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    Perhaps someone can help me? Prior to this update my game settings would show what enemy ship is which... meaning if a Smolensk was sailing around or a Iowa for example it would tell me the ship name. Now, all I get is the little icon whether it is a destroyer, cruiser or battleship icon. I can't even tell what ship it is up close. Is there a setting I need to turn on / off to restore this part? It's kind of nice to know who your fighting against? Thanks,
  2. Western1168

    0.9.6 PTS Bug Reports

    I am having performance issues since the last couple of updates... sound cuts in/out. There is a terrible 1 to 2 second lag. My ping is about 35 FPS and I’m running a gaming laptop, with multiple processors and a video card that has a duel processor. It was not doing this before? I am hard wired into my router at 100 mb/second. i tried the 86 and 32 game modes with the same problem. I ran the war gaming Check list... it found a couple wav files it didn’t like but thats it. I love the game but hard to play dd’s with this lag. Hard enough without it lmbo. Pls help
  3. Western1168

    150 Premium Italian Cruiser Containers Opened

    Ok, so what I hear you saying is I just have bad luck lmbo FML, thanks :)
  4. Western1168

    150 Premium Italian Cruiser Containers Opened

    Ok, so I've played ALL the Combat missions in the Regia Marina & all the other combat missions that would give me Italian tokens and no ship or introduction to Leyte Gulf..... now what?? Only option is to buy a crate package or wait 20 hours until No. 2 opens up? I can't complete No. 1 because you need an Italian ship. Am I missing something? Besides an Italian ship? lmbo