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  1. Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    Kamikaze R; T61; Z39, Lo Yang, or Kidd
  2. hows the helena?

    Dallas hasn't been too bad even without IFHE biggest issue with Dallas for me had been so so AA and almost every game I've played in it has had CV's
  3. Farragut for the 150 hits,. 3-1-1 ryujo for plane kills; 2 games my team lost the ryujo game
  4. Dev Blog-ST Grozovoi changes Round2

    Why don't more people play the grozovoi? I tried it on PTS (didn't need to use the radar) and it seems like a fun boat as is--I'm actually going to grind it out. I had stopped the Russian DDs at podvoiski because I didn't find the line enjoyable to that point i think Gearing could use a sharper turn radius more than anything else
  5. I would rather have the ability to use silver to convert elite xpbto captain xp--WH allows that in other titles
  6. According to the WOWS news, you DO get port slots
  7. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 22nd, 2018

    I wish there were more than 3 maps once you reach rank 10 it starts to get boring playing the same maps repeatedly
  8. Daily Ranked Progress Thread

    I got from 16 to 10 in 25 battles; since then I've just been stuck between 7-8; I think I've played around 100 battles in tier 10 ive found the greatest the greatest success in the Yamato and Gearing (mostly of late--it took 10 games to learn tier 10 DD play with such massive radar)
  9. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    The easiest change would be to eliminate star saving; everyone wi s or loses as a team
  10. So...you want to play ranked, do you?

    Disagree with you on this; Luck plays a huge role--Flambass just ranked out but his win rate was around 52% in T10 I doubt that his skill factor was what limited him i
  11. I wish there were more maps I play ranked because it is a great way to improve at the game
  12. On becoming a paying player (ETA: Sorted.)

    Look at it this way:. Spending money speeds up your advancement. It also pays the bills of running a server and paying the developers. In essence, paying keeps the game alive. If the game is entertaining, and you have the means, why not pay for the fun?
  13. I didn't mind Izumo too much--I think it's because I expected something much worse;. It had punchy, accurate guns but no concealment and it was a tinderbox.
  14. Asashio Poll

    Most important question:. Will it be as fun to play?
  15. Asashio Poll

    I would like it to come with 2 torpedo options—these dwt’s and kagero stock torps