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  1. CWO7230

    Visited SS-581 today. USS BLUE BACK

    We are so behind on rain. Weather has been decent for a couple of weeks. My USSVI base. The Blueback Base, does all the maintenance on her. We have several in the Base that has served on her as well. As to the Drum, my first submarine's namesake and yes, I have toured her. Spent quite a few years in North Fl before moving back to Or. Very happy to see you enjoyed her. If in Portland, always a good stop. Highly recommend it!!
  2. I hadn't played her for several months and when I did it was after the nerf. I definitely felt underpowered the first time I had to knife fight. She used to do quite well. She was better than Gearing, however now less of a DD. Will I continue to play her? Of course, as I read several tricks to making her useful again. I like the radar and I also like the handling. If you can do well with her, you can do well with most of the DD's out there at T 10.
  3. CWO7230

    Crazy Talk..... How Im dealing with the New CVs

    Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome!! I like it!!
  4. I personally have seen that number as high as 10. And then you run into those rocks you can't see on the mini-map!
  5. CWO7230

    Destroyer XP in T10 ranked

    I tend to agree that the weighting of contribution to the team for a DD is low. I have noticed this season that if I am doing what DD's are supposed to do, my damage number is relatively low, compared to a random match where I can hunt down and kill a couple BB's and have a lot of damage. My objective in every Ranked battle to stay alive as long as I can, because the DD will have a greater effect on the match later in the match than early on. Even with the radar, you can survive for most of the game and make sure those targets are being spotted and keeping the caps green. It also feels that in Random, the XP rate is different than in ranked. Nothing factual to support this thought, just feels that way.
  6. CWO7230

    Saving Tier 8 - How do we do it?

    Not necessarily a fan of tiering up players, but I am a fan of the +1/-1 for T8's. I conducted an experiment of my own and played a single ship for 2 months. That ship was the Kagero. The statistics that were stated indicating a T8 will be in a T10 match 50% of the time is pretty accurate from my experience. In the beginning I disliked the T10 matches, but learned how to not only survive, but contribute to the game effectively in what I see as one of the weakest T8's in the game. It currently is my best ship (in stats) that I own. But for the newer player in T8's, it can be very brutal. I agree with NoZoup that we need to do something if we want to grow this great game.
  7. I have also spoke on the toxicity in chat as well. if the smaller percentage of us that start reporting per the rules, eventually I believe we can make an impact. There are those "children" (behavior not age) that will continue to disparage our comments, which they are probably the biggest toxic contributors that we can get rid of. With the new rules governing the consequences for toxic behavior, if they don't clean it up, they will have to do it else where. Therefore, I am making a pledge to report those that make this game unfun by toxicity and profane outbursts in chat. @ XLAAD_Jarhead We can make a difference.
  8. CWO7230

    Should Ocean Come Back?

    Just played it last night. I was the only T8 (Kagero) on our team with 2-T9's and the rest T10's. We won, I survived and was not last on XP. I liked it.
  9. CWO7230

    Favorite T10 DD?

    Definitely an IJN fan, but the YueYang is fun as well. However, lately pushing the Kagero to see just how good I can get, even in T 10 matches.
  10. CWO7230

    If you could only play one ship from now on...

    What I have been playing exclusively for the last 2 months - Kagero
  11. I have committed to playing one ship and see just how good I can get at that one ship. It happens to be the T8 Kagero. Many weaknesses, but some really good strengths. At the beginning of my experiment, I was fretting a T10 match and then I learned, I have learned more and my play has improved when I am the only T8 on the team. My play has to overcome the ship's weaknesses. Today I don't mind a T10 game. I can usually get 50 to 80k damage before my demise and contribute to the team. Look at those matches as a learning opportunity and your attitude will change.
  12. I completely understand your pain. I have been using readers for around 6 years. Until I was required to do hyperbaric chamber treatments in 100% O2. Within 2 weeks, my eyesight improved IMMENSELY! Unfortunately, with 6 weeks of completing my treatments, the eyesight was the same as before. But, YES on bigger font on the mini map!
  13. By your name, I would assume you served on the Razorback SS-324?

    1. Razorback_Chief


      No just a chief from Arkansas 

    2. CWO7230


      Got it.  Just a traitor Chief here, lol

    3. Razorback_Chief


      No worries warddroom needs leaders too.