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  1. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 22nd, 2018

    I wish there were more than 3 maps once you reach rank 10 it starts to get boring playing the same maps repeatedly
  2. Daily Ranked Progress Thread

    I got from 16 to 10 in 25 battles; since then I've just been stuck between 7-8; I think I've played around 100 battles in tier 10 ive found the greatest the greatest success in the Yamato and Gearing (mostly of late--it took 10 games to learn tier 10 DD play with such massive radar)
  3. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    The easiest change would be to eliminate star saving; everyone wi s or loses as a team
  4. So...you want to play ranked, do you?

    Disagree with you on this; Luck plays a huge role--Flambass just ranked out but his win rate was around 52% in T10 I doubt that his skill factor was what limited him i
  5. I wish there were more maps I play ranked because it is a great way to improve at the game
  6. On becoming a paying player (ETA: Sorted.)

    Look at it this way:. Spending money speeds up your advancement. It also pays the bills of running a server and paying the developers. In essence, paying keeps the game alive. If the game is entertaining, and you have the means, why not pay for the fun?
  7. I didn't mind Izumo too much--I think it's because I expected something much worse;. It had punchy, accurate guns but no concealment and it was a tinderbox.
  8. Asashio Poll

    Most important question:. Will it be as fun to play?
  9. Asashio Poll

    I would like it to come with 2 torpedo options—these dwt’s and kagero stock torps
  10. Dev Blog - Z39 moved to tier 7

    It may be good as a T7 DD;. It is keeping the concealment upgrade so should make it an effective cap contester
  11. Having trouble with 150 hit mission?

    got it with Cleveland; back to back >200 hits; first game was a loss:(
  12. IJN BB line question

    I loved Nagato and Amagi; kept both. Permanent gold Camo for the nagato. Izumi is better than expected; I actually kind of like her, but she’s not a keeper I'm one of the odd ones who liked New Mex better than Fuso.
  13. Gearing

    I just unlocked the Gearing. Loved playing the Fletcher. Is there any good reason to get the Gearing? What are the advantages besides more rapid rate of fire? Should I buy it at the end of the month when the sale occurs? Thanks
  14. German Premiums

    I still think the t61 will make an appearance at some point soon--it hasn't been removed from the wiki, and Zerra said something about it coming out soon on a video earlier this week
  15. Perhaps the T-61 will be a free XP ship?

    I suspect it will come out soon with the current stats--the t61 has been in the wiki for 2 months without changes and Zerra said something about a release soon on a video yesterday