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  1. My game keeps crashing...

    Windows 10 brand new computer, still suffering some crashes after the most recent patch. Guessing it is some bug since the new patch is quite a large update.
  2. TBH, Shatter is worst than Tears. Especially the C cap design. 3 DDs go there and just sit on the damn cap for the first 5 minutes. I think if WG adds a few strategic islands near the A and C cap, Tears is actually a nice map. Plus the color palate is pretty nice. oh and #RemoveOcean
  3. For a second I thought I was high.................... Now that I have read the post 3 times, you have got to be kidding me!
  4. Why would anyone play destroyers?

    You play DDs because you want to win.
  5. Scharn vs. Hood..which is better?

    If you like Nagato, I think you will like Hood. If you want a taste of Scharnhorst playstyle, try the Gneisenau.
  6. Scharn vs. Hood..which is better?

    Scharnhorst HE spam is not to be underestimated IMHO.
  7. Scharn vs. Hood..which is better?

    Can I reply if I dont have both? Scharnhorst lululululul.
  8. Independence MM

    Stock Indy is actually very playable. Only an AS Indy (or anyone stupid enough to play AS Ryujo) can really stop you. Just remember that you have enough planes for 2 full waves. Even if you lose all your planes, sticking 2 attacks will already put you ahead of the AS Indy. In T8 MM, take it slow. Generally, hold on to your main damage dealer, torp planes. Do not throw your planes into AA you know you can't survive. Use your fighters and bombers for scouting and harassing ships especially if you know they recently repaired. Once the battle flows, ships will break apart and AA modules will be damaged and you can increase your effectiveness.
  9. How could carriers be made to be more fun?

    More "Fun"? For the CV players or for the ones facing it? Fun for me would be to implement 220 loadout for Ranger and Lexington and bring back 122 loadout for Midway and Essex....................(But that certainly won't be fun for the receiving end)
  10. Neptune Upgrades

    Keep this in mind, ROF is the amount of damage you can squeeze into a certain time period. Even though you "feel" that you have enough ROF, you are still missing out on 12% of extra damage.
  11. Is the Ibuki decent?

    Simple answer? Yes, Ibuki is decent. It's a Mogami with a heal and better range once upgraded.
  12. impossible task?!?!?!

    Ask your DDs to hold back and Yolo a cap with a Missouri. You might die early but your team will thank you and you will complete the mission.
  13. Neptune, epitome of glass cannon

    Poor enemy Roon! 1.5k base xp in a lost must have been a killer game.
  14. Roon, BB Piñatas, and Throwing Games

    Great Result! I'm loving my newly upgraded Roon.