanted to know. Thanks in advance
  11. Explain the CV changes for non-CV players

    i wouldn't be surprised if after a few updates, the IJN CV's are changed to just 1 loadout as well; in theory, less selections will allow better "national flavor"
  12. New player..tips

    Welcome clay; I'm a relative noob. Hit me up in game to platoon. I remember you from wotb
  13. Des Moines or Henri IV

    flamu still considers the HIV a "selfish" ship;
  14. Buff Cleveland MB range to 16.x please

    I would love to have better turret traverse, and better concealment values I'm fine with the guns; sit behind an island at 12 km and spam HE at a high rate of fire:)