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  1. Explain the CV changes for non-CV players

    i wouldn't be surprised if after a few updates, the IJN CV's are changed to just 1 loadout as well; in theory, less selections will allow better "national flavor"
  2. New player..tips

    Welcome clay; I'm a relative noob. Hit me up in game to platoon. I remember you from wotb
  3. Des Moines or Henri IV

    flamu still considers the HIV a "selfish" ship;
  4. Buff Cleveland MB range to 16.x please

    I would love to have better turret traverse, and better concealment values I'm fine with the guns; sit behind an island at 12 km and spam HE at a high rate of fire:)
  5. this was my first attempt at ranked. what was different this time compared to previous iterations?
  6. WG's treatment of US ships

    Actually, the zero did have a 12-1 kill ratio early in the war--feel free to google it. It has also been quoted many time in books and the history channel That was against all planes, not just F4F's. the zero was the better plane, but the US learned tactics to try and even things out. For example, the Flying Tigers were able to do well against the Zero in P40's the F6F and the corsair were far better than any model of the Zero
  7. Premium ship question

    Is the current sale on premium ships the best pricing, or are there better sales for Black Friday/Christmas? thanks in advance
  8. USS Cleveland

    you can only get one the rewards once total, i believe; otherwise I would have a lot more captains of each of the 4 nations--I got a metric ton of 4 star battles, particularly on the last operation (the one with the IJN captain), but could never get the 5th star (usually because my team exited prior to killing of the last kaiser that needed to be killed)
  9. Kamikaze R

    problem is i'm usually getting picked apart by enemies hiding in smoke or behind islands while the DD keeps me lit up... I eventually get out of range, but lose a chunk of health in the process having said that, I'm not claiming that they are OP or underpowered; they are what they are
  10. Handling serial team-killers

    I was in a Tier 8 battle yesterday and there was a Mahan driver who is an apparently well known team-killer that goes after his own team's CV at the start of a battle. I didn't know that he was famous for this when the battle started. Of course, he attacks our Lexington. I just happened to be sailing by to get to the battle when I saw this, and I promptly team-killed the Mahan. I submitted this to wargaming, and was told I shouldn't have team-killed the Mahan, and that they have their own penalty system. Couple of questions: 1) did I do the wrong thing? 2) if this player is so notorious that both teams knew of him, why hasn't he been permabanned yet?
  11. Kamikaze R

    I'm new to this game, and drive mostly BB's and Cruisers; having said that it's not the torps that make the IJN DD's brutal as opponents. It's their invisibility. I detest the situation when your team-mates get routed contesting a cap, and when you are retreating to the rest of the team, a destroyer just permaspots you so you can get killed by the hidden opposition
  12. the USN did have a problem early in WW2 with torpedoes arming and detonating properly. from a historical standpoint, better USN accuracy with an RNG dud rate of the torpedoes would not only solve some of the balance issues, but would also provide the appropriate stylistic difference
  13. Advice on High tier premiums

    Hi I'm very new to the game, and have just gotten to the Tier 5 american cruiser (Omaha). I am also working up the American BB line. I was wanting advice regarding purchasing the Alabama. I have no intention of playing in tier 8 (I don't understand the game well enough to rush up there). However it looks like a great premium ship, and as it appears that is only going to be available for another week, should I buy it and just sit it in my port until I am ready to play it, or simply skip it and see what is available when I am ready for high tier play? Thanks in advance.