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  1. Yes, it would. Their training parallels that of a shark and they are silent killers. The only sharks I have seen is on the S Korea UDT/Seal patch. Their program is a mirror of the US.
  2. How Not to Get Chat Banned

    All you have to do is make a stupid move or a mistake or something someone finds idiotic and the salt will flow! No, it does not happen often, but when it erupts into name calling or insults, it gets ugly quick. And if you don't mind @Trubil I am going to use this. Love it!
  3. For clan battles, this is exactly what makes her desirable. But as you play her, you learn to protect your flanks and in the same vane, you learn to jump on the opportunity of a broadside DM. For her role, she is very balanced.
  4. Wow, If you can't see this as a mod that gives others a significant advantage, you really need to check calibration of your moral compass. Fairness is a principle that doesn't take anything but logic to comprehend. Therefore your idea that this mod is ok, defies logic. I am with @FleetAdmiral_Assassinand @cometguy. Anything that performs a calculation for you and is not a standard part of the game is an advantage and I believe the rules state that a mod cannot provide an advantage over the other players. (wording not exact)
  5. On my first submarine, we carried a lot these, Seals and torpedoes.
  6. That would be 2, one on my Gearing and the other on my Des Moines.
  7. Weekend spree

    You are followed to a cap by 2 CA's and a BB. End up getting into knife fight after you have spotted 2 other DD's. Look behind you and NO ONE! They all split. You are dead but decide to hang out and help the team by being the helicopter. Your team is all over the map, except the 2 DD's on your team that are sitting yards off the outside of an empty cap with no one in the cap. And they sit there for over 2 min! After a lot of yelling "DD's get the cap", one finally drifts in. Unless the match is a whipping, matches are won and lost by points, points are obtained through owning caps, so you need to cap. Just like in real war, You fight to own the territory.
  8. Fair winds and following seas @SuperNikoPower. You built one helluva community here. Thank you and good luck to you in all your endeavors.
  9. This is why we cap, people

    And those that don't conduct this experiment and learn from it are doomed to forever lose. "A good pilot is compelled to evaluate what's happened, so he can apply what he's learned. " I will let you guys figure out where this came from. But I have used this quote from the first time I heard it. It worked well in my Naval career.
  10. I am definitely a fan of the roster providing the roster includes the entire specific clan (subclan). Example for me NGA-B. However there does need to be a provision for replacements, for example 1 week.
  11. Yep, my first outing in my Shima. LOL
  12. This is why we cap, people

    Another problem and a result of those that have not played fully as a team. When you die, you now have a perfect view of the battlefield and can continue to assist and direct. An element we teach in our clan. But back to the main topic, I cannot tell you how many times we could have won, but lost due to points. Overall battlefield awareness is key and we have to pay attention to the mini map. If we don't we lose. Thanks @Snargfargle for bringing up this topic.

    We also have a Diplomacy Department that actively seeks other Clans for exactly this type of practice. Anyone reading this thread, now has 2 contacts for NGA. The current training room is better than before and is great for scrims. If you want gunnery practice, PvE. But for strategy, bots won't perform for you and if you rely on them for reaction to a specific strat, I really hope we meet in clan battles.
  14. You make them Recruiters. They can lead clan war battles. I currently have my Deputy and 6 Recruiters. Any of us can lead battles. We don't allow anyone but NGA Recruiters allow new members as we have an application process we follow. Then they can be allowed entry into one of our subclans.
  15. In NavyGamingAmerica NGA, one of the oldest clans, we have 4 subclans. R and S clans are the social clans that have no specific requirements other than the basic 500 game, 18+ for the clan in general and even those specifications can be waived. In the 1st season of CW, R played occasionally and S played quite regularly. These 2 subclans also provide a pool of folks for the competitive subclans, which are A and B. A is the primary competitive subclan and participates in most competitions that come up. Our B clan is the farm clan for A. We focus on training and throughout the entire clan, training is available at any level of play. For the newer players we have the War College where the basic elements of each type of ship is taught. You want to sharpen your strategy skills? Get with one of the team commanders. You have a match that you would like to have evaluated? There are always several folks that would love to take a look. Point is, training is very available and prevalent throughout the clan. Divisioning with one another is highly encouraged as this will enhance your teamwork. We have also determined that stats are not the end all when it comes to team play. We look at the team synergy and practice this element extensively. During Clan Wars, we would routinely have at least 3 teams playing and on occasion we were able to field a second B team. When A plays, they field the best team they have available. Rotation is based on player availability and rest, the same as any multiplayer team. B takes a little different approach as we want to expose all available people to team play and cycle all through during our 3 hours. We usually run a 3 game in, replace sequence trying to make less than a 2 person replacement at any given rotation. Then when faced with the transitioning between levels, we will place the best 7 we have available to make the transition. Following that, we go back to our normal type rotation. This accomplishes several things: 1. We get to see how everyone works in team environment. 2. We see and evaluate their specific skills. 3. We maximize the amount of oil we can produce. Most guys will say their clan is the best and do it right, but after 21 years active duty Navy, IMHO, NGA definitely does it right.