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  1. Should Ocean Come Back?

    Just played it last night. I was the only T8 (Kagero) on our team with 2-T9's and the rest T10's. We won, I survived and was not last on XP. I liked it.
  2. Favorite T10 DD?

    Definitely an IJN fan, but the YueYang is fun as well. However, lately pushing the Kagero to see just how good I can get, even in T 10 matches.
  3. What I have been playing exclusively for the last 2 months - Kagero
  4. I have committed to playing one ship and see just how good I can get at that one ship. It happens to be the T8 Kagero. Many weaknesses, but some really good strengths. At the beginning of my experiment, I was fretting a T10 match and then I learned, I have learned more and my play has improved when I am the only T8 on the team. My play has to overcome the ship's weaknesses. Today I don't mind a T10 game. I can usually get 50 to 80k damage before my demise and contribute to the team. Look at those matches as a learning opportunity and your attitude will change.
  5. I completely understand your pain. I have been using readers for around 6 years. Until I was required to do hyperbaric chamber treatments in 100% O2. Within 2 weeks, my eyesight improved IMMENSELY! Unfortunately, with 6 weeks of completing my treatments, the eyesight was the same as before. But, YES on bigger font on the mini map!
  6. Fine, upstanding people

    It is absolutely empowering to see call outs for upstanding play. Human nature is to focus on the negative, so to see a focus on the positive, BZ @InvalidKey!!!!
  7. @TheBigM145, You mean we have to be accountable for our actions? That's not fair!!
  8. Here we go again! How many more threads are we going to see from whiny DD drivers. Guys, Th3KrimzonD3mon has said it very clearly.
  9. Having played CW for the last couple of seasons, you learn the radar ships, their ranges, their detect-ability, their time, their cool down time. Before entering a cap, make sure you have backup so when you are lit up, your team mates kill the CA. Always have an escape plan whether it be smoke, islands, a friendly BB. Learn to bait them and learn to maximize your attack while on cool down unless there are more of them, then you stay away until safe. You play conservatively and to hell with the BB guys that are always crying for intelligence data! Look for the opportunities and the mistakes they all make and capitalize.
  10. And he earned it by team work. Just farming damage does not a team make. The match that pushed me into 7 the other night, was on Mountain Range. Several suggested we go C, I suggested Through B and the back way into A. Reds all go C except 2 CA's, which we dispatched fairly quickly and we take A. That left the reds having to cross open water to get to us. My point is we were the statistical lesser team, but we won by superior strategy and tactics and by working together. I am not saying this works all the time, but on occasion, you get 5 or 6 or even 7 guys that want to work together to win. And when it happens, it is such a beautiful thing. As has been said here before, I would rather have several mediocre players willing to work together than a team full of super unicums that think they know all. Chances are, we will win. Good post @KSN
  11. Memorial Day

    I will be attending a tribute put on by the American Legion at Veterans Memorial Park, Beaverton, Or and my USSVI base (Blueback) will be conducting a tolling of the boats, a tribute to all the US Submarines that we have lost. Also as a reminder - Memorial Day is for those that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Thank you @C_D
  12. For IJN, detection is more valuable than smoke, thus my Kagero has torp reload and can beset a butt ton of damage. When I am in one of my US DD's, I do try to smoke my teammates, but when the BB who is flying into a hornets nest and I am trying to hide him, just doesn't work. lol!
  13. Island camping BB.

    What is the purpose of an island within a map? Oh, that's right, something to dodge while chasing other ships. Silly me!
  14. If beaching is one, this has got to be number 2! Definitely the top embarrassing moment. Especially as a DD main, I am glued to the minimap that does not show those little protruding rocks or beaches that in the midst of battle you find yourself not moving!