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  1. General_WTSherman

    SANTA CRATES - What did you get? Share it here.

    8 megas got 2500 doubloons, WBV41, poltava, and constellation
  2. General_WTSherman


    My best ranked ships have been Des Moines and Z52, or gearing or daring none are premiums
  3. General_WTSherman

    This video articulates subs better than I ever could...

    I would like to see new game modes and new maps more than subs also, it would be nice if the MM put subs and CV in the same slot—that would leave more surface ships in each game. The game feels empty with a CV and 2 subs
  4. This entire dev blog was an attempted rebuttal to Flamu. they say subs were not OP (like CV isn’t OP). Yet, their own metrics show these to be the most influential classes in game…
  5. Not just bb’s; cruisers don’t push into good spots near caps in a cv game Your statement is made in absolute terms. While gameplay can be campy without CVS or subs, the greatly worsen the problem also a lot more clumping of ships in a CV game
  6. The problem is CV and subs make the game more campy—can’t surprise flank — cv spots you and kills you no one wants to push up to support DD’s because of cv spotting or subs the recent changes promote checkers and stale gameplay
  7. General_WTSherman

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    In general, his criticisms are echoed by the players who best understand the WOWS mechanics; he’s just a bit of a drama queen in his presentation
  8. General_WTSherman

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Given your obvious antipathy for Flamu, one must ask whether any criticism you levy in his direction can be taken as objective or more importantly, accurate
  9. General_WTSherman

    It has begun; Flamu on CV imbalance.

    I’ll be your huckleberry; the main reason DD’s are so influential is the are the best cap contesters like a CV, they can passively scout a Bb from range; however there is Often just narrow window between the spotting range, and the radar range. You will say “that’s true for planes too” Fundamental difference, however, is if the DD get spotted with radar for my making a mistake, he dies and the players game is over. If you make a mistake with your plane, you may lose a few, but the CV gets to keep playing. It Will have a short term impact on effectiveness, but ultimately at the end of the game, the CV would still be able to strike without too much difficulty. Depending on the ship, you will still push it in the Knowing there’s a DD there. Especially if you’re in a cruiser, or the cruiser is willing to push as well. Hydro can counter toros really well as can WASD hacks
  10. General_WTSherman

    It has begun; Flamu on CV imbalance.

    It was not a part of NDA; a lot of the CCs showed this vid after the 2019 CC summit
  11. General_WTSherman

    A shift of perspective (new NoZoup video)

    This change didn’t go through super testing supposedly The Cv rebork was panned by super testers and WG didn’t listen
  12. General_WTSherman

    Dead eye is not that useful!

    Nope—standard detection means detection not affected by fires or the debuff after firing
  13. It totally is—when I heard him say it in the past, he did not sound remotely sarcastic I did not listen to this 180+ minute epic
  14. I doubt he wants to be dominated—he wants to dominate. Otherwise, he would play a different class only rarely play CV
  15. General_WTSherman

    second steel ship pick

    CV look to get stronger. FDR planes will be invulnerable after the changes