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  1. well you are very much in the smaller crowd on that one i dont know t many people that wouldnt take that over concealment
  2. The Republique Unique Upgrade gives –18% to main battery loading time. –13% to main turrets traverse speed. –24% to main battery maximum firing range. Republique Unique Upgrade19.7s Main gun reload 19.8km main gun range Main Battery mod 3 (MBM3) -12% reload, -13% traverse21.1s Main gun reload 26.1km main gun range prime example of a legendary mod that has zero play there is nothing good about this mod literally at all was a complete waste to get it
  3. i counter that with +10% to duration of Surveillance Radar (). +20% to duration of Hydroacoustic Search (). +20% to duration of Defensive AA Fire (). that is straight off their website for Worcester there is nothing negative about that like at all.
  4. Turn radius is i can turn like a yueyang screw concealment then i can actually not die to a torpedo spreed
  5. I hope its something basic like a good increase to turn radius with no draw backs other then w/e it replaced in the slot its in. Its turn is outright gutter trash for a gun boat.
  6. kaponog

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    truth but in general i think they need to make changes in dds in general because of how frequent radar exists and because of that it would be a shame to nerf the haru because its hard enough to use it in a radar saturated environment since there is no counter play to it besides hide and it is a gun boat so you need to e out there to be of use bbs just need to play their roles better.
  7. Will there be a legendary mod ever released for it?
  8. USS Bowfin (SS-287) or USS Flasher (SS-249)