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  1. Weekend spree

    Played a bunch of ranked and continue to hang out between ranks 8-10. Wish I had checked my stats earlier--59% WR in Gearing and 55% in Z52; about 70 games played between those ships Around 40% with all other ships (around 120 games in BB and CA). Guess I'm a DD main without realizing it....
  2. New suggestion for RANKED

    Not so much--the game I was most proud of today I did about 15k damage with 80k spotting damage and 1 solo cap--I was third on xp behind a radar mino (who earned every bit of his xp) and a Des Moines that I was assisting greatly (smoked him up and spotted) all my my damage was a dev strike torp hit on the enemy DD I torped based on rpf
  3. What is your YouTube channel called? I want to subscribe.
  4. The Ranked Report

    Had a good day and am now one star from rank 10. Took me nearly 80 games to get to this point (I started at rank 15). I peaked T 6 before falling to 8 last season so I would like to rank out this time sadly, only reason I got to this point was that I saved a bunch of stars yesterday (yay--best loser) the salt sometime amazes me--usually the least productive teammate is the one complaining the most in chat.
  5. The Ranked Report

    this year seems like more of a struggle than in past seasons--usually I bog down after I reach about rank 9. This year I can't get out of 14
  6. Weekend spree

    More than halfway through the Roon to Hindenburg grind. This German event is allowing for amazingly quick progress. While the Roon is enjoyable, really looking forward to 2 front facing turrets
  7. T 61 now on sale.

    I'm going to play a lot of Belfast this weekend
  8. Will the Missouri come back

    I think they got rid of it because it breaks the credit economy. The radar doesn't really make the ship OP. while it was billed as having unlimited time to grind, I made getting the free xp for it my priority and had some painful grinds as I was hoarding free xp i admit, I did spend $10 of gold purchased at 15% off during an Amazon pay sale to buy the free xp during a 35-1 sale to speed up the purchase
  9. Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    Kamikaze R; T61; Z39, Lo Yang, or Kidd
  10. hows the helena?

    Dallas hasn't been too bad even without IFHE biggest issue with Dallas for me had been so so AA and almost every game I've played in it has had CV's
  11. Farragut for the 150 hits,. 3-1-1 ryujo for plane kills; 2 games my team lost the ryujo game
  12. Dev Blog-ST Grozovoi changes Round2

    Why don't more people play the grozovoi? I tried it on PTS (didn't need to use the radar) and it seems like a fun boat as is--I'm actually going to grind it out. I had stopped the Russian DDs at podvoiski because I didn't find the line enjoyable to that point i think Gearing could use a sharper turn radius more than anything else
  13. I would rather have the ability to use silver to convert elite xpbto captain xp--WH allows that in other titles
  14. According to the WOWS news, you DO get port slots
  15. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 22nd, 2018

    I wish there were more than 3 maps once you reach rank 10 it starts to get boring playing the same maps repeatedly