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  1. General_WTSherman

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Hate to tell you this but CV’s make camping worse. Essentially, everyone blobs up to provide an AA bubble since no single ship is safe your example of a DM being stationary shoes you have no idea how to play the DM to win a game yes, I do play CVs on occasion, and I still think they need serious changes to their spotting mechanics and AA NEEDS changes so it’s worthwhile to spend some captain points and/or upgrades on AA. Currently speccing into AA is a waste
  2. General_WTSherman

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Was hoping to see Washington (SD class) at T8; faster, secondary BBs like Massachusetts for T8–10 would have been ideal not sure I’m excited about poor sigma , poor reload, and poor speed
  3. General_WTSherman

    Remember Khabarovsk?

    A Actually CV rework did the most to kill off khaba—it is meant to go fast and shoot—not sit in smoke like the harugamo. With CVs in most games, the khaba life died—I need smoke instead of the heal
  4. General_WTSherman

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    I find being focused by a CV to be a bigger problem than radar—except for Baltimore, Chappy and mino, you can usually spot radar threats before you are in range—I just stay in that window until the radar cruiser backs away or dies
  5. General_WTSherman

    Improving Ranked Battle (thoughts)

    I think enterprise, Lexington, and Shokaku will all be the fast lane to ranking out—AA is still not very effective at this tier except in American BBs
  6. General_WTSherman

    Question for Purples

    This is the argument nobody ever addresses while supporting CVs
  7. General_WTSherman

    Thoughts on T7 ranked

    Ducky— ive been bouncing between ranks 4-6 for the last week; any advice? i feel like if I play DD, the BB’s stay in spawn, and if I play anything else, the DDs suck. I’ve saved a bunch of stars in this timeframe as well...
  8. General_WTSherman

    Rocket Planes out of control

    You take less damage as the game goes on because of damage saturation per the CC video from last year, CV’s are not balanced purely by performance but also based on utilization—in other words if fewer people play them, they get buffed...so yes, the rockets are OP; torps will always hit a BB and the DBs either do nice alpha or good DOT. As a whole, a broken class
  9. General_WTSherman

    Rocket Planes out of control

    How much better can you get—after all that is clearly what you need🙄
  10. Why didn’t they just make the moscva the t10 CA and adjust the stats to match the petra?
  11. A year of premium is nearly $100/year. Many of us would happily pay more for it if we could opt out of CV or subs in our que. Based on your commentary I suspect you are playing (and trolling) off my premium fivers
  12. Definitely the last box😄
  13. Why do the players complaining most about DDs have either the poorest win rates or hidden stats? Why do these same players argue most strenuously in favor of CVs and subs?
  14. Ever been in a cruiser or BB in a game without DD’s? I have. They kinda suck—there is no spotting so it limits your targets it does suck to be spotted by a DD in a BB that you can’t see—but— you can avoid torps by changing directions. Also unless you are facing a benham, it’ll be around 90s between torps
  15. I’ve yet to log into a game where someone says in chat: “crud...no CV” had a lot of games where someone says: “finally, a game without a CV”