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  1. General_WTSherman

    The Last Big Christmas Question - Steel Monsters Price

    I’m guessing around $80 for ship, campaign, flags and camos
  2. General_WTSherman

    Flamed for using AP on The Conqueror.

    I’m only midway through the lion, but I found that I enjoyed more success using mostly AP with HE directed towards angled BB’s or any DD
  3. General_WTSherman

    PSA: More Info On PEF Campaigns

    And don’t forget steel from the snowflake event
  4. General_WTSherman

    Kiev or Ognevoi first?

    I’m currently enjoying the Kiev far more than the Udaloi; I’m really struggling with the Udaloi
  5. General_WTSherman

    2019 Ranked

    Fletcher, Fletcher, and Musashi
  6. General_WTSherman

    Weekend spree

    Almost to the Yūgumo and got to the Akizuki; hating the ognevoi—Minsk was better. A third of the way to Kiev
  7. My guess is these iconic CV’s will return as premiums some day
  8. General_WTSherman

    PSA: MM change for T8-T10 in the upcoming 7.11 Update

    Agree regarding Cleveland holding its own in T10; but the overall problem for T8 cruisers overall is survivabilty.
  9. General_WTSherman

    PSA: MM change for T8-T10 in the upcoming 7.11 Update

    I don’t find T10 to be so bad in a BB or a DD; positively brutal for a T8 cruiser though having said that, the same kind of problems occur in the T7 to T8 DD spread because of the concealment upgrade only available at T8-10
  10. I’ve been seeing tons of CV games the last 10 days, so you are lucky to have had just 10% exposure; I doubt there will be many 3-4 CV games with the rework—if it becomes a thing, I would expect limits on MM. what you say about the “lack of focus” with current CV’s is true for the poor player. However, the current setup makes each match into a CV vs CV game more than anything else
  11. Lucky you—I’ve been playing mostly dd’s the last week and 75% of my games in tiers 7-10 have had CV’s was nice to see in my Des Moines
  12. That will be relatively rare, and easy to fix; even 4v4 CV in the rework provides less spotting than a single midway
  13. Some of the other massive problems with the current style of CV games was spotting—if you are a DD in.a CV game you are permaspotted if the red cv is any good. With the current style, a CV match is truly a game between the 2 CV players, and the rest of us may as well be spectators. the rework is still a prototype that needs a fair amount of work before it is ready for prime time
  14. General_WTSherman

    Is it time to buff the Gearing?

    I like this idea; would also like to see a more historical (better) rudder shift and turning radius—the ship was more maneuverable than the Fletcher because of a dual rudder system
  15. Could you post your preferred builds for the DD’s you play sometime? Thanks in advance