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  1. Memorial Day

    I will be attending a tribute put on by the American Legion at Veterans Memorial Park, Beaverton, Or and my USSVI base (Blueback) will be conducting a tolling of the boats, a tribute to all the US Submarines that we have lost. Also as a reminder - Memorial Day is for those that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Thank you @C_D
  2. For IJN, detection is more valuable than smoke, thus my Kagero has torp reload and can beset a butt ton of damage. When I am in one of my US DD's, I do try to smoke my teammates, but when the BB who is flying into a hornets nest and I am trying to hide him, just doesn't work. lol!
  3. Island camping BB.

    What is the purpose of an island within a map? Oh, that's right, something to dodge while chasing other ships. Silly me!
  4. If beaching is one, this has got to be number 2! Definitely the top embarrassing moment. Especially as a DD main, I am glued to the minimap that does not show those little protruding rocks or beaches that in the midst of battle you find yourself not moving!
  5. By your name, I would assume you served on the Razorback SS-324?

    1. Razorback_Chief


      No just a chief from Arkansas 

    2. SubW3


      Got it.  Just a traitor Chief here, lol

    3. Razorback_Chief


      No worries warddroom needs leaders too. 

  6. Ranked T10 DD: Your pick?

    With what I have right now, Yueyang and Gearing. I like both of these. But, in a week I will have the Z 52 and I have really enjoyed the Z 23. I like the balance with the KM line, guns, torps, and detection. If it goes well, then the 52.
  7. Unless asked, I don't use my smoke except for evasion. When I cap, I A. make sure I have at least one cruiser to shoot the red DD that is also trying to cap. B. Position myself for a rapid exit. Back in if necessary. and C. Try my darnedest not to get into a knife fight, because invariably, regardless of whether I live, I will always lose a significant amount of health.
  8. AWOL Limits

    We use 30 days and those rules are explained up front. We also have an LOA (leave of absence) system in our forums. If you know you are going to be gone for a while, put in an LOA and you are good.
  9. Ok, so Yes I would serve on said target. And no you would not be alone in the ER. Submarine NON NUC MM, certified diesel engine inspector, EOOW qualified on steam and diesel plants as well as former DCA on 2 ships (sub tenders). And Yes, I still remember the proper lighting sequence for a boiler. And an absolute yes on the coffee. Gotta have my DFM infused coffee while in the ER especially if we are P & S.
  10. Clan Divisions?

    About 1/4 of the time, we are able to run 2 teams, one night per week of CW's. The other nights we cycle folks through. If we are having a good night, 3 wins and you get replaced. The max amount of oil per night per player is 90 (3 wins). To maintain team integrity and training potential, we usually only replace 2 at a time. On not so good nights, we go 3 games and replace. All who show up will usually play at least 5 to 7 games per evening. As the commander, I have instilled this in my leadership team and even when I am away, there are no signs of an elitist attitude. We have recently also taken into consideration the attendance record of training and scrimmage participation. This was done to increase participation in those events.
  11. Establishing a set of rules that maintain an atmosphere free from bullying, trolling, and toxic behavior, yet allowing the folks to have fun and build camaraderie. We currently have 4 sub clans, 2 that are social and have no specific requirements, a farm team for our competitive clan and finally the competitive clan. We are a very open clan and listen to any and all ideas. We may not institute all, but we listen. I command the farm team and we have fun. My main obstacle has been the time commitment. not everyone can play 5 to 6 nights a week. For me, I derive extreme pleasure taking a bunch of folks that didn't know each other a month prior and coming together as a team and WINNING! Good luck to you and please feel free to PM me anytime.
  12. T10 Ships

    Its been said multiple times, but once again, there is only one BB per team and that position is very competitive. WE have recently adopted the 1 DD configuration and learning to work it well. Our DD choice is Gearing, Yueyang, Z-52. That leaves 5 CA/CL and we like to see at least 2 radar DM, Moskva, 2 Hindes, and either a Zao or Min. I know there are a lot of negative toward the DM, however I have learned its strengths and will willingly go 1 on 1 with any CA/CL and win. These are our experiences and the decision is yours. Just providing what NGA-B does.
  13. Welcome aboard. Third generation submariner, retired CWO3. Thank you for your commitment to our country. I totally understand the enlisted to commission thing. And in tradition, I will need 4 water slugs. lol. Hope to see you in game.
  14. I tend not to play too many randoms anymore. It is usually CB's or training. And when I am not playing, I am doing something for the clan. This is when I am on line. I am PDT also and I now have more daylight to finish burning my slash piles so I can get my 6 acres planted back in trees. But when I don't have anything going on, I play in the evenings to the 2nd container.
  15. I would have to disagree. Given a specific time frame, it is easier to plan and get 7 people together to participate. We have folks from around the globe and although I would love to have them to participate, we couldn't get enough to play during the time they are on. And when the rest of us playing, they are AFK. So as a team aspect, I like the specific time frame. Just MHO.